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  1. And even if you caught those who committed the vandalism would any words resolve the situation. If it's someone, or a group, with a personal vendetta then I guess replacing them would only mean more time and money was spent and the mindless vandalism will probably be repeated. I would hope that the trees can be left as they are and will recover next year.
  2. 1. What tragedy was caused by Thomas Farynor’s/Farriner’s carelessness? Answer = 2. Which perennial plant, whose stalks are used in cooking, has poisonous leaves? Answer = 3. Red, yellow and blue are what type of colour? Answer = 4. Which British football team was originally called Newton Heath? Answer = 5. In which year was King Charles 1 executed? Answer = 1649 6. Which murderer lived at 10 Rillington Place? Answer = 7. Which commercial aircraft made its maiden flight in 1949? Answer = 8. By what name were the pop group Carl and the Passions later known? Answer = 9. What is MACH 1? Answer = 10. Which unit of weight shares its name with the alternative name for a snow leopard? Answer = Ounce 11. According to the advertising campaign in 1998, how long does it take to pour a pint of Guinness properly? Answer = 12. Who played Private Walker in Dad’s Army? Answer = I’ll bet you didn’t know …. Franklin D. Roosevelt was once sent a telegram a quarter of a mile long Answer = I didn’t – this is the longest one I can find :- President Roosevelt to the Chancellor of Germany (Hitler) [40], [Telegram], 14 April 1939 THE WHITE HOUSE, April 14, 1939. You realize I am sure that throughout the world hundreds of millions of human beings are living today in constant fear of a new war or even a series of wars. The existence of this fear-and the possibility of such a conflict-is of definite concern to the people of the United States for whom I speak, as it must also be to the peoples of the other nations of the entire Western Hemisphere. All of them know that any major war, even if it were to be confined to other continents, must bear heavily on them during its continuance and also for generations to come. Because of the fact that after the acute tension in which the world has been living during the past few weeks there would seem to be at least a momentary relaxation-because no troops are at this moment on the march-this may be an opportune moment for me to send you this message. On a previous occasion I have addressed you in behalf of the settlement of political, economic, and social problems by peaceful methods and without resort to arms. But the tide of events seems to have reverted to the threat of arms. If such threats continue, it seems inevitable that much of the world must become involved in common ruin. All the world, victor nations, vanquished nations, and neutral nations will suffer. I refuse to believe that the world is, of necessity, such a prisoner of destiny. On the contrary, it is clear that the leaders of great nations have it in their power to liberate their peoples from the disaster that impends. It is equally clear that in their own minds and in their own hearts the peoples themselves desire that their fears be ended. It is, however, unfortunately necessary to take cognizance of recent facts. Three nations in Europe and one in Africa have seen their independent existence terminated. A vast territory in another independent nation of the Far East has been occupied by a neighboring state. Reports, which we trust are not true, insist that further acts of aggression are contemplated against still other independent nations. Plainly the world is moving toward the moment when this situation must end in catastrophe unless a more rational way of guiding events is found. You have repeatedly asserted that you and the German people have no desire for war. If this is true there need be no war. Nothing can persuade the peoples of the earth that any governing power has any right or need to inflict the consequences of war on its own or any other people save in the cause of self-evident home defense. In making this statement we as Americans speak not through selfishness or fear or weakness. If we speak now it is with the voice of strength and with friendship for mankind. It is still clear to me that international problems can be solved at the council table. It is therefore no answer to the plea for peaceful discussion for one side to plead that unless they receive assurances beforehand that the verdict will be theirs, they will not lay aside their arms. In conference rooms, as in courts, it is necessary that both sides enter upon the discussion in good faith, assuming that substantial justice will accrue to both; and it is customary and necessary that they leave their arms outside the room where they confer. I am convinced that the cause of world peace would be greatly advanced if the nations of the world were to obtain a frank statement relating to the present and future policy of governments. Because the United States, as one of the nations of the Western Hemisphere, is not involved in the immediate controversies which have arisen in Europe, I trust that you may be willing to make such a statement of policy to me as the head of a nation far removed from Europe in order that I, acting only with the responsibility