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  1. @James - photo posted by David Batley (Stuart Young's grandson) and he is asking if anyone can give any info and names. I've added some basic info and a couple of names. Can you add any info or name anyone in the photo?
  2. names from Elizabeth Mclauchlan(nee Huntley) & Eileen Buglass. Elizabeth's photo has the year 1962 on it so I have updated the info.
  3. Names for numbers 11, 21, 27, 30 & 32 from Norman Grum, No 26, on the Cambois group
  4. No 9 = Bety Smith = Liz Peart's mam.
  5. Some names from a friend of Elizabeth Riches - Bygone Bedlington group :-
  6. Photo from Connie Fisher - Past Times History group. Names from Connie and Bygone Bedlington group members.
  7. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Local Football 2

    Local teams other than Bedlington Mechanics teams. The history of Bedlington Mechanics is current being researched by @Ovalteeny and his info is posted in the topic BEDLINGTON MECHANICS FC under - Hobbies & Interests > >The Sports Club>
  8. @Andy Millne - not a lot of luck, so far. Just one definite and two possibles. Nobody has said anything about the cup,
  9. @Andy Millne- Ok if I post the bowls photos - with each person numbered and space to add names - on the Bygone Bedlington group and see if anyone can be named?🙂
  10. Photo and info from @johndawsonjune1955 - names from the Bygone Bedlington & Past Times History Facebook group members :-
  11. I think you may get more response from the ex BGS pupils on the Facebook Bygone Bedlington group. Can't remember anyone in this group going to BGS in the late 60's and early 70's.
  12. Think it was last Thursday, BBC NE News showed, from inside one of the train carriages, the station platform etc. as the train passed Bedlington North & South signal boxes. in the early 1960's I was never a frequent passenger from the railway station - spent more time on the wooden bridge
  13. Jack - @John Doc Waldock has joined the group. I showed John the photo and asked him (Facebook Messenger) about Cliff Waldock and he replied :-
  14. Update from @John Doc Waldock - 'Great info Alan. Number 9 in photo is not my Uncle Cliff with over coat on my Uncle cliff is over 6'3'. No 9 deleted.
  15. @BilpaBroMai - I see @John Doc Waldockhas joined this group
  16. Jack - I will ask him, via the Facebook group🙂
  17. @BilpaBroMai - I don't have any other info on the Royal Oaks FC and I doubt if any of the newspaper articles @Ovalteeny looked at mentioned Mr Waldock having a bit of a scandalous affair.😱 Waldock, in my mind, is not a common name. However one of the Admin team on the Facebook group - Old Photo's of Holywell & Seaton Delaval & Seghill & Hartley,Sluice,W/bay. - is John Waldock and I know John has been involved with football, playing, coaching and researching his family football history. I am a member of that group and I will posty your picture for John to see and give any info that he may have.
  18. @HIGH PIT WILMA - and the other Bailey bridge that went across the river Blyth.
  19. @HIGH PIT WILMA & @lilbill15Closer view of the Bailey Bridge :-
  20. Just thought - if it is the Northumberland Miners Picnic at Atlee park then it has to be 1952 or later. @Malcolm Robinson posted the programe for the last miners picnic - Bedlington, 3rd June 1989 - and in it it has the venue for every event, from 1867 to 1989, listed inside.
  21. @Cov-John - your list of names added to @TOECUTTER's photo :-
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