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  1. @Jammy - names updated from your list. Did you mean No 2 was Jeremy Pattern? I have also posted the updated photo, on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group, for No 7, Alan Scott, to see. It was Alan who sent me the photo to add to the album on this site.
  2. Don't think I ventured up to the dam when at Humford Baths. As I was a Bedlington Station & Oval lad we played in the Free & Hapenny woods at the Furness Bank & Hairpin bend.
  3. Unfortunately I have no idea. It was installed within Facebook on my old Windows Vista Desktop PC and it still keeps it's dictionary up to date but the version/release number is not displayed anywhere. I said above it was four years ago but I think it's more like six + years as the stats show I have played over 4,000 games. When I switch on my Windows 10 PC I will see if that gives the version number. Don't hold your breath, I'm struggling to get out of bed at the moment - my diary is more like Ann Franks = Day 1 Hid - day 2 Hid - Day 3 Hid........................
  4. 1963 - Class 3B. Photo from No 9, Arthur Thompson. Names from Arthur, me, No 1 Jim and No 28 Denise.
  5. Had to give the Scrabble up about four ago - involuntary reflex actions of the legs kept knocking the coffee table and destroying the board. Changed games and now play an online version of Scrabble = Words_With_Friends and the board stays intact.
  6. @John McBride - I have messaged you. If you could send me a copy I would add it into the Dr Pit Welfare album within the Gallery>Sports section.
  7. Offend - never. I remember when our youngest was born, a Tuesday tea time, I was in such a hurry to get to the pub as we had a darts match that evening I forgot to phone, from the hospital, the in laws to let them know they had another grandchild. Only remembered when i was half way to the pub so I had to stop the car, find a phone box and ring them. By the time I got to the pub the match had started - and I had been replaced.
  8. But surely the father might. I just can't understand with all the restrictions the hospitals are putting in place eg. no visitors that they would allow a birthing partner into the delivery room in the current climate. Why take the risk, the newborn will never know the mother only had the hospital staff to welcome them into the world.
  9. Same here. As from yesterday only one person for palliative care cases; one person seeing the critically ill ,and the one I can't understand - Birthing Partner allowed to be present at the birth. I wonder if they will be testing the birthing partners for Carona virus or just letting them cough onto the new born. Yesterday - North Tyneside/Rake Lane Hosp at the daily visiting slot - 14:30 to 16:00 - the wards went quiet.
  10. Have ye been queuing ootside the building waiting to stock up?
  11. @Raymond Tyrie - that photo you sent me was the first copy posted, without Audrey named at No 9. See the latest copy where a member, calling themselves 'Banktop' named Audrey on the 12th Feb and I have added her name to the photo.
  12. @Canny lass - on the Northumberland communities site is a document from the Parson & White Trade Directory - 1827 - and it lists :- The Free Masons, Ralph Oliver. https://communities.northumberland.gov.uk/004894.htm https://communities.northumberland.gov.uk/Communities.htm = all the towns it covers.
  13. I was guessing at the 1940's based on the ciggi machine and that pram. Googled the ciggi vending machine history but didn't find anything to put a specific period/decade they were introduced into the UK - gave up after 30 mins I must have used the ciggi vending machines in the 1960's but preferred to visit the local Co-op, at the Oval shops, and get 10 JC, cos that's what me mam smoked and the bloke in the Co-op assumed I was just getting them for her. Don't have any photos from the 1940's of me, or my two older brothers, in a pram so no idea what we spent our first years in. As the three of us were born in consecutive years and I can't imagine my family having a twin pram etc I do wonder how me mam got to the shops! There again me grannie had nine children, between 1920 & 1937, so I would guess they had to learn to walk early and the youngest one had the pram. Or would they 'top-and tail' in an old pram?
  14. He can't be 100% but knows they did live in No 1 Howard Row so it seems likely
  15. @Paul Lucas - Malcolm Davidson that posted the photo has commented :- 'No 1 Howard Row was occupied by my uncle and family, Robert and Jane Gair this was early 1900s their son Oswald was a pony driver underground in the pit. ' Doesn't prove who lived at No 1 in 1920 but as most colliery workers stayed in the same colliery house whilst they worked at the colliery more chance that your relatives lived in No 7.
  16. Names from Helen fairbairn - Itaint Joyce Scott & Michelle Simpson Corps :-
  17. @Liz Joslin - what years was Albert at the school?
  18. No 5 updated from Armstronk to Armstrong☺️
  19. Photo and names from No 13 - Sarah Ince.
  20. @Paul Lucas - I had never seen an image of Howard row posted on this site or any of the local Facebook groups. There are two albums in the Gallery on Netherton/Nedderton. Yesterday Malcolm Davison, Facebook group Bygone Bedlington, posted a photo of his grandmother outside Howard row in 1913. I have added his photo to the Gallery album - 'Netherton/Nedderton old photos 2'
  21. @Tonyp - The Glaxo social club was next to the Ridge Farm pub. The Ridge Farm pub is now the Co-op and a Vets and where the Glaxo club was is now houses =The Chase.
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