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  1. So really all the tory politicians need to do is keep feeding us bananas, without strings attached, and we will all be happy, until there are no bananas left. Then we will complain and overthrow that useless government and get in a new lot with fresh ideas. The fresh ideas will be to make it more difficult, and involve more participating bodies, therefore costing more, to achieve the same result as the initial first simple idea of feed the general public (the monkeys). The monkeys could then get together, vote a leader and form a union and that will make them stronger and more powerful. They will then back the labour guy with the most bananas and get him made the leader (or is that Jungle Book – I'm the king of the swingers!). The back benchers will then grumble and plot to get another leader that is not backed by the unions but by the back benchers. The government is now in total disharmony and goes back to the monkeys for a vote of confidence to enable them to say 'this is what the monkeys want, they voted for it, so stop the infighting.' Unfortunately those new monkeys that have never been soaked before, now bombarded with promises of more bananas, can't decide whom to vote for and therefore go for a change of government and vote the opposition back in to try again. The new party now have a new piece of string called a manifesto and they can hang, disguised or not, their new bananas ………………………………………….. PS. – Malcolm I had to reply, but I did enjoy your story and I would not confine it to Room 101.
  2. History Hollow - Old Bedlington Shops - this answers a few questions raised in that topic. Good one.
  3. Wilf, on a Brighton pier, too hard to believe. He has been seen at Cambois getting fit for his next adventure.
  4. One would never do that Maggie, just golf clubs do that. Wilf & I never block, we just chip in where we can.
  5. Brett - I have added my simple Yes to the vote. I can stand up and be counted. I am not hiding behind a mask and or after proportional representation. I think the members of a couple of affiliated clubs should be invited to take part in this poll - voting invitations to be sent to Cambois CIU and Muirfield GC.Yours sincerely Wilf
  6. Posted 29 July 2013 - 04:02 PM by SymptonsBut where were the main gates .... anybody? Posted Yesterday, 04:54 PM What about the Polanski Fiat? Also made using old Eyetie tooling. Edited by Symptoms, Yesterday, 04:54 PM. Your loosing track sir, or was the Polanski & Riva & Stalinmobile or Fiat 126 next to the main gates? Too many affluent miners, with cars, at the Dr. Pitt. The A Pitt had a bike shed at the entrance
  7. Yee must have picked the early's Paul. Half Term/Blackberry week - October was was tattie (me dad's Scottish) picking week for the Oval & Bedlington Station lads (and a few big lasses). Not for me as a didn't hav me a bucket. The elders got them, they ha more rights (force) than me.
  8. Even better, I think. When I was working we used to search 65 million computer records in 2 hours(or less) every day, but 470,000 cubic meters of timber harvested annually is difficult for my brain to imagine. Would not know where to start to calculate how much extra would be required to run one of these biomass plants.
  9. Thank you Malcolm, I think that's good, hope they get accepted. Not that I want to see Cambois crowded, just a little bit larger population that would encourage more businesses.
  10. You will have to tell us which european country you are thinking of. From the list in wikipediahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_forest_area UK is about 11th in europe. Would something of this size really benefit Cambois? North Blyth (and I could be totally wrong on this - I have never lived there or researched it) does not appear to have any spare land to develop community facilities and additional housing to allow that area to grow with any industry that could be developed there. Cambois on the other hand always appears to me to be neglected. There must be reasons why an area with so much unused land never appears to get developed. I believe it is now the case that places like Bedlington & Cramlington will not allow developers to build any more new housing estates. All new housing has to built on existing sites, like knock down an old school and build a new housing estate on it. Cambois just seems to have so much land that no one wants to build on. Is it that developers don't think anyone knew would want to move to this seaside town or is it the County Councils restricting building in Cambois?
  11. Do not know how anyone can eat a sandwich, regardless of the filling, without butter.Cheddar cheese and strawberry jam, brought up on it, still eat it. As a nipper - Ginger snap sandwich. Sliced cold potatoes. Accidentally started one when first started to work at Blyth Shipyard. Me dad asked me one Sunday night, as he always did the four bates for Monday morning, what do you want in yours? Noticed there was only a couple of tatties left so said - tatties & beef paste = two slices with tatties and two with beef paste. Opened bait box Monday lunch time and bit into my first ever beef paste & cold tattie sandwich. That was it for every Monday for years.
  12. Paula - Have you looked in 'Gallery'. There are some old pics of the Dr Pit and the rows, that members share with everyone. There are two groups - Old Photos of Bedlington' and 'Bedlington & Netherton Old Photos' that have some pictures you could be after.Just noticed you have not added an entry into the Forum headed:- Introduce Yourself - Members Only Introducing yourself in this forum is not only good manners, but it will get you off to a good start with our existing members. It's also very helpful to moderators in determining if you are truly local, and if you live in, or have a genuine interest in, our Town.
