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  1. Thank you everyone for the answers - there is no more light on the question sadly - I put glove factory in the search box but only a couple of entries are there and dont tell anything as they are in relation to another subject - Thank you for posting the photo Keith - gran is not on it but i will print it off and take to show her it - she would like that katie
  2. Hi I have only just joined and wondered if anyone could help me with some historical knowledge about the Glove factory in Barrington Industrial Estate in the 1970s ? Was that the name of the firm or did it have a different one and was it a small family business that only lasted a few years during the 1970s - I was having a conversation with my grandmother today and she said she used to work there when she was younger but when I look for any thing on Google ( if you dont know anything ask Google lol ) theres nothing there at all - can anyone throw any light on the subject perhaps? Katie
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