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  1. Photo - 1913 - from Malcolm Davison - Facebook group Bygone Bedlington. Photo is of Malcolm's grandmother holding his father with neighbour Mrs Fitzgerald. Malcolm's grandmother lived in No 26 Howard Row.
  2. @Canny lass - checked the other photos that have been posted on the various groups but can't make out the sign above the door
  3. Whenever our youngest came home (went to Uni in London 1998 and stayed in London after she finished Uni ) would call into Greggs, now across the road from the Central Station, to get two stotties to take back with her. The other think she couldn't get in London was Monkey's Blood on her ice cream. In today's politically correct world she now has to ask for 'Red Sauce' . The younger generation ice cream sellers from the vans along the NE coast no longer use the term Monkeys Blood.
  4. Details Come along to our creative day as part of the Festival of Arts Bedlington. Art Exhibition from local artists of Station Art Group A Lacemaking demonstration by Northumbria Lacemakers Bedlington Papercrafters will be getting you to make a card for either Mothers Day (for children and adults) Knit and Natter - complete beginners welcomed An exhibition of unusual model trains and an animation film by local children. The day will start at 10am and finish around 4pm. Drop in grab a cuppa and enjoy a creative day. This event is part of Festival of Arts Bedlington curated by Bedlington Creatives. It is part of Great Northumberland Winter Festival funded by Northumberland Cultural Development at Northumberland County Council.
  5. @Canny lass - sod's law. I found the scan I did of Evan Martin's list and I have it labelled as - Evan Martins Bedlingtonshires Village History - and that's a book I don't have and I can't remember who or where I borrowed that from.
  6. @Canny lass - when I attempted to find photos, and info, on the pubs that @Reedy's dad listed and those listed in one of Evan Matin's books there were a few I couldn't find anything on. Can't remember which book I got the list from and I can't find it in the Evan Martin books I have. These are the lists This is the info I found on the Masons Arms and it includes an extract from Bennett's Business Directory of 1905 that records the proprietor as T. Hay Can't find anything among the info I collected to identify another pub, close to the Mason's Arms, ofn Front Street West.
  7. Photo from Mark Edgar. Names from Mark and many Bygone Bedlington Facebook group members.
  8. Entry under History in Wikipedia states :- 'It was founded in 1926 as Bedlington Secondary School for the areas of Bedlingtonshire, Ashington and Newbiggin, being built next to Bedlington railway station. Subsequently it became Bedlington Grammar School, before turning comprehensive in 1974. It gained Maths and Computing College status in 2009. I would add - the Secondary Modern School merged with the Grammar School to create the High School. The new build + the old grammar school remained until a new High School was built, on the existing grounds, and opened in 2016.
  9. Keith Patterson, Bygone Bedlington group, says No 47 is David Jenkinson.
  10. @ozzrahog - your list of names added to the photo.
  11. Bill - checked on the 1951 football photo and updated the names on this class photo and the football photo
  12. @Ovalteeny's research into the local teams shows that the No 7 in this photo = ' ? DITCHBURN' only played for Sleekburn Welfare in the 1948-49 season. Info updated.
  13. Names from Bygone Bedlington members Sarah Ince - kerry Lawson - Vanessa Shephard Tait & Annette Marshall
  14. @Vic Patterson - not very clear photo but this 1938 shot from when the 'Nail' needed repair could show the entrance to Phillips yard :- @John Fox (foxy) - do you have any photos of the entrance that used to be to Phillips yard?
  15. There aren't many active members Thelma so you may not be lucky. If you 'hover' over the name tag of the person you are interested in the system displays a bit of info about the member that includes the date that person last visited the site. Another method of attempting to notify a member of the group of a comment you have made is by starting your comment with the members name preceded by the @ character. Yon can select the members name you are attempting to notify from the list of names the system displays and the name will be surrounded with a blue box and then you just type your comment and the sytem sends a notification to the member you have selected..
  16. Photo posted on the Past Times History Facebook group by John Dawson. I posted the photo on the Cambois & Bygone Bedlington Facebook groups and the members have named them all. The Bucham family have the photo and have the names, written on the back of their photo.
  17. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Local Football 2

    Local teams other than Bedlington Mechanics teams. The history of Bedlington Mechanics is current being researched by @Ovalteeny and his info is posted in the topic BEDLINGTON MECHANICS FC under - Hobbies & Interests > >The Sports Club>
  18. @Thelma Collingwood - welcome to the group. I don't know anyone with the surname Collingwood but there is a method within this group of searching for words or phrase (wrapped in "...."). If you type the word Collingwood into the search box, top right hand corner and then hit send then an extract from any entry in the group with that word will be displayed. You can then select that extract and view the whole topic. You will see from the search that I did the name Collingwood appears in one of the entries posted in the Gallery within an Album called 'Netherton Colliery Band'.
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