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  1. @wdmytrenko - this is an updated photo (also posted above). We have number 18 as your old pal Dennis Smith but numbers 16 and 17 were named by a member, Claire Ellis, of the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group who posted this comment :- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claire Ellis My dad says he is 17- Ted Ellis, and his brother Jim Ellis is 16 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you confirm numbers 16 & 17 are you and your brother I will update the names
  2. Don't know about Bedlington - @John Fox (foxy) and @Jammy should. Seghill very quiet for the 5 months. I've been watching out the window whilst Jacquie works away in the garden, without her specs so she can't tell a weed from a new flower shoot.
  3. @Canny lass - I think this was the info I had stuck in my memory = @Reedy's dads info.
  4. I'm sure we have some info on the naming of Glassey Terrace in an old topic. Will have to have a search
  5. @tullybrone - whilst searching for some info I have just noticed your comment asking about Phoenix Row, Clayton Street and what local pit your relatives would have been working at. Looks like your comments were lost among the other topics that were active at the time. If you are still accessing the site and still looking for info I will see if I can help you.🙂
  6. Not that my aging reflexes (mine are more involuntary reflexes these days) would ever make the grade I'm just curious as to what you do to earn money with your hobby :-
  7. My money is on 'No' but @Malcolm Robinson & @Bill Crosby could prove me wrong😌
  8. Watch loads of football but I have to turn the volume down to 0, cam't stand the Sky 'crowd noise'. I find it's just a constant droning noise that's even worse than the commentators going on and on about pointless stats.🤓
  9. @Mark Black Doubt if you will get a reply from this 2009 topic. The members that have commented in the past haven't visited the site lately - latest was @BedlingtonLass in 2017
  10. Stay Safe photo from Simon Williams - May 2020
  11. @Jr6468 Can't remember if it was demolished in 2016 but this photo was posted on Facebook - 27th July 2016 by Vic Thompson.
  12. 1. What does a cricket umpire signal by raising one arm horizontally? Answer = No Ball 2. Which writer was imprisoned because of his relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas? Answer = Oscar Wilde 3. A strobilus is another name for what? Answer = Cone A strobilus (plural: strobili) is a structure present on many land plant species consisting of sporangia-bearing structures densely aggregated along a stem. Strobili are often called cones, but some botanists restrict the use of the term cone to the woody seedstrobili of conifers. 4. What was the occupation during the French revolution of a tricoteuse? Answer = Knitter 5. When referring to radio waves what do the initials AM stand for? Answer = Amplitude Modulation - that is only transmitted between 00:00 and 12:00 6. Which island separates the two principal parts of Niagara Falls? Answer = Goat Island There are eight goats total on the island, seven adults and one baby. 7. In which film did Bob Hoskins play Eddie Valiant? Answer = Who Framed Roger Rabbit 8. Who won the women’s Olympic 100 metres in 1992? Answer = Gail Devers – by a finger nail 9. Which terrier is the largest of the terrier breeds? Answer = Gateway Terrier 10. In mythology what happened if you drank the water of the River Lethe? Answer = Can’t remember what I did yesterday = that’s normal 11. For every seven white keys on a piano how many black keys are there? Answer = 5 = we should start a campaign to get more black keys + some other colours 12. The deficiency of which vitamin can cause rickets? Answer = D = stops me bones from collapsing I’ll bet you didn’t know …. Queen Christina of Sweden had a 10 cm long cannon which she used to fire cannonballs at flies! Answer = I didn’t. I wonder if she used a Cotton Wool Bud as a sponge instead of a long staff or rammer with a piece of fleece sheep or lambskin wound about its end for scouring the cannon when discharged.
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