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  1. @Andy Millne - for all the entries in the Events calendar is there any chance of a reminder, for every event, being displayed in the 'Welcome to Bedlington' screen that's displayed when anyone first connects to the site? Thinking on the lines of a reminder say a few days in advance of the event and the event being displayed until the end of the.
  2. until
    Comment from Keith Dalton on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group :- ' This is mainly aimed at the elderly in the community, please come along it is all free'
  3. If there was another Brexit vote I think the leave would get less votes than our 2019 entry😉
  4. I'll post your thoughts on the other sites HPW and see what response we get.
  5. Hopefully one, if not more, of the members will have some info on the area your family lived but as Vic says some dates + additional info etc would be useful
  6. until
    Michelle Brannigan shared an event. 1 hr Tell your friends and family. The exhibitors do actually have jobs that they are recruiting so you might get an interview on the day!
  7. Photo from Sarah Ince and names from the Facebook Bygone Bedlington members.
  8. Celebrated it's 100th year on June 30th 2012. The school has a web site with a collection of photos over the years and the web site address is http://www.bedlingtonstationfirstschool.com/bsfs100/100_years_of_Photographs/100_years_of_Photographs.html
  9. Photo from Sarah Ince and names from the Facebook Bygone Bedlington members - 1991 miss Lowrie’s class
  10. Names for Nos 29 & 36 from Doreen Heslop.
  11. Updates from No 25, Glynis via her daughter Julie Foster, on the Facebook Bedlington Remembered group.
  12. No 25 confirmed as Ricky Young and No 7 is Billy Dodds.
  13. @Canny lass - posted a comment on the posting by James Lee Aynsley, Facebook group Bygone Bedlington, about Carol's album etc. Normally any member who has commented on a posting will receive notification that a further comment has been made - there has been no response to my comment. The original posting by James was made on the 26th March 2915 and Brenda's comment 2 days later. I checked Brenda's Facebook profile page and her last comment on there was just over 3 years ago on the 14th March 2016. So not very active on Facebook..
  14. - didn't search Carol's album. I will ask Brenda, Facebook group Bygone Bedlington, if the 1924 date fits in.
  15. Photo, c1976, from Tracey Oakley - Past Times Facebook group and bulk of the names from Rhonda O'Keefe & Lyndsay Douglas off the Facebook Bygone Bedlington group.
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