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  1. 1957 photo - sold on ebay for £4.99 by monkwermouth. Matchbox - Bedlington Terrier label - sold on ebay for £1.71
  2. I had the same - my message went red and required approval. Must be the heat, far too warm for me. I'll have to move to the Outer Hebrides😎
  3. @Malcolm Robinson - we have hijacked your Topic @lilbill15 - if I am teaching my granny how to suck eggs then just tell me. Hopefully these three screnn shots, with info added, will help :-
  4. I know @Canny lasshas said in the past that the daylight hours are very limited in the winter months so in the late spring, summer, and early autumn months the Swede's spend a lot of time socialising outdoors and preparing outdoors for next years winter months. Add to that CL + OH have been 'covid confined' for this years early spring and summer I suspect they are off seeing their family.
  5. @lilbill15 - I didn't have any problems viewing any aspect of Malcolm's post.. So attempting to be helpful = 1) was it that all of Malcolm's comment was not downloaded to your tablet? or 2) is it the broadband download speed from your BT Hub/WiFi/SKY box etc. that's causing the problem?
  6. Unless you want to brush up your knowledge of two storey flat roof extensions I would suggest you skip to 2hrs 39 mins into the video for - 'Question Time'🙂
  7. @Geoff Blakesley - never been Geoff - not sure what size it is or how many stalls there are. The Market Place area is not massive so there can't be loads of stalls. These are Google street view images for 2016 & 2018 :- The Northumberland County Council (NCC) doesn't say if it's open or closed this coming Thursday but I assume with covid restrictions lifted on Monday 19th it should be. There are contact details on the NCC web site :- https://www.northumberland.gov.uk/Business/Northumberland-Markets/Bedlington-Market.aspx
  8. @Andy Millne - just me thinking out loud🙂 I've noticed there have been quite a few new members to the group in the last few weeks but none have posted any comments or questions. Has there ever been a 'New Member' category so any new member can ask about the group eg. navigating through the Gallery etc. or where Admin and/or members can post hints and tips on the group? I hadn't really taken any notice of the Category 'Subscriptions' along the blue bar at the top. Do you think any visitors to the group might think there is a joining fee for this group? I know it's voluntary - but will they? I remember when we had to agree too receive notification via email when people responded to comments. Is that still the case, following the upgraded system, for new members? I can't remember seeing a comment from any of the new members that have joined recently. so I'm wondering whether or not they have found what they joined for or if they haven't managed to navigate the system New member list from the last 5 or 6 weeks :-
  9. And more millions to come according to this young lady who answered your question :-
  10. I do remember those lads as they also lived in Coquetale Place & the top half of Waverley Drive. They were a couple of years older than me but were in the same year as my eldest brother, Derek, at Barrington CP school.#There is a class photo of them in the Barrington CP album. This is a direct link to the 1958 class 6 photo :-
  11. Sorry Jim, I should have said it was the coronation street party. Granny Henderson must have wangled me and my brother Dennis to the party. Our family, mam, dad, Derek, Dennis & me, lived with with my granny, 11, Beatty Road, until we moved to Coquetdale Place in 1949. The only adult I can name in the photo is the lady, with specs, standing behind me and she is Mrs Surtees and she lived in the even numbers opposite my granny's so it must have been No 10.
  12. @Jr6468 - forgot to say, in the 1953 photo the lad to the right of me is Ken Jobe.
  13. Away from the subject, and a shot in the dark, but as you say you lived in Beatty Road since childhood - did your childhood include this event in 1953 or was your childhood later than that?
  14. Not you CL -it's me. I'm obsessed with the odd numbers on the left where me mam's family lived, I never really think about the even numbers on the other side and they were a totally different style of house. I can see the link between No 2 Beatty Road and the building in lillbill's photo but I can't match the other house in lillbill's photo to the house in the Millbank road Google image. The houses in the Millbank Google image look exactly like the No 11 Beatty Road me granny lived in. Also if it was the corner of Beatty Road & Millbank Road in lillbill's photo then lillbill's photo would have to have been taken from where Knox Road now is. Still to me
  15. @Tonyp - it hasn't Tony. As normal we have gone off the original topic. lillbill was asking if we could identify the area where one of her old family photos was taken. One possibility was Beaty Road area and I was just trying to remember when Knox Road was built and buy yours, and @Jr6468's comment, my estimate of the 1980's is totally wrong🙂 We just can't work out what street, or indeed if it is Bedlington, the photo could have been taken.
