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  1. Nice thought! Pity US reality gets in the way. When we went to visit our kids in Ontario, my wife and I decided to cross the border into New York state. This is only about a hundred KM or so from Oakville, Ontario. When I made Hotel reservations at the automobile association, I decided to take out a few days health insurance, what with the exorbitant US doctors and hospital fees. Bad move, and very good move! When I completed the questionaire, the lady read it and turned white. You can't cross with your health record, she exclaimed. It seems that there is some kind of points level, at which the insurnace company cut you off as uninsurable. And with four separate potentially fatal conditions in my answers, I was not the healthy, profitable candidate the company longs for. She talked to her manager, said manager officially declared me uninsurable, and personally begged not to risk crossing into any US territory. She assured me that US care, especially with my plethora of pre-existing conditions would amount to enormous amounts of money, in no time at all. I hadn't even thought of it, let alone worried about the cost of any type of health costs in the US. In the end, my wife went across on her own, returning the next morning, and we spent a more reasonable amount of dollars in Ontario and New Brunswick. The loss of the US health system was our gain. While I was in the CAA office, I decided to ask the inevitable question. Yes, she replied, I could probably obtain health insurance to visit the UK. But no, she did not think that it would by any means affordable. So it seems that I will not be going home, ever! Thanks for the thought though! Regards, Joe
  2. I spent a lot of my childhood digging on that site. Never did find anything but big cobble stones. Wouldn't mind another crack at it. I always thought that there had to be lots to find! Joe
  3. After ten days of of Rodeo sports, wall to wall parties, and a sea of white stetsons, the Calgary Stampede ends this weekend. Like all other Calgary Stampedes it has been a great excuse for eating ,drinking, dressing up as cowboys, and watching the real cowboys risk their necks for for Rodeo titles, and large cash prises. This is the time when local hotels, and especially the cowboy themed ones, have a wedding ring checkin. Every year the local news media is retailing stories of the many cowboy-struck participants surrendering their wedding rings for the night. Apparently, it seems to have some basis in truth, since Alberta divorce rates show a huge increase in the immediate aftermath of the celebration. For the more sedate of us, there are many displays, and some great musice to keep us interested. But for me personally, the most amazing fact of this show, is that over a period of about ten days, there are between four hundred, and five hundred thousand, free Pancake breakfasts given away all over Calgary. They are are provided by a wide range of Companies, Banks, Churches, community organisations, city, provincial and federal politicians, the Canadian Armed Forces. You name it, and there have been breakfasts set up all over the city. Several of the the larger shopping malls and corporations have contributed well over 50,000 breakfasts each. And these are full breakfasts. Pancakes, Sausages, Eggs, Orange juice and coffee. And apparently people are welcome to go back for more, if they wish. My wife has taken her Grandchildren to a couple of these breakfasts, and they have always had fun. Considering that the population of Calgary is about 1,100,000, that's a lot of pancakes and eggs! Just thought that I would mention it! By the way, I will be offline or a couple of weeks after July 18th. My wife and I are going to Ontario and then New Brunswick to visit our kids and grandkids who live there. Regards, Joe
  4. Very Happy Birthday, respective ladies. Enjoy muchly!! Joe. By the way, I have a license to call you both ladies. Its because I am old! Joe
  5. Oh yes! The everpopular "NIMBY" ( Not in my back yard!) Joe
  6. I was reading a report in the paper yesterday, about the retired singer Anne Murray. She was complaining about the province of Nova Scotia building a farm of windmill generators out to sea. Said it spoiled the view from her favourite golf course! To which the province said "Tough", there are a few more Nova Scotians who need power, than there are singers, who don't! Joe.
