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  1. @Anne Gilbert @Maggie/915 might be able to tell you. If not then the Bedlington History group should. I believe it was through the History Society that this album was created.
  2. I suppose most families could have had, or borrowed a bike.
  3. Thankyou - I never knew that👍. I still wonder if every household, prior to Family Allowance, actually made the effort to travel to the registrar's
  4. Checked with one of my cousins who lived in Lily Avenue in the late 1940's through to the late 1960's and unfortunately she can't remember an of the names of the families you have mentioned. - she can remember most of the family names that lived there in the late 1950's. I remember visiting my cousins in Lily avenue in the 1950's. Back then Lily avenue dwellings were flats. My cousins lived in a downstairs flat. I don't know when Google Maps first started adding the house numbers when you search for a particular street but today was the first time I have noticed it (I think) but you can see from the current numbering that they have all been converted into two story houses :-
  5. @Canny lass - I suppose Leslie could have been born anytime prior to when the birth was registered. There wasn't the rush to register prior to Family Allowance being introduced from August 1946. I think many families wouldn't have used their hard earned earnings to travel to the nearest registration office until it was really necessary. Getting from Bedlington to the Morpeth registrars might only have been a yearly event, or even less, for most families in the 1930's. I could be wrong but I don't think there was a statutory period fro birth registrations.
  6. I can't help with the any of the names you have mentioned, I was brought up in the late 1940's to 1969 in the Oval area of Bedlington. There is an album in the Gallery, Doctor Pit and Rows, with a couple of photos of Shiney Row. This is a direct link to the album :- Do you know the Bedlington so that when specific areas of the town are mentioned you will know where we mean?
  7. Sorry @Anne Gilbert - don't know anything about the tragic incident involving your brother. As for the opencast it did spread from the Westlea area - High & Low Ewart Hill - Acorn bank, where the Golf course is now and almost down to Humford baths. There was a bridge build over the Bedlington Bank and then over the River Blyth, from Bedlington to Bebside, for the Euclid trucks to travel over.
  8. Welcome to the group @Karen Gowing. I can't give you any info on the Moore family but might be able to help you with info on the Bedlington area. Were you raised in Bedlington? Top End or Bedlington Station? I see you have already made use on the Gallery creating your album 'Bill Moore' In the Historic Bedlington section of the gallery we have an album for the past and present Bedlington schools so it could be that there are some photos of your family in those albums. Do you know any of the schools your family went to?
  9. I can't help you @Anne Gilbert . I can remember looking at the old maps and there appeared to be 'opencast' from West Lea all thee way along to Nedderton and Netherton Colliery.
  10. Carol Leck, Bygone Bedlington FB group thinks No 2 could be her uncle who was born in 1930.
  11. Just noticed your comment @Rigger and I would say as you look at the photo Shiney Row on the left and Doctor Terrace on the left. I can't help you @Anne Gilbert. I never worked in the pits. My granda, Martin Henderson, born 1894, and a couple of my uncles, Martin & Luke worked at the Dr Pit but they lived in Haig Road then Beatty Road.
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