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  1. Well the RED FLAG is certainly flying over labour again, with only the hammer and sickle missing however. I wondered how long it would be before Campbell & Lavery would expose the Communist brotherhood that has at last raised it's ugly head. In Campbell's 'Letter From Westminster', in this weeks News Post Leader, he begins with the words, "My Comrade Jeremy Corbyn". Then continues to espouse his wonderful political beliefs, ending austerity and taxing the rich etc. etc. I think the far lefties have now found their Messiah, even more compounded by Mr Lavery gladly accepting his post in the Shadow Cabinet, telling everyone how proud he is to serve under Red Jerry. What I can't understand, is why anyone would put someone like him (Corbyn) in a position of power. Someone who wants to make this country completely defenceless. Bearing in mind the growing threat of terrorism we are going to be hit with in the near future. The world is now a very dangerous place, more dangerous than at any time since the 2nd World War. Just one or two of the personal goals that he has, make him a very dangerous person. I.E:........................... 1) Pull Britain out of NATO. 2) Abolish our Nuclear deterrent. 3) Destroy our military. (His words "why do we need an army"). 4) Negotiate with Argentina over the Falkland Islands. 5) A totally open border allowing all immigrants into Britain. (And this in the knowledge that ISIS are already using this route as cover to get here). These are just a few of his future goals, what more has he in his little black book that we haven't heard yet? For me, he is the most dangerous man in Britain.
  2. Foxy, the ex- high ranking Labour member is a little confused with his figures. When he said (rather condescendingly) that all that the demo would achieve was to lose Lavery 2,000 votes at the election, but as he had a majority of 10,000 it didn't matter. Lavery's majority in 2010 was actually 7,031, so if he loses 2,000 that takes him down to 5,000, and that's a good starting point for the challengers. It is going to be a hell of a lot closer than Mr complacency thinks. The last time Labour had a 10,000 majority was in 2005 with Dennis Murphy.
  3. You're perfectly right regarding the military 3G, they are firmly behind UKIP, a lot of them have probably read our manifesto and find that it speaks for them. They have been treated shamefully, not only by the current Tory government, but the Labour government of 13 years before them. Between them they have decimated our armed forces to a point that they are being dismissed by many countries as insignificant in world military terms. As an ex soldier myself I know that it hurts the pride very badly of all serving and ex serving soldiers. These governments shame us, where we could, in the past, always hold our head up with pride in the military world, we are now beginning to feel inferior because of the continual slashing of personnel, and therefore capability. If they continue with this stupid headlong race toward the 'European Army' policy, we are going to end up the laughing stock of the world. Everyone is fully aware of their (Labour and Tory) intention of reducing the army from the present ludicrous strength of 83,000 to an even more ludicrous strength of 60.000 in preparation for induction into the European Army. This will mean the end of NATO, how stupid can our politicians be. My personal opinion is, that all of the current and previous members of parliament dating back to 1972 should all go over to France and Belgium and p*** on the graves of those brave men who fought and died in two world wars to prevent what these excuses for politicians are allowing to happen right now. And that is: 'TO PREVENT OUR COUNTRY FALLING INTO THE HANDS OF A FOREIGN POWER'. That power now being the faceless, conniving bureaucrat's known as the EU. UKIP is the only party that truly supports our military and it's covenant. No other party has expressed this kind of support to restore it's strength and capability to be able to react on the world stage effectively.
  4. Here's one for all the Prime Ministers going back to 1972, who are all guilty of treason to this country and it's people by giving our sovereignty away piece by piece to a foreign power.............THE HANGING TREE (By Uriah Heep)
  5. The answer to your question Reedy is, yes, Lavery can be beaten. The support we have had in Bedlington alone has been tremendous, especially since we opened the shop/advice centre on the High Street. Ashington is the most surprising, the interest shown by a lot of people there has really taken us aback. You would be surprised at how many people over there are totally anti-Lavery. Most of the consensus of opinion by them is that they are embarrassed by his antics in parliament. Not only Ashington though, only this morning a guy came into the shop and asked if he could have 6 (I'm Voting UKIP) window posters. He turns out to have been a long time Labour Councillor, serving for many years on the County Council, but was now voting UKIP. I asked him why, his answer was quite vitriolic about the Labour Party (he is 72 now) he has had enough of their constant broken promises, lies, corruption and deceit. He is from Morpeth but had travelled to Bedlington just for the window posters. Needless to say I welcomed him into the fold and he went away with a bundle of leaflets for his family and friends. My point is, that its not just Bedlington, which I am proud to say has become our power base, it's spread quite well over the whole of the constituency. All we need is a last big effort up to election day, and our last public meeting on Tuesday 28th at the White House Club in Ashington will help that happen. Especially as the Deputy Leader, Paul Nuttall will be the main speaker, and he will certainly shake the foundations. Yes, we believe we can beat Lavery, it will be close, but it is do-able.
  6. How about one for Mr Ed............Your Lyin Eyes (by the Eagles)
  7. Yes Maggie, those pictures are good memories, a year later we had moved down to London and playing gigs we had only dreamt of, it was a fantastic time. Would love to do it all over again. Just thought some of you might remember Harry Bryzinski from Guide Post, he has a sister called Eve who still lives here. He was a fantastic guitarist, had already been professional before joining us. Happy days.
  8. This one's for Keith Lockey, High Pit Wilma, Mercuryg, Pilgrim and Maggie/915. MERLIN at the Rex Hotel 1969. Some of you may remember our lead guitarist.......Harry Bryzinski. (from Guide Post) The Band: Harry Bryzinski Lead Guitar Simon Wallace Drums Willy Johnson Bass Doug Haley Hammond Organ Colin Hall Vocals
  9. Short memories of the Trotsky worms.
  10. It's all about Choices.
  11. Be honest Symp, we both know who you were referring to in your reference to 'somewhere in Europe in the 30s. But hey, that's ok, that's what this is all about. Whoever we get likened to, even though both the organisations you named were absolutely abhorrent, I can debate and refute any accusation of being anything like the Nazis or the Communists. It's not difficult really, you just have equate the former with (thankfully) the now defunct BNP. And the latter with the Labour Party. No problem. Even our current MP could be questionable, having been (and probably still is) a disciple of Comrade Scargill, insisting on sitting on Dennis Skinners knee in the House of Commons. It's obvious what his true beliefs are. Forget the C4 Doc. That could have been done with Labour or the Lib Dems just the same. However, look out for the one they are making about the Greens, its probably nearer the bone, but funny just the same.
  12. I agree Merc, it's ENDEX for me.
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