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  1. Names updated - but still no info on why the team formed and how often they played together.
  2. Photo posted on the Bedlington Facebook groups by John fox who is trying to get some info. He has named some of the players and is trying to find out who the team played for, the year, and what would be the event this group would get together to play for . I have named the photo as 'Netherton Club Football team named' but that's only guessing as John thinks many of this team were Netherton Social Club members and possibly committee members.
  3. Photo & info from Gordon Smith - Past Times History groupWed 24 May, 1967. Briskly stepping out in the latest mini styles are employees from Welwyn Electric Ltd., who acted as models at a fashion show held in the canteen at the Bedlington factory. The clothes were supplied by Carricks (Blyth) Ltd and the show was compered by the shop's buyer, Mrs Doreen Williams. Can anyone name those in the photo?
  4. @Banktop - Wendy says you are right - No 16 John Harmison. Names updated.
  5. Bill - not that I am aware of. Looks like BFI only do rentals = it's lucky the Big Geordie video is free to tempt customers to subscribe. I had a scroll through the 'Rentals' page but couldn't find anything that suggested you could purchase DVDs etc. But as I am not a member of the BFI site I can't be 100% on my thoughts.
  6. @Canny lass - Caroline Dobinson (nee Purvis [I think]) replied to my question with :- ' This is Nedderton Village school it took pupils from 4 year old to 11 Netherton Colliery school Closed a few years earlier so anyone from the colliery went up to the Village school. There were 72 pupils there at its peak and there were three classrooms one large dining hall / pe hall the classrooms were big we had 3 teachers Miss Short Miss Dilgono I think Mrs Brydan replaced her but she left and died very young i have forgot the name of head teacher but can remember her very much.' Then Glynis Lynn replied to Caroline with :-' Miss Grey was headmistress, after Miss Severs'. Nobody has confirmed the year of 1967.
  7. @Canny lass - I'll ask those that named the pupis to confirm year and school
  8. This lot would be a few years behind you @Canny lass but can you recognise anyone?
  9. Names updated by Bygone Bedlington members - Caroline Dobinson - Kevin Warner - Nellie Dickson -Tracey Potts & Anne Oxley & Margaret Jobson.
  10. Names updated - Angela Taylor & Janet Carroll reckon No 12 could be Raymond Sawyer who lived at the Station Club.
  11. Photo from Glynis Lynn - Facebook group Bygone Bedlington. Looks like the whole school. Names from No 68 - Caroline Dobinson (nee Purvis) Bygone Bedlington group. This lot would be a few years behind you @Canny lass but can you recognise anyone?
  12. All photos shared by members that have posted these photos on Facebook sites - Bedlington Remembered, Bygone Bedlington & Sixtownships
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