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  1. All ne to me - Iv'e never spotted them on any of the old maps🙂
  2. List of names, provided by John Wilkinson - Bygone Bedlington group, added to the photo.
  3. @rosco - unfortunately must of the active members on this site no longer live in the Bedlington area - I'm Seghill🙂
  4. https://www.business-live.co.uk/manufacturing/new-milestone-northumberland-gigafactory-development-21486519?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar&fbclid=IwAR36sZ1cnhfO2wZ0fjEPjmBKDmJiMf6Sbcae6BZH3qz1WfQ8Q7flaH-CC64
  5. Facebook Bygone Bedlington member Ron Jones commented :- I think no20 could be my grandfather John or Jack Hemsley he lived at 36 Haig Road I’ve photos of me and Stuart Young’s son Stuart
  6. Joan Cummings, Cambois Facebook group, has named No 25
  7. Had a bit clart this morning and if you select the 'BROWSE' option :- you get the page with the full index for all the 1860 parishes :-
  8. @Maggie/915 (and @Canny lass and naturally everyone else) - have you, and the Bedlington Local History Society seen this info on the namebooks.org.uk site? John Krzyzanowski - Admin on the Facebook group - Bygone Bedlington, has just posted this :- This is the link to the start of the info, page 49, on Bedlington :- http://namebooks.org.uk/browse/main/?OSref=341&Page=49.0&fbclid=IwAR0i24og16aebFF-_vMkCMpqiZ7nZBGROyV2ADKGPUYhR4KhSQAhwq1YgGs Page 49 : On my Desktop PC the link is shown as 'Not Secure'🙂
  9. Posted on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group by @lilbill15
  10. Info on the Durham Mining Museum site is :- First shaft was sunk 14th July 1854 Colliery opened in 1855 Colliery closed 2nd March 1968
  11. Photo, posted as 1940's by @johndawsonjune1955
  12. Brian Hale, Bygone Bedlngton group says Olga Hale was in the same class as him = the year below this lot. Also No 17 is Judith Young.
  13. Afternoon lilbill15 - must be your Tablet software/operating system - all my emails from my email provider, btinternet.com, are picked up, from my email server, by Microsoft Outlook package that I have installed on my Desktop PC and for each email I receive there is always a 'Go to this Post' highlighted that when selected takes you to the actual post. My wife uses a Samsung Tablet and I know when she asks me to check anything out on her tablet I get frustrated. I'm so used to a large screen display where normally all options can be seen and accessed from the first screen that is presented, on whatever site you go to. But the Tablet screen being much smaller can't display all the options and it's normally via the three dots, at the top right of the screen, that other options etc. are accessed. This is normally the first screen I get when I go direct to the group site :- I should add that I stick to a Desk Top Pc, with full size keyboard, as my attempts to select options on a small Tablet screen do result in me selecting the wrong option and frustrating myself. Add to that my fingers don't always go to the right area on a Tablet or mobile device and my involuntary reflex actions of the hand and fingers more often than not result in me selecting options I have never dreamed of . I can't use a mobile phone to access the www. I have a 2G mobile, no access to www, that has one use - it goes in the car and is there in case I break down and have to call for assistance. I'm sticking to 21" Desk Top Pc's ⌨️
  14. Fenwick and family at No 2, next door to where @Vic Patterson's wife Doreen Dagless lived.
  15. Photo from David Bailey, grandson of Stuart Young and great grandson of Geordie Graham (Haigh Road then Hollymount Square). Though to be a trip from the Black Bull - but as yet no proof. @HIGH PIT WILMA & @James do you recognise any of this lot?
  16. There are a few doing the rounds with the initials WW and I would also be thinking that Willy Ward took the photos. James said in one of his posts that he bought of the Dr Pit photos from Wily Ward.
  17. @James names and info updated
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