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  1. That's when The Carpenters were active 1969-83. Karen was born March 2nd 1953😊
  2. October 25th 2007 @Carole posted this info :-
  3. I can't help you Michael. Apart from the entry on the DMM and your comment of -' mentioned in a booked called "A History of Northumberland' I haven't seen his name mentioned anywhere.
  4. @Jennifer Ann Atkinson- More info posted by The young lad on the left is Tommy Harrison, also called Percy by some (his middle name). His older sister later married my grandfather, so Tommy was my great uncle. When the First World War broke out he ran away and joined the army and he was sent to France. His parents contacted the army authorities because Tommy was only 16 and he was sent home. He did it again the next year and this time his parents decided to let him go. He served with the Scottish Regiment of Horse, surviving the Western Front and Battle of the Somme. After the War he worked as an engine fitter at Netherton Colliery. The slightly older lad second left is Joe Swann, Tommy's cousin. Joe also became a winding engineman. He worked at the Hall Pit (near Nedderton village) while my grandfather worked at the Howard Pit. I don't know who any of the others are.
  5. Info from the topic 'Netherton Colliery - People And Places :-
  6. 1. Where in London did an IRA bus-bomb occur in February 1996? Answer = Aldwych 2. Who was the King of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1625 to 1649? Answer = 3. Who is the patron saint of carpenters? Answer = 4. What is the capital of Nicaragua? Answer = 5. What would your occupation be if your work involved you with MIG and TIG? Answer = 6. Which sportsman was nicknamed ‘Guy the Gorilla’? Answer = 7. Who composed the Pathetique symphony? Answer = 8. Which spirit forms the base of a ‘Horse’s Neck? Answer = 9. How many arms bearing suckers does a squid have? Answer = 6 10. Who had a number one hit with All Kinds of Everything? Answer = 11. Which British PM resigned over the Suez crisis? Answer = 12. How many geese were “a laying” in the Christmas song? Answer = I’ll bet you didn’t know …. Benjamin Disraeli’s false teeth once fell out whilst making a speech in the House of Commons Answer = I didn’t. But I know mine did ☹️
  7. I knew Derek ( @Rigger ) was working on it but didn't know he had created that site. If we get any members asking for info on their Bedlington family members that died in WWI this is an excellent PDF document to refer them to.
  8. @Andy Millne - would it be possible to delete all the comments above for this album entry? I have just found the comments @Carole made in 2007 and I will update her photos, from her comments, and add them into the album. Thanks Alan
  9. @Jennifer Ann Atkinson - after I added your dad's name to the photo I moved the photo I had downloaded from my Download folder to the one I keep for Netherton/Nedderton when I am adding names and info to them. When I did that I found I had a folder named - Caroles - that I had created a couple of years back. It looks like I was going to try and find out some info on the photos but I totally forgot about it. it must have been the time I spent a few weeks in hospital and I hadn't remembered to do anything about them when I got back home. I had added some text to this school photo so I searched this group for a bit of the text = "front teeth missing" and that returned me a posting that Carole had made back in October 2007, long before I joined the group. Carole had posted 8 photos and a lot of info. This is what she posted for this school photo - ' 7th is a photo of some of the children at Netherton School in 1924. My Dad is front left (with his front teeth missing at the time) but I can't identify any of the others.' So I would say, unfortunately. it's not your dad. I will have a good read through Carole's comments and I will get Admin to delete the photo I added the info to and i will upload a new photo with the correct info. In Carole's comment the name Swann does get mentioned. Give me a couple of days and hopefully we will get sorted.🤦‍♂️
  10. It's just under 4 years ago since @Carole visited this site. Your dads name added to the photo and the info updated to c1934.
  11. @Jennifer Ann Atkinson - do you know if this would be the Netherton Colliery school or the Nederton Village school?
  12. Photo from John Dawson - Haig Road - Celebrating VE Day 8th May 1945. Names from Bygone Bedlington FB group members - Janice dixwon CW - Kath Simpson - Pamela Jean Clough & Colleen Kearney Nixon
  13. And what was even better @Symptoms as far as I am aware a first for both the BBC national and local news presenters on tonight's programes mentioned Cambois and both pronounced it correctly = silent 'B'
  14. Photo of the badge posted by Wendy Hindhaugh on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group. As the badge does not contain the word 'Grammar' we are assuming this is a pre-1946 Bedlington Secondary School badge.
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