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  1. 1949 photo from the Mansel Dinnis collection.
  2. 1. Which comedian, as a schoolboy, had a trial for Heart of Midlothian FC but wasn’t tall enough? Answer = 2. What type of creatures are “Whitstable natives”? Answer = 3. Fullerenes, discovered in 1985, were a new form of which element? Answer = 4. Which island, situated in the Arctic Ocean, is the largest in the world? Answer = 5. Adam Bell, Clym of the Clough and William of Cloudesley were all famous what? Answer = Inglewood Outlaws 6. Which frigate was launched secretly in 1986 in Wallsend to replace a ship lost in the Falklands? Answer = Hansard 7. What instrument is used to measure dew? Answer = 8. Which car manufacturer had the Kitten, Rebel and Sabre models? Answer = 9. Which Japanese word translates as ‘leader of the army’? Answer =「軍のリーダーとして 10. Which country was the first to use paper banknotes? Answer = 11. Who is the lead singer with Simple Minds? Answer = 12. Identify the language used in the following sentence: Dómarinn hefur alltaf rétt fyrrir sér. Answer = Icelandic I’ll bet you didn’t know …. The Russian postal service will not deliver letters containing chewing gum. Answer = I didn't Bonus question: How do they know what’s in the envelope? Answer = No idea - it's Google proof
  3. Girl Guides at Bedlington Grammar School from the Mansel Dinnis collection. All the names and info added from Joan Cummings.
  4. @Canny lass - did you forget to post quiz or have I, or my old PC, missed something
  5. Margaret Williamson and Christina Leach have both named 17a as Miss Heywood - Domestic Science teacher.
  6. Bedlington Grammar School teaching staff - 1949. The photo has been on before but the previous photo had been cropped and one teacher, on the front row- left hand side as you look at the photo, was missing. The staff were numbered 1 to 25 on the previous photo so not to confuse thinks I have numbered this lot the same with the missing teacher now in view as number '17a'. @df2204 you named many of the teachers when the other photo was posted. Do you know the name of 17a ?
  7. Photo from the Mansel Dinnis collection. The next photo in this album is identified as the Lower Sixth Form, 1947, and there are 19 pupils in that photo that also are in this one so I assume this is the Lower Sixth + the Upper Sixth pupils.
  8. @Vic Patterson - @Jammy - I don't think we can take this lying down😏. Q 13 where does the word 'real' appear in Q 10 ?🤭 I think @Canny lass must have a green, black, white and blue ash tree in her forest where she hunts for elks🙂
  9. Cheers Vic. Just a wave through the window to kids, grand kids and great grand kids this year😷. Roll on October 2021☺️
  10. Cheers Pete. No pint in a pub this year
  11. The Lower Sixth Form = those in the first year of staying on, after doing 'O' level exams in the Fifth Form, to do 'A' Level exams. Numbers added but no pupils named.
  12. I spent a lot on time in detention = Tuesday was the normal 1/2 to 1 hour detention and occasionally on a Friday for a 2 hour stint. It wasn't that I was a trouble maker it was just I was always late for school and if you were late three times in a week then you got detention. As my mam used to drag me out of bed to get down to Patrick's newsagents for 07:30 every day to do my morning paper round when I got back home I used to fall asleep, getting ready for school, SITTING on my bed. For the last two years of my school life I spent almost every Tuesday in detention. I even remember the one week I was at school, on time, every morning. I was the fifth form class rep and one of the duties of the form reps was to read a passage from the bible for two mornings in assembly. So on the Monday we had to turn up before 09:00 for rehearsal and then be there before 09:00 for the two readings on Tuesday & Wednesday. So I completed those three morning and therefore couldn't have been late three times that week. However on the following Monday when the names of those for detention on the Tuesday were read out my name was there. off I went to see the deputy head, Mrs (or Miss) Smith to correct the error. She said something like - Edgar it seems a shame to blemish your record, you are part of the detention fixtures, I must have just added your name automatically and I think you should just attend. She smiled, patted me on the head and my two year record remained intact.
  13. The 'whole school' image was copied and pasted together from 5 separate photos. There are two many people on each photo (70+) to add numbers and names. These are the five photos :-
  14. Images from Cliff Ehala. Kath Simpson commented :- Punishment from the prefects for any little misdemeanours. Words from the book were written in columns. The columns - written in exercise books with pages folded into four - were ‘marked’ by the prefects and a mistake was a rewrite. If you acquired twenty columns in a week led to detention.
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