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  1. Thank you ps. I haven't told anyone when my birthday is 🤭
  2. Bedlington grammar school at the start of the bad weather in the winter of 1946 -1947. The kids would have enjoyed this but the adults didn't :- Beginning on 21 January 1947, the UK experienced several cold spells that brought large drifts of snow to the country, blocking roads and railways, which caused problems transporting coal to the electric power stations. Many had to shut down, forcing severe restrictions to cut power consumption, including restricting domestic electricity to nineteen hours per day and cutting some industrial supplies completely. In addition, radio broadcasts were limited, television services were suspended, some magazines were ordered to stop publishing, and newspapers were reduced in size. These measures, on top of the low temperatures, badly affected public morale and the Minister of Fuel and Power, Emanuel Shinwell, became a scapegoat; he received death threats and had to be placed under police guard. Towards the end of February, there were also fears of a food shortage as supplies were cut off and vegetables were frozen into the ground.
  3. Paul Cochrane, Bygone Bedlington Facebook group, thinks No 5 looks like his uncle - 'Billy Cochrane ?' added to photo.
  4. @Oneofthevillageschoolkids - we have some names on the photos. This is the photos grouped together, with the names, so if you can identify any that's not named I will add the name to the photo.
  5. @Samantha Hayton - have you looked through the Gallery albums? Under Historic Bedlington' there are a number of albums on Netherton/Nedderton on Page 1 and on Page 2 there is an album Netherton Colliery Band. I have had a quick scan through the band album and I didn't see the name Halliday on any of the photos but there are many in the photos that are not named. If you scan through the albums it's normal that the first photo posted, for each entry in an album, is the one without any info. Below each photo posted you should see extra comments + the photo with names added. There are some, not a lot, school photos in the album, Page 1, 'Netherton/Nedderton old photos 2' Good luck with your search.
  6. Mistake on a surname - Should be HAMILTON not HAMILTOM
  7. I do believe that 'young first offenders' should be given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Most of us will have done something that affected the lives of others when we were young, naive, and still growing up. I am all for making scumbags compensating their victims but unless the relevant scumbags have bank accounts etc with the funds available to compensate their victims it will never happen as the scumbags will more than likely only deal in cash. So like any fines compensation will never be paid and it will cost the taxpayer for the admin costs to set up and try and collect payments. Plus we will pay for them to be kept in prison so I'm afraid the only solution I could have for making scumbags think twice about damaging any childs education is to use their bodies to fertilise the earth.
  8. The photo from the school gates was taken by Eileen Brooks on the 16th June 2016. The new school, Bedlingtonshire Community High School, would be ready for all the pupils to move into at the start of the 2016-17 year. Before the old school was to be demolished at the end of the 2015-16 year the old pupils that could be informed via letter or Social media were invited for a last look around the school on Thursday evening, 16th June 2016.
  9. 1. Which is the largest instrument in the string section of an orchestra? Answer = 2. Which tea is known as ‘the champagne of teas’? Answer = 3. Who had a hit single in 1955 with Rock Around the Clock? Answer = 4. Which metal is the best conductor of heat and electricity? Answer = 5. In which sport would you use a trudgen? Answer = 6. John Rivers and Lord Napier are types of what? Answer = 7. In a game of tenpin bowling, if a person starts by throwing 12 consecutive strikes, what would their score be? Answer = it’s the same as the time an Irishman leaves the pub in the afternoon 8. What colour is a giraffe’s tongue? Answer = 9. In which book of the Bible are the Ten Commandments set out for the first time? Answer = 10. What tree can be green, black, white or blue? Answer = 11. What is the first animal listed in an English dictionary? Answer = 12. Who was the first Conservative prime minister? Answer = I’ll bet you didn’t know …. King Zog of Albania smoked more than 100 cigarettes a day. Answer = I didn’t --- it was Zog who did
  10. Did I miss something on tonight's news? I don't read newspapers and only rely on the daily TV news for updates. This evening the wife was in the kitchen when the NE news started and announced the new figures so I rewound and put the TV on hold until she came in so she could here the updated for herself (I'm often accused of not listening and distorting the facts ☺️). I haven't seen anything about NCC wanting to be grouped with Newcastle so we would be placed under the same restrictions as Newcastle to try and reduced the spread of the virus. I thought it was the government, based on the number of new cases for Northumberland, Newcastle etc., that would have the say in what restrictions were put in place. Then it would be down to the minority to ignore the restrictions, party on and spread the virus among those that don't get many symptoms and hospitalised, so they could eventually spread the virus out to the more vulnerable.
  11. Still showing on my PCs this morning😀. As the Bot entries are displayed in between the latest 'Discussion' comments that have been made I would assume comments & Bot entries are added into a file, in sequence, as they are made and the contents of that files displayed every time a connection to the site is made. Are you getting a list of the latest comments that have been made when you connect to the site? ----------------------------------------- After I had saved the comment above I logged out, then reconnected to the site and logged in and the three images below are the sequence of News feed/Comments etc that were displayed :-
  12. just logged on again at 19:05 and this time Bot and the story you mention is there.🙂
  13. No Bot news when I logged in this morning🙂
  14. Same from me.☺️ @Pete - haven't seen anything from Andy for a while - I think he must have found a Coronavirus (COVID-19): travel corridor and gone searching for sun☺️
  15. Can't remember the last day I saw any news when I logged in on the PC😑. As for Mobile phone with access to the www, I don't have one😂. My mobile is nearly as old as me - Pay As You Go - that I take with me when I go out in the car (last time was February 2020😷) in case the car breaks down and I have to contact anyone🙂.
  16. 1. What was the surname of the character played by Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry films? Answer = Harry Callaghan 2. In which English county is Welwyn Garden City? Answer = Hertfordshire 3. What is the principal chemical found in diamonds? Answer = Carbon 4. What name is given to the indentation on a brick which holds the mortar? Answer = Frog 5. What was the favourite food of Paddington Bear? Answer = Marmalade Did you know that Paddington, like the queen, has two birthdays - Christmas Day and June 25th. 6. Which of these countries does NOT drive on the left: New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Cyprus? Answer = Sweden 7. In which sport would you compete for the America’s Cup? Answer = Yacht race 8. What colour is the spot in the middle of the Japanese flag? Answer = Red or is it Crimson or is it Crimson Red? 9. Which of the Seven Wonders of the World was created by the sculptor Phidias about 430BC? Answer = Zeus 10. Which football club is nicknamed The Canaries? Answer = Norwich City AND Barrington CP 11. Who was the first British woman to take a seat in the House of Commons? Answer = Nancy Astor 12. Where would you find cerumen in the human body? Answer = Ears = earwax I’ll bet you didn’t know …. Bagpipes were played in Persia, Egypt and Greece long before the Scots adopted them from the Romans. Answer = Yes – my uncle Larry (Irish) , played the bagpipes in the Pride Of Murray Pipe Band, was always telling us it wasn’t the Scots.
  17. On the Facebook group - Bygone Bedlington - Ron Jones commented - no 10 is my uncle Ronnie Hemsley
  18. Historically, Humford, a tiny hamlet, consisted of only two houses on two separate sites – the Waterworks that were later converted into 'Humford Open Air Swimming Baths' and now the area is part of the Bedlington Country Park Local Nature Reserve.
  19. The photo with text from Evan Martin's book - The People's History - Bedlington Remembered. Newspaper cuttings from John Krzyzanowski - facebook group Bygone Bedlington
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