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  1. Update from the Docherty family - Keith Docherty I'm sure I've seen this photo before & think No 4 is my dad Howard Docherty & No 5 my uncle John Cunningham John Docherty Definitely dad and Uncle John and Mick Cunningham Number 1 is Billy Bell
  2. Caroline Dobinson - Facebook group Bygone Bedlington - is trying to identify her dads mates in this photo that she thinks has been taken in Netherton Club. @Canny lass - Robert Morland (ex Netherton Colliery) has given two possibles - No 3 & 4. Can you confirm either of those two?
  3. Update from Tom Allison - Facebook group Barrington, Barnt' n memories and stuff!!
  4. Update from No 7, Ronnie day, saying that the match he played in was at the Eleventh Avenue ground against Wilkinson Sword and the result was 4 - 2 to Westlea. Pete Endean tells me that Westlea did win the cup twice and the second time was at Croft Park against Blyth Corinthians. Info on the photo updated.
  5. @Liz Moore - forgot to mention there is a site that might be of some help in your research = The Durham Mining Museum site. It lists info on all the mines in the Northumberland and Durham counties. This is a link to the page on the Barrington colliery and then an extract from the Barrington Colliery page :- http://www.dmm.org.uk/colliery/b035.htm
  6. @Liz Moore - have you download copies of the photos? I found this extract (don't know what book it was taken from) on the Facebook group - Barrington, Barnt' n memories and stuff!!
  7. A couple of possibles - No 4, from Dave Shepheard (alias Joyce Scott) & No 16 from Alan Scott.
  8. @Liz Moore - photos from the facebook group - Barrington, Barnt' n memories and stuff!! Double Row and the outside toilet (Nettie) and coal shed (coal cree) This is a photo of one of the other rows in Barrington with the same setup - back lane/road; outside toilet and coal shed.
  9. Westlea Rovers photo and names from Albert Armstrong - Facebook group Bygone Bedlington. Info on the cup competition, date, venue and opponents from Pete Endean - facebook Past Times History group.
  10. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Local Football 2

    Local teams other than Bedlington Mechanics teams. The history of Bedlington Mechanics is current being researched by @Ovalteeny and his info is posted in the topic BEDLINGTON MECHANICS FC under - Hobbies & Interests > >The Sports Club>
  11. Brian Lumsden came up with the two missing names and Pete Endean ( Past Times History group) came up with the info on where and when the cup final was played.
  12. Updates from Janice Robinson - Bygone Bedlington Facebook group.
  13. This pic comes from Facebook group Bygone Bedlington member Albert Armstrongs collection. It is Westlea Rovers football team being presented with the Randolph Cup. The competition was run in the Blyth and District Sunday League. The awards were presented by Sunderland Player Cecil Irwin seen here in the front row. Albert can name most of the team but is struggling with two remember two of the names. Can any one help with the names and the exact year?
  14. @Rigger - names updated.
  15. @Liz Moore - any member of this group, when signed in, can take a copy aof any of the photos that are posted within this group. I don't use a handheld/mobile device but from my PC, using the mouse, if you left click on the image it enlarges and then if you right click the system gives you a number of options of which one is 'Save image' and selecting that option you get the option to name the file the system is about to download to your device. If you would prefer the info emailed to you then the best way, so as not to broadcast your email address etc. to the rest of the world is to send a Personal Message, by selecting the envelope logo at the top right of the page you can send a personal message to me - Alan Edgar (Eggy 1948) - with your email address and I will email you whatever info you request that is available on this site. . That small photo of Double Row, Barrington, is the only one I can remember having seen on this group but there is at least one on the Facebook group - Barrington, Barnt' n memories and stuff!!
  16. Photo from Joan Wood - Facebook, Bedlington remembered and names from Jo and many other members.
  17. Often referred to as the 'Council School'. Entry in https://communities.northumberland.gov.uk/005616.htm has the date c1916
  18. @joe Callahan -normally the best way to alert a member that you are after a re sponse from a comment you have made is to add the members name, preceded by an '@' like I have done with this one. It does depend on the setting the member has , either to recieve notifications or not, but doesn't do any harm to use that method. When you start typing the name eg @johndawsonjune1955 that members name tag will pop up and you select that. John Dawson is not a frequent visitor to this site. When you hover over the members name tag the system gives you some info on that person. I did that for John and it shows the last time he logged into this site was 5 months ago :-
  19. @anniemarr :- had a search of the www but only found one reference to the farm and that was in the London gazette of 1924 in connection with the Ashington Coal Company. Then I checked on a Facebook group - Past Times History, Admin @johndawsonjune1955 - as there has been info on Sheepwash etc posted on that group before. When I searched for Sparrow House farm I found three photos that a Helen Birch had given to John Dawson and John posted them with this comment :- Ashington Sparrow House Farm in the garden Photograph Helen Birch
  20. @anniemarr - a quick check - 1938 map & Google street view 2019. Could Sparrow House now be a copse?
  21. Just about to go out but I will have a search online later today but I would be surprised if there was anything on the www - but always worth a try
  22. @anniemarr - not a farm I had heard of but I did a search for "Sparrow House farm" and it does get one mention on this group. Back in 2014 on a discussion in History Hollow - about Netherton Lonnen - Alan Dickson & Hihg Pit Wilma commented :- Alan dickson Posted March 25, 2014 Aye years ago I had a walk over Sheepwash Bridge up to where Sparrow HOUSE Farm was. Then decided to have a look at the old Farm I could see from my side of the river.An old lady told me it was last inhabited in the 1940s. Her granny had worked there and every Xmas got an invite up to Bothal Castle with the rest of the hired help for the Xmas party. She said it was in the Portland Bothalhough Estate. Also said the Bothal Vicar at one time resided at Sheepwash and walked up to Bothal every day along the river. Alas it is no longer there the local kids demolished what was left of it.l asked the Farmer to let me try my metal detector on the land but met a refusal. HIGH PIT WILMA Posted March 29, 2014 A builder-friend of mine told me that when he was on the team that renovated the rectory[?] at the Ashington side of Sheepwash bridge,beside the traffic lights,they found loads of boxes of ancient records and financial documents,plans,etc in the loft of the house. How old is that property,Alan,thought you would know..! Don't know what happened to the documents,I presume they would surely have given them to Woodhorn colliery museum. Alan dickson Posted March 29, 2014 Don't/ know exact date but it was hospice for weary travellers in mediaeval times as the road was the main coastal road North. When they built the new houses on left side some very old skeletons were uncovered said to be monks who ran the hospice. A few years ago the man who lived there told me the kitchen was being renovated and a big pile of flagstones were stacked up for the next day and the door locked. On going in the next day they were strewn all over,he moved shortly afterwards. A secret tunnel is said to be rumoured .l think the road split the hospice in two........... Is that the Farm you are interested in ?
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