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  1. @Jammy & @Ovalteeny (but I suspect your on the first tee) Latest update :-
  2. As it's Tuesday :- I tried to change my password to penis but they said it was too short.
  3. @Jammy & @Ovalteeny Elizabeth Buchart knows more but we agreed to let the other members on the groups have a go at remembering first rather than her add all the names she could remember. I have now asked Elizabeth to have a look at those named so far and give me any updates over the next couple of days. Names so far :-
  4. @Jammy - also added the image to the Facebook group, Bygone Bedlington, and I have worked my way through the many comments (40+ to date) and along with yours added some names. Naturally there will be some wrong - going back 55 - 65 years to name the occupants in the late 50's to early 60's is going to throw up some conflicts, and it already has. Like you I always remember Beadle's as a double fronted shop and to match in with the numbering of the houses I have given him two numbers. I will update as more comments are posted
  5. @Jammy - The Oval House and Shops - your starter for 10. @Ovalteeny - I finally got around to it, with the help of Elizabeth Armstrong (ne Buchart).
  6. @Jammy - new I had seen Elizabeth comment of the Facebook groups but it took a while to track a comment down - we have the surname wrong, it was Buchart. Elizabeth Armstrong I lived at 27 the oval above the newsagents with mum dad an sister Blanche our maiden was Butchart Hide or report this Like · Reply · 2y
  7. A member, Doug Wear, on the Bygone Bedlington group posted :- Doug Wear LOVED MY HOME NUMBER 9 ABOVE GEORGES NEXT DOOR WAS ALICE AND JACK COCKBURN IN1953 -1960
  8. Because they are Incas🙃 - these lang days inside don't improve my humour😷
  9. No Easter or VE day dressing up this year - Bedlington Terrier is staying safe.
  10. 1. What car was produced in Britain in 1913 for the first time? Answer - Model T Ford 2. Which Star Trek character was played by Leonard Nimoy? Answer – Spock 3. Who is the first female in the order of accession to the British throne? Answer - Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor Because the Succession to the Crown Act 2013 wasn't enacted until 2015, Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor—the older of Prince Edward's two children—will always be just behind her brother in the line of succession. 4. What spirit forms the base of the liqueur Benedictine? Answer = none, it is a unique herbal liqueur In 1510, the Benedictine monk Don Bernardo Vincelli created the recipe for this French liqueur, which calls for 27 plants and spices. The three main ingredients are Angelica, Hyssop and Lemon Balm. There are only three people on earth who know the complete recipe for making the spirit. Fact - The United Kingdom remains a significant market in Europe where much of the Bénédictine is consumed in the Burnley area of England. This is as a result of returning Great War soldiers of the East Lancashire Regiment acquiring a taste for the drink whilst stationed in France during the War. Traditionally people in East Lancashire drink Bénédictine with hot water, known as 'Béné and hot', and the Burnley Miners Club is reputedly the largest single customer. 5. Which city is the headquarters of the Mormon Church? Answer = Salt Lake City 6. What name is given to a young goose? Answer = gosling Geese migrate in groups in the spring and fall, flying together in a V-shape. A male goose is called a "gander" and a baby goose is called a "gosling". A group of geese is called a "gaggle". 7. Denmark Strait separates which two countries? Answer = Greenland and Iceland The Battle of the Denmark Strait was a naval engagement on 24 May 1941 in the Second World War, between ships of the Royal Navy and the Kriegsmarine. 8. If something is described as ‘eolithic’ from what age is it? Answer = Stone age An eolith is a chipped flint nodule. Eoliths were once thought to have been artifacts, the earliest stone tools, but are now believed to be geofacts. The first eoliths were collected in Kent by Benjamin Harrison, an amateur naturalist and archaeologist, in 1885. 9. In cricket, what do the Australians call extras? Answer = Sundries Extras = Runs not scored off the bat - no-balls, wides, byes and leg-byes. Extras count to the team's total, but not to the batsman. 10. What was unusual about the Roman consul Incitatus? Answer = he was a horse Caligula was going to make him consul in the Roman Senate. Records say Caligula wanted to appoint his equestrian bud to the Senate, but he was assassinated before he could make it happen. 11. (XLVIII + II) x X = ? (Answer in Roman numerals) Answer = D (50-10 + 5 + 1 +1 +1 + 1 + 1) x 10 = 50 12. In which English county can Cresswell Crags be found? Answer = Derbyshire Creswell Crags, ravine about 1,500 feet (450 m) long, near Creswell in northeastern Derbyshire, Eng. It contains caves that have yielded one of the most important British series of extinct vertebrate remains, accompanied by implements of Paleolithic hunters. I’ll bet you didn’t know … The Incas of South America carried out blood transfusions 400-500 years before the technique was mastered in Europe. Answer = I didn’t
  11. Posted the photo on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group and got these comments :- Ian Mary MassinghamMiss McClean married my cousin Ken McDonald. (Mary scantlebury ) Alan Edgar Ian Mary Massingham - have we got her name right in this 1959 photo or was she married by then? Edit or delete this Ian Mary Massingham Alan Edgar she was just married by then. Info on the photo updated.
  12. @Damian Robson - couldn't get your link to play the video so I reposted the link.
  13. Did you get to Guidepost via bus or car - bus would be a long trip - Wallsend to Newcastle and change for a 16 mile trip to Guidepoost
  14. Would that be what I knew as The Naval Club ?
  15. No 2 added. Old photo of the Tankerville Arms posted on Facebook brought this comment :- Lawrence Pattison Jimmy Burke was running the Tank for John Exton John was still the Licencesee up to the time it got demolished
  16. @HIGH PIT WILMA - Bill unfortunately another deputy you may have known no longer around. Posted on the Blyth Remembered Facebook group was this message :-
  17. Joan Morland off the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group says No 14 is Nellie Halliday. I have added the updated photo into the Gallery>Historic Bedlington>Netherton/Nedderton old photos 2.
  18. Photo from Mick Cunningham - Netherton Colliery school c1945 to 50.
  19. @Jammy - the photo was posted by a Malcolm Tait with the teachers name but Malcolm has left the Facebook group it was initially posted on. I have updated the teachers name -pity we can't see he fingers to see if there is a wedding ring on.
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