and obligation of a friendly intermediary, may communicate such declaration to other nations now apprehensive as to the course which the policy of your Government may take. Are you willing to give assurance that your armed forces will not attack or invade the territory or possessions of the following independent nations: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Iraq, the Arabias, Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Iran. Such an assurance clearly must apply not only to the present day but also to a future sufficiently long to give every opportunity to work by peaceful methods for a more permanent peace. I therefore suggest that you construe the word "future" to apply to a minimum period of assured non-aggression-ten years at the least-a quarter of a century, if we dare look that far ahead. If such assurance is given by your Government, I will immediately transmit it to the governments of the nations I have named and I will simultaneously inquire whether, as I am reasonably sure, each of the nations enumerated above will in turn give like assurance for transmission to you. Reciprocal assurances such as I have outlined will bring to the world an immediate measure of relief. I propose that if it is given, two essential problems shall promptly be discussed in the resulting peaceful surroundings, and in those discussions the Government of the United States will gladly take part. The discussions which I have in mind relate to the most effective and immediate manner through which the peoples of the world can obtain progressive relief from the crushing burden of armament which is each day bringing them more closely to the brink of economic disaster. Simultaneously the Government of the United States would be prepared to take part in discussions looking towards the most practical manner of opening up avenues of international trade to the end that every nation of the earth may be enabled to buy and sell on equal terms in the world market as well as to possess assurance of obtaining the materials and products of peaceful economic life. At the same time, those governments other than the United States which are directly interested could undertake such political discussions as they may consider necessary or desirable. We recognize complex world problems which affect all humanity but we know that study and discussion of them must be held in an atmosphere of peace. Such an atmosphere of peace cannot exist if negotiations are overshadowed by the threat of force or by the fear of war. I think you will not misunderstand the spirit of frankness in which I send you this message. Heads of great governments in this hour are literally responsible for the fate of humanity in the coming years. They cannot fail to hear the prayers of their peoples to be protected from the foreseeable chaos of war. History will hold them accountable for the lives and the happiness of all-even unto the least. I hope that your answer will make it possible for humanity to lose fear and regain security for many years to come. A similar message is being addressed to the Chief of the Italian Government. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT
  3. Garry Hoggins, Past Pupils of Bedlington High School 1980-83 group, says No 4 is him🙂
  4. No 11 named by Jd Daniels - Past Pupils of Bedlington High School 1980-83 group :-
  5. No 26, Marjorie Hunter, named by Barry Hunter - Bedlington remembered group.
  6. Don't know @Vic Patterson - @Malcolm Robinson will know if it's West - East or Northumberland council🙂
  7. @Andy Millne - until a few days ago I used to receive an email when another member commented on any topic. Now I don't get any email notifications. I have checked my Settings and what's set suggests to me I should be receiving emails. Is there anything I should be updating to reinstate my notifications? Eggy
  8. @Canny lass - unfortunately not a date, it's the postcard reference number = 1490
  9. @jim l - 1921 map showing the location of the Francis Pit and the lane/road to Choppington. Unfortunately to get everything into the one screen shot I had to shrink the map and then when I extracted and enlarged the section showing the Francis Pit and the road to Choppington the text was not clear so added a couple of pointers
  10. @Tonyp - and another one for you. This would be 1969 when I was working in London so not in this photo of some of the lads at the Domino. Alan & Mick Maguire in this one :-
  11. @Tonyp - I tell fibs (= I didn't read all your comment ) - I do a little on the Maguire's. Alan, the eldest and according to his Facebook page he lives in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne but I don't know where about. Alan was my mate in the 1960's, along with a large group of us that spent many evenings in the Percy Arms, Station Road. I know Alan has commented on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group this year. Last year he updated the names of this photo - Percy Arms dart team, 1973. I don't know the exact year but I know after I had moved away from Bedlington, Alan's brother Mick was killed in a road accident outside the Percy Arms. I think it was the early 1970's. I don't know about the rest of the Maguire family.
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