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  1. Won't be sitting in a pub/club but will be having a bottle of Marston's Owd Rodger to welcome in Lockdown 2.0
  2. @Canny lass - Mikki replied :- Mikki Lee Townley Author ah yes I see. All these "banks" are very confusing. They should have included a picture of each house on the census would make reserching a whole lot easier. Thank you for your help I doubt I'll come across anything else in my search for Bank cottage as I think you have covered it, but if I do ill share it.
  3. No 8 = Brian Symington
  4. Updates to No 2 & 4 from John 'Doc' Waldock.
  5. @Graceson Oxley- I've checked through the Bedlington Mechanics album we have in the Gallery>Sports section but we don't have the name Robert Miller on any of the photos. If your dad can identify your great granda then I will add his name to the photo. This is a direct link to the Bedlington Mechanics Gallery album where all the Mechanics photos that have been posted, in any section of this site, are stored in the album.
  6. Photo from dale Foster - names from Dale Foster and Dawn Nichol
  7. @Canny lass - I will pass your info on.👌
  8. A new member on the Bedlington remembered Facebook group has asked :- Mikki Lee Townley 30 October at 13:13 · I've have searched the group and seen the maps on the new area my research has taken me which is Bank Cottage, East End, Bedlington. This is the birth place of my grandad in 1914. Do any photos exist? Myself and a possible relative are trying to piece together my grandads rather secretive and mysterious life. And followed on later with :- Mikki Lee Townley Author Thank you everyone it seems my grandad may have been there for about 10 years minimmun as it shows on his birth cert in 1914 and his sisters marriage cert 1924. --------------------------------------------- Does anyone know anything about Bank Cottage? The only info I have been able to give her is this old photo + a map extract with Bank Cottage labelled :-
  9. 1. Which former pop-star owned the company that made The Life of Brian and had a one line part in a crowd scene? Answer = 2. What can be upside down, ginger or Dundee? Answer = 3. Which country hosted the summer Olympics in 1932? Answer = 4. What occupation is involved with stretchers and headers? Answer = 5. On which river does Amsterdam stand? Answer = 6. What is the millionth of a metre called? Answer = 7. Who is the prime minister of France? Answer = 8. What sort of drink is pekoe? Answer = 9. Who had a pet chimp called Chee Chee? Answer = 10. Which Bridge on the River Thames has a central portion that can be raised to allow ships into London? Answer = 11. Which sports commentator talked of an ‘up and under’ and an ‘early bath’? Answer = 12. What is a dirndl? Answer = I’ll bet you didn’t know …. The first advert on Radio Luxembourg was for a laxative. Answer = I didn’t. I wonder if the same laxative advert was broadcast on radio Caroline?
  10. 2020 - covid-19 (Stay Safe) Halloween. photo from Simon Wiliams.
  11. Cambois Welfare A.F.C. - 1951-52 season. Photo and names from Christine Burridge - Cambois Facebook group.
  12. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Local Football 2

    Local teams other than Bedlington Mechanics teams. The history of Bedlington Mechanics is current being researched by @Ovalteeny and his info is posted in the topic BEDLINGTON MECHANICS FC under - Hobbies & Interests > >The Sports Club>
  13. Cambois A.F.C 1947-48 season. Photo and names from Margaret Sleeman, Cambois Facebook group.
  14. Photo from the @johndawsonjune1955 collection and names + info from many of the Cambois Facebook group members.
  15. Photo from Michael Beresford - Blyth remembered & Memories Facebook group. Names from the Cambois Facebook group members. Definitely a Cambois team but nobody sure what team it was.
  16. See - man admits when he is wrong🙂😇🙃
  17. Cambois Rowing Club football team - 1966.
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