  16. @Canny lass - as I remember it :- Knox Road built in the 1980's - my cousin was married in 1983 and their first house was in Knox Road. Beatty Road houses - where we used to visit me granny and granda Henderson, No 11, in the 1950's - were unusual. The one garden faced the woods, no road outside the garden just the 'black path' that went from the top of Beatty Road all the way down to the Free Woods Bandstand area. Both the Back & Front doors were on the same side and there was no garden, just a back yard with a grassed area between houses. I just can't see lilbill's photo being in the Beatty Road area - but I could be wrong.☺️ ps. because I think there is a sharp bend in lilbill's photo this is why it can't be Cornwell Crescent area in lilbll's photo :- The flats that are now opposite Cornwall Crescent I think were built in the 1960's. My uncle Bob Henderson, married in 1955, lived in one of the flats before moving to Guidepost. I'll keep scratching me head but don't think I will come up with a positive answer☹️
  17. I know - I should have said 'similar'😎. Really I was just checking all the estates I knew where the houses had rendered walls and doing a comparison with @lilbill15's photo. I can't find a match in Bedlington👁️ - and Specsavers came to see me last week, no change in my vision after 3 years👍
  18. @lilbill15 had a look at the old photo of the Queens & Kings road area (from an Evan Martin book) as those house have the rendered outside walls with some rows of red brick at the bottom of the walls. The railings around the front gardens are the same as those in your photo. However there is nowhere on that estate where there is a T-junction as you approach a row of houses that appear to be on a sharp curve = the angle of the gable ends of the two houses in view suggest they are on a sharp curve, The same applies to the rendered houses on the Burnside estate = a very slight curve and all the gable ends, to the naked eye, look parallel. The only other estate, that I know of, with rendered outside walls is Beatty & Haig Road but again there is no T-junction. There is a sharp curve at the top of the rows, across from Cornwall Crescent but I can't remember there ever being any houses on that curve with rendered wall. The angle of the gable ends on the flats that are on the curve now look exactly like those in your photo suggesting a very similar curve in the road in your photo. There is a T-junction between Beatty Road and Cornwall Crescent but there are no houses leading away from that junction. As I am an Oval/Bedlington Station lad, who visited me granny in Beatty Road, I have never really explored the Top End housing estates - Westlea - Meadowdale etc but I know some do have a few rendered houses but I can't think of any that match those in your photo. Perhaps it isn't Bedlington - the young lady in the photo appears to be dressed in a 'Sunday Best' outfit so perhaps the family is visiting relatives.
  19. I agree with Cl @lilbill15 - but I can't recognise the area the houses would be or can't remember seeing any old photos with that type of metal garden railings. I think all the metal garden railings in Bedlington were removed in aid of WWII. I'll have a dig around the old photos on all the groups.🍀
  20. @Canny lass- some of Alan Dickson's paintings that he posts on the Bygone Bedlington, Cambois and Barrington groups. This photo I would say was 50+ years ago - could be Netherton Colliery - see text. Alan did join this group in 2014 but was only active for just under 5 months. Alan often posts a poem abut each of his paintings. This is a typical Alan Dickson poem :- Mind I had a funny dream , I was tossing and turning, Guess I had too much to dream, Just couldn't fall properly asleep, I remember I was aboot halfway counting the sheep. The cortins kinda fluttered and an old wummin came in from oot of the mist,came forward and sat on the side of the bed and gave me a kiss, I knaa I noticed the silver strands in her auburn hair, And the sparkly things dancing aboot in her eyes, Bugger this old lad was very surprised, To see his Mother putting a hand forward and stroking his head,, I reckon she must have thowt I was worried aboot this or that, But to tell the truth I didn't know what, She just spoke the once!! Son am nivvor very far away, I watch you every day!! I know your getting old, and the hairs whiter than grey, So your Mother thought she'd better call in and tell you, In her eyes, your still her little lad at the end of the day, She gave a little smile and drifted back oot in the mist, Now I wasn't sure if I had been dreaming or not. But I felt my hand ganning up to touch the spot where I thowt she had kissed, I must have fell back into deep sleep, Cos I couldn't see any more sheep.
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