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  1. @James Florence has said :- Florence Palmer Alan Edgar I was named after my nana Florence Turnbull she made loads of proggy mats and used to hang them on that short wall outside .many times people would ask her if they could buy the mats ..our job was to cut the old coats up into strips for her, God help you if you cut them too small ..
  2. @James - Esme updated on the Bygone Bedlington group and whilst I was doing that I noticed this comment :- Florence Palmer My nana lived at number 1 Shiney row she had 3 bedrooms upstairs kitchen, pantry and a parlour room on the back it was a posh sitting room with another fire place in .She also had a bath under the stairs .with a sideboard in front to hide the door ..My friend lived about 6 doors away from my nana she had 2 bedrooms upstairs massive one and a skylight room very small her mam and dad slept in the large sitting room downstairs that had a setee in for guests
  3. Cheers @James - I will let Esme know about the Shiney Row house numbering☺️. I left Bedlington on the 5th of January 1969, to start work in London on the 7th January. Only came home for a long weekend in the summer of 1969 and I never heard anything about Women in Love - it was only about 5 or 6 years ago when stumbled across info online about the 'A' pit staging some scenes for the film :-
  4. Turks Head Inn photo and info from David Bailey - Bygone Bedlington group :- 'My grandma always thought it was John James Snr stood in front of the Turks Head with his daughter Mary Jane but zooming in (as we can these days!) it doesn’t look like him. I’m thinking it’s Robert Metcalf (the landlord prior to him). I think I can just make out the name above the door too.'
  5. @Keith Batey - there was a company under the name of 'nextstep' joined this group back in 2009. There were no images posted under 'nextstep' and within the comment posted under nextstep the aouthor used the name Frank. This is a direct link back to the 2009 posting :-
  6. Photo from Dave Jones - Bedlington Remembered. Names from ex BGS pupils.
  7. It was founded in 1926 as Bedlington Secondary School for the areas of Bedlingtonshire, Ashington and Newbiggin, being built next to Bedlington railway station. Subsequently it became Bedlington Grammar School, before turning comprehensive in 1974. It gained Maths and Computing College status in 2009. Ex pupils you should know :- Sir Bobby Charlton CBE & Sir John Hall,
  8. Unfortunately not @Keith Batey In the Gallery section we have an albums under 'Historic Bedlington' and there is an album 'Doctor Pit & Rows' and there are a couple of photos of Shiney Row but no mention of the families that lived there. Also under 'Historic Bedlington' there are albums for all the past and current Bedlington schools where many class photos are posted. Under each class photo posted there are additional photos with pupils names added. There is also an album for Barrington County Primary School within the 'Historic Bedlington' group and the surname Greaves does ap
  9. A few christian names from Bygone Bedlington Facebook member Allan Kidd (Bedlington lad living in Canada).
  10. A photo from 2018 that @James posted and I shared on the Bygone Bedlington group and Esme Dent answered my query about wnich end of the row No 1 was at.
  11. Back in 1960 Ken Russell made a remarkable film about mining in Northumberland called The Bedlington Miners' Picnic. John Gibson was a Bedlington miner in the 1960's working down the pit and making a decent living. He was also the real life star of a Ken Russell documentary film - The Bedlington Miners' Picnic in 1960. One of the photos taken was of John Gibson, of Bedlington, going work, at Pegswood Colliery, on his bike along Shiney Row. With one photo Ken Russell posted he added some info saying the miner was - 'on his way back home from his shift' but my view is that the miner is cyc
  12. 1968 Diball Cup winners - photo from John Krzyzanowski - Bygone Bedlington group.
  13. 1. In which English county is Much Wenlock? Answer = 2. How wide apart are the ‘tramlines’ in tennis? Answer = 3. How many syllables are there in a haiku? Answer = 4. Who is the patron saint of tax collectors? Answer = 5. Which organization has the motto ‘Courtesy and Care’? Answer = 6. For which country did David Campese play rugby union? Answer = 7. From which language does the word ‘shampoo’ originate? Answer = Indian 8. What is a chuckwalla? Answer =
  14. @Maggie/915Now that's weird as HPW and I often send personal messages to each other. Have you recently sent personal messages to other members? Try sending one to me to see if you have success or the same result you got trying to massage @HIGH PIT WILMA
  15. Tell me - the wife keeps saying we need more cupboard space - I respond with stop stockpiling objects never used anymore and throw out the old and make way for the new🙂 @Maggie/915 - see previous comment, from HPW.
  16. @JosephineFunderburkDo you mean work at the 'giga' plant or building houses?
  17. @Maggie/915 - just spotted your photo - have you moved to Scotland?
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