  7. Glad to see you back, Geordie I always enjoyed your opinions! Joe.
  8. Last year, when smoking in restaurants and bars was banned, a group of Calgary owners announced that they would ignore the new anti smoking laws. Their rationale was the same ones you are quoting now. Customers would stay away, businesses would fail, Calgary would become an evening ghost town, etc, etc. After a few weeks, about 40 or 50 of the most strident anti law owners were hauled into court. Some were discharged, most were fined a few hundred dollars, and sent out to repent their evil ways! A year later, and Calgary is still booming. Restaurants and bars are packed, and no one seems to have noticed the absence of smokers. The air is fresh, and you can taste your food. So much for doom and gloom. Either smokers have just decided to get with the program, or there is a whole new clientele crowding the bars and restaurants. But as for "the bars will all close." Certainly not in Calgary, and as long as people need relaxation, and a pleasant atmosphere to meet and socialise in, then the bars and pubs will continue to prosper! Joe
  9. Oh Dear! The "Dear John" letter! I didn't know you could be so fickle CK? And off you go leaving another badly bruised heart in your wake! Joe
  10. Thank you for your kind thoughts. My wife will be getting a little suspicious about these young attractive females offering to hug an old curmudgeon (Quoting Denzel!) Like me!But thank you all, I have been surprised, and a little overcome by all of these unexpected good wishes. As for visisting the UK. I would like nothing better than to see Bedlington again. But it is another of those ironies of life. No sooner do I find myself financially and professionally able to afford anything that I might want, than I am stricken with Deep Vein Thrombosis. (A serious blood clotting disease!) Whereupon, my doctors announce that because of the dangers of further clotting in long distance air travel, I am strictly forbidden from taking airline flights in excess of four hours. And Calgary to the UK can be up to 10 hours. So, for my sins, (Mostly of omission, I thinki) I can never have the one thing I long for. One more time in Bedlington, walking down the woods, going in the Bank Top for a few beers, and meeting face to face with some of the great people whom I have met through this site. " It ain't fair, but it is life!" so I will substitute words for personal experience. and get on with it. I don't want to see anyone falling out over which forum we use most. I think that the present system of moderators is quite successful, and has greatly controlled the problems which were threatening the enjoyment of the entire website. Congratulations to admin for making the changes, and to the volunteer moderators who have put the benefit of all site members ahead of their personal interests. A good and valuable job. Thank you all! Regards, Joe
  11. Hi Alan, From our first meeting up North of Barrie, you always impressed me with your grip on reality, and a pragmatic approach to life and it's bumps. I have known, and know, other people facing major life problems. From each of them I have taken the best in attitude, and the reality that we don't ask for the problems. But when we have them, we can't let them control our selfesteem. As I see it, we must always maintain our sense of self. And not let trouble of any kind diminish who we are, to ourselves, and to those around us. You do it well, and I would expect nothing less from myself. I have a herd of children and grandchildren, and I want them to remember me as who I was, and never as a pathetic person broken by circumstance. If I want my kids and friends to be proud of me, then I will be damned if I will mar their memories, or betray my self image. I owe them at least that! You take care, and thank you again for your company and your generosity of spirit. Joe
  12. Thanks Vic, I have never given up on this site, regardless of the occasional scumbag. Bedlington has always meant too much to me to let these junior foulmouths drive me off! But at the same time, I have never thought that constant posting added anything to the quality of conversation. So I only post when I think that I have anything of interest to post. Ptherwise, I wait until I have something to contribute. Thanks to all of you! Joe
