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  1. Don't know the exact year the school was built. I would assume there would be some colliery rows built when the colliery was due to start production. The Durham Mining Museum does not have a year against when the colliery was opened but it does have 1982 as the first year coal was output. The First Edition of the OS map of the Cambois area held on the National Library of Scotland is 1859 (published 1865) and there is no colliery or houses. The Second Edition - 1896 (published 1898) shows the colliery, many pit rows and the school etc.
  2. Photo from Ian Foster with the comment :- My Great Uncle Thomas Foster at right hand end front row at Cambois School c1925.
  3. Photo from Kathleen Burn - no names with the posting.
  4. No 16 = John Fitzherny - not Fitzpatrick.
  5. Photo from Gillian Ridley and names from Gillian and No 25 Sheila Gair, nee Atkinson.
  6. Photo from Lilyan Haley Wilkinson and bulk of the names from Lilyan and Wendy Cape Dawson.
  7. Missed out No 41 - list of names updated with Nos 39, 40 & 41 corrected.
  8. Photo from Dale Foster and names from dale , Colleen Spencer - Jan Hume & Michael Dunn.
  9. @Gary Park - these are the only three photos of the Colliery I can find. They were posted on Facebook - Past Times group - and the aerial shot is posted with an estimated date of c1956 but with no evidence for that date :-
  10. Can't find any aerial pics (yet) of the West Sleekburn Colliery. The old maps show a few buildings but they aren't always reliable. The Durham Mining Museum (DMM) site records the first output of coal as 1882 and the first map I can find with the colliery on is 1898 and it shows an air shaft in the area of the building you are looking at @Gary Park. If I find any aerial photos, and I remember why I'm after them, I will post them
  11. This one is fleeing alang - by the time I posted this screen print the vote had increased to 103,521. So 100 + votes in a minute (approx).
  12. Photo from Gordon Chapman and names from Margaret Davison.
  13. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/243947?fbclid=IwAR2D0y8J4ZkZe-qG_sANODtW3l6lyU_EHNUiY2UfFh6sYN6eT2NZZi_DmZc
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