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  1. Image from a 2013 edition of Mike Kirkup's magazine Creeful Of Coals that Pat Robinson posted on the Bygone Bedlington group. The Creeful Of Coals image only had the initial of the lads christian names. Bygone Bedlington members - Paul Tweddle, Pauline Ellis Broster & Susan Barlow have, from their relatives, provide some christian names.
  2. Often referred to as the 'Council School'. Entry in https://communities.northumberland.gov.uk/005616.htm has the date c1916
  3. Found a couple of photos with J. E. BARNES shop at the Market Place and I think that is the Post Office in the top photo, left of J E Barnes as you look at the photo. Don't know the year these two photos were take. I spotted a postcard of the Market Place that John Ashford had posted on the Bygone Bedlington group and he was asking if any member could date it. All the estimates for the year were late 1950's to early 1960's. Enlarged the postcard and there was the Post Office next to Barnes :-
  4. @Canny lass - this one - Morgan - for No 90 was probably before your time. I'm sure I have sen another photo that probably shows who had the shop after Morgan - I'll keep an eye out when I'm trawling through Facebook photos of Bygone Bedlington
  5. Th Can't remember the colour of the building behind the church but it was there and it is where the youth's met and the junior section of the church met - including me in the late 1950's. Just seen a comment on the Bygone Bedlington group from Susan James (nee Hemsted - grandparents lived in Garth Cottage and helped with the upkeep of the church) :- Susan James-Hemsted The tin hut was the f o y f o y = Fellowship of Youth ?
  6. I forgot to ask - on the Garth Cottage roof, next to the chimney and down to the gutter, it looks (to me) like cement fix. If from the original you thing that bit around the chimney is a tear/blemish I can cover that bit up with tiles and if you think the all they way down to the gutter is a blemish I will have a go at repairing that bit as well.
  7. @Andy Millne - thought I had seen that building before and it's the one that has been identified at the Bedlington Station Welfare Park. So no idea if it was Dr Pit Welfare ladies bowls team visiting the Bedlington Station Welfare of if it was the Station Welfare team. This is the other photo :-
  8. @Andy Millne - covered up the blemishes on your photo.
  9. Updated info - - Malcolm said his dad was on the left so I took it he meant the left as you look at the photo but his dad is the young lad on the right as you look at the photo and he worked for Jimmy Milne - c1936
  10. When the plant gets a mention on the TV news I keep shouting Cambois😱
  11. I would agree Andy - there is also a photo, page 116, in Evan Martin's book The Archive Photographs Series, Bedlingtonshire with the info :- 'Waterfall Plessey Woods - A pleasant walk along the River Blyth from Humford, past Hartford bridge, and then another few hundred yards, brings you to Plessey Woods. It is still a popular place all these years later.'
  12. I think this confirms it - 1920 photo of Front Street West from Evan Martin's book, The Archive Photographs series - Bedlingtonshire, page 14.
  13. Must be an early one @Andy Millne - that's the only one Iv'e seen where the chimney from the Water Works still exists when the place was converted to the swimming baths.
  14. No I won't - this amateur photo-shopper can't do this one = no existing features to copy. I could make it all flat and plain but don't like it - I give in.😬
  15. Church of Christ was next to The Lion garage and the caretakers house, Garth Cottage (now called garth House) next to the church. The Lion garage extended over the land the Church of Christ was built on. I don't know why but my mam sent me, and my two older brothers, to the Church of Christ in the late 1950's. So we walked from the Oval area to the Top End on a Sunday. @Andy Millne - I thought I had a photo of the whole building but I can't find one, just one with the congregation, c1930, at the front of the building. Ok if I share your photo with an old friend, Susan James (nee Hemsted)
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