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  1. @Canny lass - sorry I missed Tuesday 'one joke' night. Last week I was passing the multi storey flats and could see Abdul bashing his carpet off the wall of the building. I shouted up - 'what's the Abdul, won't it start' 😂
  2. Updated No 14, with '?' and reposted the photo onthe Facebook group yesterday but no response to the update when I checked this morning🙃
  3. Snap - we did exactly the same but I always assumed the dam we build had been knocked down by other groups of lads; never knew about the fishermen and the sea trout.👍 I turned 71 last year - wouldn't be surprised if we built the dam up together on occasions😊 Eggy
  4. Good to hear from you Bill - @HIGH PIT WILMA
  5. A couple of names from Mick Cunningham and No 5 is not Jimmy Cunningham.
  6. @Thelma Collingwood - this photo posted on the Facebook group Bygone Bedlington by Mick Cunningham. The surname 'Collingwood' gets memntioned in quite a few comments. @Canny lass - this lot old than you but you never know you might recognise one or two.
  7. @Tonyp - on the Durham Mining Museum site they keep a record of all the pits in Northumberland and Durham. For each pit they have pages of info including a list of miners (that they know about) that were killed at each pit. The site is maintained by volunteers and there is one guy (cos I was once in touch with him) called the 'Web Master' who updates all the records. For each miner that was killed he creates an In Memoriam page with the info he can find about about each deatch. This is the In Memoriam page created for your grandfather.
  8. Christian names for No's 4,7 & 14 named by Bygone Bedlington members
  9. Updates from Bygone Bedlington members Robert Walkwe (No 10) and Doreen Bibby (No 32)
  10. @Jammy - did you see the photos of Puddlers Row on page 4 of this topic? Can't remember ever seeing any photos of the gas lamps down Stead Lane. There are still a few (listed buildings) of the old gas lamps in the Seaton Sluice through to Whitley bay area :-
  11. The airey houses were top half of Waverley Avenue (Nos 43 to 78), Tosson Close, half of Steadlands Square (Nos 1 to 14, I think) and Coquetdale Place (where I lived - No 5 from 1949) You can still see the airey houses, and some of the new builds (Waverley Avenue & Steadlands Square) on Google Street view as it is still showing 2009. Where Nos 21 & 22 Coquetdale Place and Nos 1 to 6 Tosson Close were there is a Puddlers Drive sign :-
  12. I don't have two accounts @John Fox (foxy) & @john fox but when I log in on different machines (= 2 x Desktop PC -one Windows Vista & one Windows 10) it is as if I have two accounts. I Log in on one machine and then I would have expected that I would not have to log in on the other machine but In do. However when I comment from either machine they do use the same member Id. @Andy Millne will probably be able to delete/remove one of your accounts.
  13. No3 25, 32 & 35 updated by Doreen Bibby (nee Allison) and Robert Walker.
  14. 1959-60 season photo from Sarah Ince and the names from the Bygone Bedlington Facebook members.
  15. Celebrated it's 100th year on June 30th 2012. The school has a web site with a collection of photos over the years and the web site address is http://www.bedlingtonstationfirstschool.com/bsfs100/100_years_of_Photographs/100_years_of_Photographs.html
  16. @Jammy - I only have a very vague recollection of Dene House etc - I think my memory has locked stuff away that will only pop out every couple of years . I was born 1948 and played down the woods mid 50's to early 60's. My memories of the Furnace Bank area was mainly the Free woods where the Bandstand was and that's where we used to try an build a dam across the river so the river was deep enough for us to jump into the river off an area on the Hapenny side where there was a stone platform. Photos of the area that are all said to be in the 1950's
  17. Welcome to the group @Ian Rowe. Have you seen the Bedlington Mechanics Album in the Gallery? It is under Gallery>Sports>Bedlington Mechanics
  18. No problem @Jammy - names updated. Alan Scott on the Bedlington Facebook groups where I posted the update photos thinks No 9 could be John Hamill, not Keith. What do you think?
  19. Jammy - this photo and info was posted on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group by Ann Doyle - 1st June 2014.
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