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  1. The wife must have asked me to do some DIY, 4 years ago, and I have just finished - names updated on a slightly better copy of the photo posted on the Barrington group.
  2. 1. What is the supreme goal of Buddhists? Answer = 2. Who composed the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? Answer = 3. On which farm did Worzel Gummidge live? Answer = 4. By what name was the popular wrestler Shirley Crabtree better known? Answer = 5. Who hosted the radio quiz show Have a Go? Answer = 6. In which Middle Eastern city is the Dome of the Rock? Answer = 7. In Greek mythology what did the gods eat? Answer = Nectar & Ambrosia 8. What was Barbara
  3. Most of the time it's trying to find the right info for the old photos. Any member can add comments to each photo posted. In most of the albums the members can only comment on existing entries and only the member that created the album can add new entries. This album has been setup so that any member can add new photos as a separate entry.
  4. I was being polite and hoping for a response, before I involved Admin. 'This is' where I was coming from😇
  5. Egor - are you saying you don't know where to find info on the developing world of 'graphics and gameplay' or are you after members visiting sites where you can tell them😉
  6. It might still end up at Blyth. I don't think they know there ar** from their elbow. This is the plan BritishVolt have online showing where the new battery/gigaplant is to be built - they say on the old Blyth (Cambois) Power Station site. From what I can make out the plan they have drawn is where Cambois pit and the pit rows used to be.
  7. 1. How many sides has a parallelogram? Answer = 2. Which country won the 1998 World Cup? Answer = 3. What sort of creature is a Whirligig? Answer = 4. Which US duo asked us to Walk Right Back in 1961? Answer = 5. Which two nations fought at the Battle of Agincourt? Answer = 6. From which fruit is the spirit Kirsch made? Answer = 7. In which discontinued event did Ray Ewry win his ten Olympic gold medals? Answer = 8. Which dictator ruled Portugal from 1932 to 196
  8. I like ned Stewart, middle back row, never mind the photo opportunity get me beer topped up👌
  9. By the time I'm 80 years old I think I will have to buy a mobile😇
  10. Unfortunately Margaret most of the members, like myself, that comment on this group no longer live on the town. We didn't leave the town because we didn't like it we simply discovered a new life elsewhere but joined this group to keep in touch with the town and the people we grew up with.☺️ Have you been checking on the size of the town, the population, the facilities, what's near by etc.?
  11. The Pit Heap where both the Doctor Pit and the 'A' pit dumped their mining waste. This image isn't to scale but it shows the two pits and the area where they dumped the mining waste. This shows the Pit H from the other direction, Moorland Avenue, Bedlington Station. This one shows some of @John Fox (foxy)'s photos when they started to reduce/landscape the Pit Heap after part of Bower Grange, Bedlington Station had been built. Then and Now compilation.
  12. Info on the Durham Mining Museum site is :- First shaft was sunk 14th July 1854 Colliery opened in 1855 Colliery closed 2nd March 1968
  13. @JosephineFunderburk - do you mean you would like to contact Lewis Barker who posted the photo of the John D Dindall silver plate? If so then you would have so search Facebook, where the photo was posted and 'Shared' from and see how many Lewis barker's there are and see if you can identify the one that posted the photo. The only clue we have is that this Lewis Barker could live in Ashington - but nobody, that I am aware of, has searched for him.☺️
  14. Photo from Simon Williams, Cambois Facebook group, and names from the Cambois and Bygone Bedlington Facebook group members.
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