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    This month’s ‘Author Talks’ as part of Bedlington Book Club features Stephanie Butland.Stephanie Butland is the acclaimed author of five novels, including 'The Woman In The Photograph', 'The Curious Heart Of Ailsa Rae', and 'Lost For Words'. She also runs retreats for writers. Researching her novels has turned her into a keen performance poet and occasional tango dancer. She lives in Northumberland, near the sea.
  2. @Andy Millne - has anyone from the East Bedlington Community Centre ever been in touch with you about advertising their events? Stacey Chisholm Price on the Bedlington & Cambois Facebook groups, this week has posted three events taking place at the centre. I copied one of them - Jobs Fair - onto the Events calendar and Chat Central on this site. Might be worth contacting them to see if the East bedlington Community Centre staff wanted to join, and use the facilities of, this group.
  3. until
    Jobs Fair - East Bedlington Community Centre - Platform 1
  4. East Bedlington Community Centre - Platform 1
  5. Don't know @pebbles - I would assume East Bedlington Parish Council would know Contact Us A variety of local information is available from the Parish Council, and you are welcome to call us for general enquiries or to view documents such as Meeting Agendas and Minutes, or Planning Applications. You can contact the Council by post, telephone or email, below. The Clerk to the Parish Council is Mr Ron Thornton, and the Assistant Clerk is Jenny Tindale. Post East Bedlington Parish Council, 16 & 17 Station Street Bedlington NE22 7JN Telephone Parish Clerk: (01670) 828808 e-mail Clerk: [email protected]
  6. In another topic on the Bedlington Facebook groups an Anthony Parker has posted some info and a photo on Front Stone Row :- Anthony Tucker I seem to be the only person left that actually lived in Stone Row. I lived with my Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Rosina Bruce,on your list it is Brewis, I sent you a picture of me with the railway bridge in the back ground. I am 87 and still have memories of living there,outside midden and all.if I can help let me know.I will draw what I remember. Tony Tucker When I added the text to Anthony's photo he commented :- Anthony Tucker Just about where you have put your arrow is where I used to fish for eels.I can remember where my family were living. My uncle Stephen and Aunt Margie lived in Stakeford.My Uncle Bob and aunt Annie moody in Barrington.Uncle Fred and aunt Mary in Shinney Row.Uncle Jack and aunt Laura on Sheepwash Bank.Uncle John and aunt Vera.Uncle Harry and aunt Katie lived in Bedlington.They were all Tucker’s, my father was Patrick and my mum was Sally Tucker. We are the Tucker ‘s ,Wards , Moody 's, Bruce’s,Thornton’s . I hope that you will have some help from my memories.Good night and God Bless Tony Tucker
  7. @Alex Wood if your ever in the area this is the 2019 Google aerial view of the Furnace Bank are with the location of those old photos I sent you marked on the view :-
  8. photo from Tommy Rand - Facebook Past Times History Group. His granda No 15 - David Hunter from Doctor Terrace.
  9. The original school building was destroyed by fire in 1970. The old school building was replaced with garages and houses and the new school is still within the old school grounds.
  10. No 7 & 10 identified by Janice Matthews, nee Metcalf, Facebook Bygone Bedlington group.
  11. Alex - I can do that - I have taken a copy of your email address. There is also a method of 'Downloading' images that have been posted to your Download folder on whatever device you are using to access this group. If you select an image that has been posted it expands and then when you right click (if using mouse) on the expanded image you get the option to 'save image as' or 'copy image'. I will ask Admin, @Andy Millne - @John Fox (foxy) to remove your email address from your comment. It's just a safeguard as it stops 'spammers' getting access to members email addresses. If you want to pass personal info to another member it's best to use the 'Private' Message system = white envelope at the top right hand corner of the blue banner at the top of ever screen. I will message you and the email you.
  12. Whitley Memorial school football team 1931-32 season. Photo from Layna Alexandrou-Panayiotou who has named No 3. No 5 named by Janet Jackson on the Bedlington remembered Facebook group.
  13. @Alex Wood - I can't remember seeing any comments on any of the topics on this site from members of the Wood family. There are a couple of photos of the Wood Sons factory and the area around Dene House. Have you found the photos, on this group, or would you like me to post them all for you?
  14. @ms1 - after 54 years - hello mate. Names updated
  15. So cash in hand.😉 Don't know anyone on this site that cleans and never seen anyone advertising their services.😞
  16. Unfortunately - no I thought everyone used https://www.mollymaid.co.uk/locations/newcastle-east/bedlington/
  17. Celebrated it's 100th year on June 30th 2012. The school has a web site with a collection of photos over the years and the web site address is http://www.bedlingtonstationfirstschool.com/bsfs100/100_years_of_Photographs/100_years_of_Photographs.html
  18. And now Linda Heslop - No 4 i the photo - has named the rest.
  19. 1958 Netball team photo from Jen Lowe - only two named.
  20. Nicknamed The Woody school, as it was mainly constructed of wooden planks. The school of our mate, Keith Lockey. Don't know when it first opened but it first appears on the 1951 ordnance survey map and it is not on the previous map of 1938. Destroyed by fire in 1969. When the replacement school was built, opening in 1974, it combined with the grammar school to be Bedlingtonshire Community High School.
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