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  1. Tuesday 05/05/2020 early start to jokes (and I'll try and not miss out words, spell correctly and quality check what I have typed.🙂) First one for the blokes - What's worse than ants in your pants? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uncles! The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades. I think it's wrong that only the one company can make the game Monopoly. I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like granda. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.
  2. A few of them, and Dutchy (also no longer with us) at the Domino 1969
  3. Bill - I posted the photo on the Facebook group Bygone Bedlington and the name they came up with for the other fella is Tommy Knox and there is a photo dated Wednesday 29th January 1964 showing the Guidepost roundabout under construction.
  4. Noo - that was the farther in laws gnome. This Wilf :-
  5. Magic - this one 2008 just before we moved and I stopped gardening.
  6. After man discussion with 4 children who as they grew older were always right and new more than me I would keep my cool in the house and go outdoors and and plant where I wanted, where I knew was best and if they started growing to stringy and going their own way I would nip the heads out and force them to grow the way I wanted then to. None of the plants and shrubs put up any discussion or argument - they just had to accept it. Relax in a garden seat with a pint and a fag, stare at the garden and think - see if yous would just listen and do as your told. These days they definitely all now more than me on about what the youth of today are on about.
  7. I'm only a Facebook member to see whats posted on the local groups, especially Bedlington, but I do check out a few groups = Bedlington - Cambois - past Times History and Old photo's of holywell & seaton delaval & seghill & hartley sluice w/bay (cos I now live there) - Friends Of Bates Colliery (just to let HPW see any new photos and stories etc that get posted) & Barrington, Barnt' n memories and stuff!! and that's where I get most of the photos from that I add to the albums in this group. When I had those few days away from online activity I came back to 1200 + emails - took some time to catch up. I assume TW is Twitter - I don't Tweet or Instagram or anything else that is out there Keeps be occupied whilst the young lady is outside gardening . Gardenning used to be one of my passions, especially Fuscias - surprised I've never posted any photos. I used to get the grand kids to stand next to them and pretend I was taking a picture of the grand bairn
  8. I should try and convince John K to join this group. He is admin of the Facebook group Bygone Bedlington and works at the Woodhorn Museum and that's where he gets all his news paper stories from. Sure I have asked him in the past to join but I think he said he didn't really have the time to comment on other groups. he does do a lot of delving into Bedlington's past and post a lot of stuff on the Facebook group. Don't hold your breath but I will give him a nudge to join
  9. I think, but could be wrong, where John K says :- ....but this doesn't look the case, is John saying his previous understanding of the sale was wrong.
  10. Names updated - Katherine McLaird - Cambois Facebook group.
  11. names updated by Billy Bewick and Ann Taha - Cambois Facebook group.
  12. West Sleekburn - 1962-63 season. photo from No 14, David Wilson, via Drew Garrow on the Facebook group Bygone Bedlington. Names from Bedlington, & Cambois members and David Wilson.
  13. I could be wrong about Gordon's age - I just know he was with our crowd first at the YMCA then whatever pub we could get into. A few names from our crowd are Robin Hills - Davey Bower - Gordon Winter (with Tommy following) - Raymie Tyrie ( I was Raymie & Val's best man at Morpeth registry and that would be around 1965 or 66) - Steven Locker - Norman Hills (Robins Cousin) -Norman Robson - Michael Joseph (Jass = boxer) - Ronnie Ince - Alex Third - Dave Aisbitt and older than us but we all mixed = Bob Patterson (or was it Pattinson) - Alan & Mick Maguie (think Mick was younger ) - and there were loads more good friends and casual acquaintances . I think the whole of Bedlington Station must have been mates - including the lasses that I haven't mentioned any names.
  14. Never played with a file with a file extension of HEIC before. Had a quick Google of HEIC files and it looks like you would have to Download software, from various sites, that would convert your file to various other formats including jpeg. However I found a site that allowed you to upload your HEIC file directly to the site and they converted it. I downloaded your HEIC file Vic and used a site - https://heictojpg.com/ By selecting Copy for your file in my Download folder and then Paste in the box the website was displaying the site uploaded, reformatted and then gave me the option to Download the file it had converted to jpg format. I did that and got :-
  15. Dennis - Vesta - Gordon & Tom are the four Winters I know from from Melrose Avenue. I think Dennis was the oldest. There is a photo in the Gallery - Bedlington Station 1st School album - 1950's with a young Vesta in it. Gordon is my age and we used to knock around together in the 1960's. Some lads had stolen a car and ditched it close to the tent were Gordon, me, Raymie Tyrie, Robin Hills and a couple others camping in down the Free woods. The police woke us up early in the morning and took us off to the Top End cop shop for questioning. Naturally we were released without charge. Tom the youngest tagged along with us when he reached drinking age, or probably the year before. Gordon and Tom still going strong. I had a chat with Gordon last week on Facebook Messenger.
  16. c1972 - photo from Karon Ross, No 3, and names from Karon and the members of Facebook group Bygone Bedlington.
  17. I know what you mean - I should stop trying to multitask, my gender can't really do that
  18. @Canny lass - last one from John Krzyzanowski.
  19. Cheers Ovalteeny. In that case first bit of info found = Newspaper article posted by John Krzyznowski on the Facebook group Bygone Bedlington :- And the 2nd, again from John Krzyzanowski :-
  20. @Canny lass - @Ovalteeny might have download and saved some photos and info of Hollymount Hall from the Bedlington Facebook groups as his family lived there for a couple of years. This is the one photo of Hollymount Hall that I have downloaded.
  21. Photo from Sharon Nevens - names from Sharon & Tony Dennis Cambois Facebook group
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