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  1. Photo from No 6 Ronnie day via @John Fox (foxy)
  2. Pupils that attended the junior schools in Cambois & Bedlington progressed to the West Sleekburn Middle school , in the 1980's & 90's before moving on to the 'High' schools.
  3. Edgar's the barbers - no more Short Back & Sides from The Oval Barbers in the 1950's - no more quiff held up with brylcreem in the 1960's - no more long flowing hippy hair tangling in the wind in the 1970's - no more hair, use a hair clipper set to No 3, and do me own bugle
  4. Thanks for that @Newbedders - I had looked on the old maps around Scotland gate as my granny used to live at Whinney Hill and she was married at St. Pauls Church Choppintong in 1918. As you say no Carr's Buildings anywhere on the old maps - Scotland Gate has Rutter's - Fenwick's - Strong's - Foster's & Pringle's Buildings. As far as I am aware my grandfather, Martin Hhenderson, only ever worked at the Doctor Pit - but I could be wrong on that. His family were from Bentick, Newcastle so how he met a Choppinton lass I have no idea. But it's nothing important I was just curious when I noticed Carr's Bldgs next to the first two of their children - Haig Road, Bedlington for the rest. This postcard, my grannie's sister, also has Carr's Bldgs, Bedlington written on the back.
  5. It's over a year since @Carole last visited the site
  6. @Handsome AL - added your comment to the photo :- Handsome AL 2 Posted Friday at 10:05 If memory serves me correct, the burnt out Co-oP was after Beattie & Simm (or someone like that) took it over as an industrial pressing workshop and it caught fire.
  7. @Canny lass - thank you for checking but don't put too much time into this as this is just my curiosity as I couldn't find the name Carr's Buildings on any site I use, and I was just hoping someone may have heard of it. This time of year, whilst it's still light, you will have loads of your own stuff to do before those days of more darkness than light creep up on your land for the winter months
  8. Theresa Roberts, Facebook Bygone Bedlington group, thinks No 4 is her uncle John Appleby
  9. No 12 updated - name from Janet Hindmarsh on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group :-
  10. Forgot to add ---- although I don't have any proof I would assume this plaque, with the year 1877, was from the Stokers Buildings at Beech Grove/Vulcan Place, Bedlington not the Choppington buildings that were under construction in 1922.
  11. Info from @johndawsonjune1955 & Isabel McDonald - Facebook group Past Times History :- Choppington, cottages opening ceremony. Burt Memorial Homes Then & Now (Google street view 2009). Thomas Burt (12 November 1837 – 12 April 1922) was a British trade unionist and one of the first working-class Members of Parliament. Info from Wikipedia = The aged miners' homes at Choppington, under construction at the time of Burt's death were named the Burt Memorial Homes. Thomas Burt photo from @johndawsonjune1955
  12. @Joan Eadington - image and comment posted on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group by Christpher Bipa Reynolds That’s the remains of it palleted up in Rutherford field inbetween choppington and netherton.
  13. @HIGH PIT WILMA - Malcolm Robinson posted the last programme from the picnic held in 1989 and in it was a list of where all the previous picnics were held, and in which town. The first one in Bedlington was 1952 :-
  14. Me youngest cousin, in the Henderson family, reckons she saw an entry on one of the ancestry sites saying :- It was an ally way between the midland bank and the cobblers aside the opticians just on the rise. Don't have any concrete proof but this could be it on one of Foxy's photos :-
  15. @Handsome AL - No 6 updated. I was busy adding Lynn Charlton (named by Colin Scott's wife Susan but I don't know which one she is in the photo) as a possible for No 19 when you added your comment. I have asked Colin Scott, Facebook Bygone Bedlington group about No 19 - Lynn Charlton or Shirley Sissons.
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