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  1. Well spotted @Canny lass - No 21 corrected to John Appleby just like Bob Turnbull, who named most of them, had typed - it was my typing that was wrong
  2. 1. Common salt is composed of which two elements? Answer = 2. Which meat product appears in Punch and Judy shows? Answer = 3. Which gas is represented by the symbol Ne? Answer = 4. Which musical instrument has hammers, dampers and strings? Answer = 5. Who succeeded Neil Kinnock as leader of the Labour Party? Answer = 6. The eruption of which volcano buried the ancient city of Pompeii? Answer = 7. Which country’s national anthem can be heard in The Beatles song All you need is love ? Answer = 8. What is the nickname of Aberdeen football club? Answer = Dons 9. On which river does Canterbury stand? Answer = 10. Which school did Prince William start at in 1995? Answer = 11. Which animal has the scientific name Meles meles? Answer = 12. What is the day before Ash Wednesday called? Answer = I’ll bet you didn’t know …. James Watt was arrested twice for flashing. Answer = I didn’t – I wonder if his flash was steam powered
  3. @Jennifer Ann Atkinson - according to the Durham Mining Museum site the Howard Pit closed in 1974 and from the info you posted above your grandfather must have retired in the late 1950's as he would have been 65 in 1959. I won't add any year on at the moment but if we get any further info I will update.
  4. @Jennifer Ann AtkinsonI assume your family has this photo. If you could give me any info eg. the year - who the two guys are on the left as you look at the photo etc. I will add the info to the photo. With the info we have so far :-
  5. Hello @Ellie Thorpe - I am an ex Bedlington lad, now retired, and therefore can't give you info on the current view of Bedlington residents but hopefully, like Andy has above, I can give you 'www' links to info on Bedlington. One of the members on this group is an independant Bedlington councillor - @Malcolm Robinson - and Malcolm often posts :- current info - videos of council meetings - development plans etc. etc. I'm sure you will have Googled Bedlington. The following are Google images of the town. Bedlington has two identities - The Top End & Bedlington Station (where the old railway statio still is and will be reopened under the new plans).
  6. 1. In which US state are the Sierra Nevada Mountains to be found? Answer = 2. What name is given to the central part of an atom? Answer = 3. What name is given to the flat piece of iron that connects adjacent railway rails? Answer = 4. 25 Cromwell Street Gloucester was the home of which couple? Answer = 5. From which plant is tapioca derived? Answer = 6. Which popular radio and TV doctor was created by A J Cronin? Answer = 7. The Trans-Siberian railway runs from Moscow to which city? Answer = 8. Who had a hit with Oh Carol? Answer = 9. Which British coin ceased to be legal currency in January 1961? Answer = 10. What is a grackle? Answer = 11. Who did Debbie Rowe marry in 1996? Answer = 12. Which British monarch was known as the Virgin Queen? Answer = I’ll bet you didn’t know …. The only animal whose evidence is admissible in a court of law is a bloodhound Answer = I did
  7. The photo that's held in the Gallery in the Westridge School album Page 1) has been updated - replacing Fourteen & 1958 with XIV & 1960. The names you have listed confirm the names already added to the photo. Allan Smith posted, on Facebook, the back of her copy of the photo and it had the names written on the back - the Head Girl, No 14, full name is Carol Patterson. Direct link to the Westridge School album =
  8. The words ' The Fourteen Club' replaced with 'XIV CLUB' and the year changed from 1958 to 1960- update from @bluebarby
  9. @Maggie/915 - I see the Bedlingtonshire History group has been created as a 'Private' group whch means that only members of the group can see what is posted in the group. If the intention is to post details of the groups monthly meetings then the general public = all Facebook members whether in a group or not - will not be able to see those details. Would it be worth you having a chat with Tony Lamsdale about Private versus Public? You could checkoit Private versus Public by searching, via the Bedlingtonshire History Facebook group for the two Morpeth groups = Morpeth Matters (Private) and Morpeth History Matters (Public) :-
  10. @Canny lass & @Maggie/915 Googling 'Headstone Symbols' returns many web sites and from checking quite a few of the sites they aren't all using the exact same meanings - definitions etc. etc. Is there one site that historians etc use to help decipher the symbols or do they have to compare various religious denominations and sects and come up with what they believe to be the meaning?
  11. Thanks CL - I knew it was probably a bone and the new the spade handle but I just couldn't find any web site with an explanation of what the items represented 😊
  12. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Bedlington Cricket Club

    Hirst Head, Bedlington NE22 5QH
  13. @Jammy - what year would this photo have been taken- late 1960's or early 1970's?
  14. With some names from Tom Shepherd :-
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