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  1. Names from No 10, Colin Davison - Facebook Bedlington remembered group.
  2. Some photos shared by John Brown - along with the comment he posted on the Facebook group Bygone Bedlington :- John Brown The Acorn Bank opencast site at Bedlington around 1956. We called the dragline Big Bertha but it could have been anything really. It is amazing to think how many kids used to play around the site, climbing on the plant and getting rides in the Euclids which seemed to be as high as a house. Health & Safety what?
  3. Last two - No 4 & 11 named by Elizabeth Keech & Derek Baldwin - Facebook group Bygone Bedlington.
  4. Posted on the Facebook Bygone Bedlington group :- Michelle Brannigan shared an event. A couple of tables left at the Fayre come and join Santa and sell your wares! £10 a table The link to the East bedlington Community Facebook site is :- https://www.facebook.com/events/767911253674046/
  5. Cambois Welfare team 1953-54 season. Photo and names from Margaret Sleeman - Facebook group - Cambois.
  6. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Local Football 2

    Local teams other than Bedlington Mechanics teams. The history of Bedlington Mechanics is current being researched by @Ovalteeny and his info is posted in the topic BEDLINGTON MECHANICS FC under - Hobbies & Interests > >The Sports Club>
  7. Posted on the Facebook group - Past Times History - by John Dawson.
  8. Photo posted by Kenny McIntyre - Facebook group Bygone Bedlington. Kenny has no idea where, when or who. Can anyone identify anyone in the photo?
  9. Facebook group - Bygone Bedlingtpn member Janice Robinson commented :- 40 Roland Thornton my late uncle
  10. HPW - I have posted your comment to Heather and will let you know what she replies.
  11. Bygone Bedlington Facebook comment from Pauline Weatheritt Hello I don’t think number 43 is Marie Weatheritt Marie is my sister in law when small had light hair. Jaqueline Adamson replied :- Pauline Weatheritt I think that might be Doris sesford not sure though. No 43 updated.
  12. Bill - Margo and the Marvettes did appear at the Domino in 1968 and that name also popped into my head but when I Googled them I got this image :- It's definitley wa age mixing wa heeds up Bill
  13. @HIGH PIT WILMA - can pit names to all but one.
  14. I was there on the nights those bands were on. Our group of lads were there four or five nights a week as we used to get free passes from the guy/manager that ran the place. Before it opened we would call into the building on a Sunday afternoon, after having been to the Station Club - 12:00 till 14:00 for a few pints on our way down to the Welfare Park for a game of footie among the lads, and chat with the manager to see when it would be the opening night. It was mainly Bob Pattison & Alan Maguire that chatted up the manager and other staff and were given the free passes. As they all became friends there were free passes for many months, especially for through the week. My main memory of Dave Dee ,Dozy,Mick,and Tich was that I was mistaken, by young ladies who had had a load to drink, as Dozy and they leapt on me, knocking me to the floor and ravaged me until some dragged them off and said - not Dozy, it's Eggy
  15. @Maureen - I never went when it was Lucifers. Back in 1968 (or was it 1967 ?) when it first opened the DJ was John Shelley. @HIGH PIT WILMA - John Shelley - Then & Now
  16. That's the name, and width, I remember HPW - Buller and I believe he did wrestle, fortunately not with me .
  17. @HIGH PIT WILMA - Can't remember which group I found the newspaper cutting on or who gave the names but Malcolm Neslund, on the Facebook group Friends of Bates Colliery, has commented that the names someone had given me and I had added = No 3 TED REDFORD & No 5 BILLY SMITH are wrong and should be No 3 TOM WILKINSON & No 5 PHIL CLARK. Names updated :-
  18. I know what you mean Jack but on the older photos its often just a couple of people who list the maiden names and often aren't aware if they married. On the later photos I do try and add married names, within my comments when posting an updated photo, but again that's only when a member of this group or a Facebook group mentions it.
  19. Photo from Jacqueline Adamson - Bygone Bedlington Facebook group and names from Jacqueline, Jill Simpson Ritchie and Kathleen Petrie.
  20. The original school building was destroyed by fire in 1970. The old school building was replaced with garages and houses and the new school is still within the old school grounds.
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