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  1. 1. Of which instrument was the sackbut a forerunner? Answer = 2. Which Riviera fishing village was an independent republic from the 15th to the 17th century? Answer = 3. What are young grouse or partridge called? Answer = Cheeper 4. Who invented the steam turbine in 1884? Answer = Charles Parsons 5. What is your philtrum? Answer = 6. Arch, whorl and loops are all part of what? Answer = 7. Which fruit was discovered by Christopher Columbus in Guadeloupe in 1493? Answer =
  2. @Malcolm - as expected no links to any documentation on The Grey Lady - just stories past down through the generations. You could look for the lady yourself - buy a flat in the hall or a house on the estate :- One last comment from someone living there now :- Sue Jensen We’ve lived there since the conversion 18 yrs ago. (In the servants wing) Builders working on it said they had experiences of things happening. I have occasionally felt like a human sized draft passing me but never been scared. May just be my imagination
  3. Anther comment on the Bygone Bedlington group :- Sarah Cochrane My Mam worked as a domestic at the hall. While I was studying A level art she got permission for me to sit in one of the top rooms to draw the view. Whilst looking out at the amazing view from up there I got a birds eye view of patients having a sly cigarette or taking short cuts when they should have been walking full circuits around the hall after a while some grown men started sqealing and pointing to something. I didn't know what all the fuss was about until these said men burst through the door and int
  4. Feels like most times these days - must get out for some fresh air and twiddle. Switching subjects, again, but sticking to cerebrally challenged, my mind keeps telling me that I read somewhere (and I can't find that writing 😲) that our Dr trotter had a brother (also a doc?) that lived near Scotland Gate. But I could just be challenging myself and desperate to help Heather W. Gone for a lie down and a cuppa.
  5. A forgot all aboot the 'hoojackapivvy' - divin't tell me kids, they'l think am gannin senial😲
  6. @Malcolm - I posted on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group asking if anyone had heard the story :- Added a compilation of photos of Hartford Hall :- Some of the replies :- Michael McColgan During my childhood it was often spoke about around camp fires etc. She was allegedly spotted floating above the river and would then disappear up into the grounds of the hall. Also sightings of her in the corridors of the old hall. Chris Davies Apparently she is waiting for her partner to return but he was lost at sea. That’s the story I
  7. Don't think any of us ever knew when Paddy was telling the truth or just pulling our legs😂
  8. @John Fox (foxy) - lets hope Andy's question with McAfee gets you to a solution.🙂 Like Andy my next question (even though I have never used McAfee) would have been on the lines of - 'What 'Settings', if any, are set within the security software' and that would have been followed by - 'Try changing the settings'😏 Can't offer any other help😇
  9. John - when attempting to connect does it return a message to the laptop? Can't see me solving your problem but knowing what the response from your attempted connection - Did you install security software or do you just use the laptops built in Firewall?
  10. @Jammy - but was the Grey Lady 👤 a physio? I never spent any time there I just remember Paddy (Bob Patterson from Tomlea Avenue) telling me that when he was a temporary resident getting physio they used to scale the perimeter wall on a Friday evening and catch the bus to the Red Lion for a couple of pints.🙂
  11. Is it just me or is anyone else getting this message displayed when they connect to the group 'Sign In' page?
  12. @Julgil - The North east war Diaries are held at the Woodhorn Museum. John Krzyzanowski (Admin of Facebook group Bygone Bedlington) posted this extract from the diaries :- As the museum is currently closed thought we would have to wait until it reopened for John to check out your info but Brian Jenkinson commented that the diaries were online so I had a look and found the entry for 1st September 1941 :- N730 entry 22.07 This is a link to the online diaries and you can select 'b' from the index and scroll down to Bedlington Station :- https://ne-diary.gen
  13. @HeatherW - shot in the dark. You mentioned a William Johnson, Landlord on The Anvil Inn in your comment. @Rigger started this topic - Anvil Inn Guide Post - in History Hollow as he was researching his family history and he mentions his relative 'William Johnstone'. He may have discovered some info on the trial/murder. This is a direct link to the topic Rigger created :-
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