  13. Thank you - some bits I have used, some I will now play with (gave up with Lassoo tool but will look at that again) especially saving to transparent background hadn't noticed that option. My Photoshop 6 was a gift, many years ago, that I have just started to play with.
  14. Cheers Big Tessi. Everybody (sorry every female) needs storage. Wor lass would be lost without extra cupboards to store stuff that will never see the light of day until the kids have to clear the house out.
  15. These are not my words but the words of the Local Government Association:- Benefits and potential impacts of biomass Community benefits Biomass can be taken from many sources in the UK indefinitely and, where well managed, contribute to security of energy supply. If used in an anaerobic digestion plant, it is eligible for Feed-in Tariffs (FITs). UK sourced biomass and processing can create local business, job opportunities and support the rural economy. By using biomass for energy generation, it doesn't go to landfill and therefore avoids the landfill tax. In comparison with other renewable energy technologies, woodlands, forestry and agriculture are generally perceived to be an environmentally and socially attractive amenity. They provide opportunities for recreation and leisure activities. Impacts on the community of using biomass Growth of energy crops could potentially compete for land with food cropping as demand for biomass increases. Biomass users may be locked in long-term supply contracts with a single supplier making it difficult to get competitive pricing in the future. Other impacts are similar to those covered in the District Heating and Combined Heat and Power pages. Environmental benefits Establishing local production networks and usage lowers the financial and environmental transport costs. There is no region in the UK that cannot be a producer of biomass, although some have greater potential for productivity than others. Many biomass fuels generate low levels of such atmospheric pollutants as sulphur dioxide and CO2. Modern biomass combustion systems are highly sophisticated, offering combustion efficiency and emission levels comparable with the best fossil fuel boilers. Use of biomass (including agricultural and domestic waste arisings) for energy, diverts these materials from landfill. Impacts on the environment of using biomass There is the potential for biomass to be taken from unsustainable, non-certified, forest sources. There are some negative impacts of forest management and farming of biomass crops on ecosystems and habitats. Therefore, an environmental impact assessment for forestry and cropping is required. Furthermore the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) has developed guidance for siting biomass crops to reduce impacts on birds. Transporting biomass has noise and emissions implications. There are air quality implications depending on the type of biomass used. There are high levels of water use for biomass cropping which can be problematic in areas where access to water is limited. Useful links: where to find out more Guidance for councils on biomass and air quality - on the Local Government Regulation website http://www.lacors.gov.uk/lacors/ContentDetails.aspx?authCode=694885&id=21912
  16. Maggie - are you having a fortnights holiday in Seaton Sluice? Has the Kings Head barman not asked you what you are doing with your camera? Have you got any pictures of the submarines in the ladies loos? I do not know what the connection with the Royal Navy is, if there is one, but I do remember seeing a display cabinet with the hat bands bearing the ships names on. Perhaps some of the names in this display cabinet match those vessels in the loos:-
  17. That appears to be a good software package you are using to manipulate Wilf. Even if my hand was steady my Photoshop & Digital Image Pro, via me, do not seen capable of cutting such a clear image.
  18. Just bought latest issue, July, from Front Street newsagent R. Watson. Price = £1.00. Got the last one they had. No idea how many they normally get as the wife, who I sent in for it, did not ask. The editor is still Mike Kirkup. It is printed by Swiftprint, Back Lintonville Terrace, Ashington. 01670 815888 and they are the only contact details in this issue. Thanks to all who commented & especially Keith L. who gave me his old issues. The April 98 issue was 6 pages and the circulation given as 2,600 and rising. This month's issue is 8 pages but circulation number given. That's the cree hole door shut until another load delivered.
  19. There you go. Your chosen newspaper does not dictate your true beliefs.Ena, Minnie & Martha = just to prove I have heard of the ladies in the snug - Coronation Street 9th December 1960.( and NO I do not watch it now, had to when it first started if it was raining etc. and I was not allowed outside) and I even remember they used to order bottles of stout.
  20. Mmmm a liberal I see. So your small room could be frequented by any sex, including Ena, Minnie & Martha.
  21. Signing The Official Secrets Act so that when he plays away he gets one over on the farther (or one over par!) and nobody tells.That was a narrow escape that weekend. He had to get his sKates on, and WellIiam not allowed to say any more.
  22. Added Barry Hicks & Alex Robertson - both with '?'
  23. What pubs were they in Mikey? Remember the side door for 'off-licence' sales at the Percy Arms and I was told they were originally for women to buy bottled beer to take away. As I type this I do recall the Percy Arms also had a back room, called 'the snug' that was frequented by older more mature women, before they installed a pool table.Did not venture there allot, probably only on picnic day when the station lads were allowed to move freely but did the Blue Bell on the front street have a snug and is snook a 'top-end' term for ladies who snook put for a quiet pint? This reply is now totally out of sequence so I have gone back and edited it.. I am sure Mikey's question was the last one when I started typing! The rest must have snooked in whilst I was typing.
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