  13. I have been dealing with Deep Vein Thrombosis, and assorted Aneurisms, clots and such for over five years now. it really began to look as though I had it in hand. But not so! My Vascular guy told me at the end of last week, that he wanted some verification of data. So, being the good cooperative kid that I am, i turned up at Calgary Foothill hospital last week. Once there, I was prodded and poked and a really friendly old Cardiologist casually mentioned that he would give me a Coronary Angiogram which would shed light on the various questions raised by my Vascular surgeon. And by the way, "An Angiogram is no big deal, he just wanted to poke around my arteries, and take a few pictures inside my heart. Since he was going be in the neighbourhood anyway". Never trust friendly Cardiologists. They tend to stretch the facts, just a tad! At the end of the week, I was called into the tail end of a conference being held by my assorted medical people. There, after the requsiite humming and hawing, my two lead specialists, (Known to the staff as "Topsy and Turvy. One looks after the top end, and the other takes care of the bottom end!) jointly told me that my heart condition is the pits. I have less than 45% of blood flow in various arteries, while significant weakness in some heart muscle make me much less than a stable candidate for any kind of surgical intervention. In other words, "we have done our best, and we wish we could do better". But we can't!". This was not a good way to end the week. My wife is shocked, my kids are going through the "They have to do something" routine. And I still have too much to do to call it quits just yet. But that is way it is, and there is nothing to be done. So far, there has been no discussion of how, where, or when, which is fine by me. I have got too much to do, and have too many projects on line to waste time on anything else. But I have been effectively sidelined by such things as Plaque, Tired muscles,, and just plain wearing out. I really don't feel any strong reaction to all of this. I think that I have had a great life, with more than my share of excitement. Plus, when I got out of the Army I got to use my newfound skills to make more money than even I thought was decent. But it was honest, so I am not giving anything back. Besides which, I have outlived my Father, my Grandfathers, and my Great Grandfathers by some foty five years. So I don't feel that I have any real basis for complaining. I have enjoyed my time. It's just that I really do want more. It just doesn't look too likely. But I will try anyway. I don't think that this means that my next six weeks are questionable. But I must go sometime, and no'one seems to have any answers to that. I guess I just expect too much from my doctors. They are all good guy's, ((And two women!) They have done well by me, and I hold no grudge. Life is just not as convenient as I had hoped. But we shall see what we shall see. Till whenever, I shall keep logging in and sharing whatever news comes out of the site. This has been a Godsend to me, and I intend to keep reading, and if I have anything worth saying, you will hear from me. Thank you all. and a special thanks to you Alan I am so glad to still have a friend at my age. regards, Joe Rooney
  14. Joe Rooney


    But she is trying. And with much more grace than most of us could muster! "Explaining the obvious to the unintelligent" It would seem to fit the old saying. "Pearls before swine" Joe Keep it up Miss Vic. I greatly appreciate what you are trying to do. It is probably the only hope we have of attracting the decent, intelligent, and fair minded back to the site.
  15. My father worked in the Doctor pit. He lost his arm in a coalcutter, a few months after I was born. Joe.
  16. My Lord! You both aged so well. Very impressive Joe
  17. All of the above. And above all it has always felt like home. Even after 60+ years away! Joe
  18. Amen to that Gary! I have always felt that all the energy wasted on whining about perceived mistreatment, would be far better spent on getting into the arena (Whatever that may be!) and helping find the solutions to the problems. Joe
  19. Happy Birthday, Mr Monsta! Joe
  20. I am of two minds about members of the royal bunch serving in combat units. First of all. They and their overnumerous kith and kin, owe several lifetimes of repayment to the country and people who have carried them, and their hangers on for several hundred years of expensive and useless existence. They should all be required to do something, anything, which is even remotely useful, for the land they loll about in. Fat chance of that though, if they did anything anything at all, we would probably see the recruitment of hordes of toffee mouthed hangers on, added to the existing hordes. Not too productive, and no change from the existing burden on ordinary tax paying Englishmen! And, if anyone should bite the bullet, and actually expose these expensive teenagers to the reality of armed service, heaven help the poor bloody NCO's and officers who would have to manage and use their limited services. Not only would they have to be led and managed, but a large portion of actual trained soldiery would have to be deployed to protect the "Unroyal" masses from the inevitable propaganda based attacks which their mere presence would precipitate. The extreme Islamic factions would love nothing better than the chance to take out a few of the these darlings of the world's paparazzi trade. We would end up losing too many good, trained, useful soldiers in the defence of this small coterie of the the Rich, Royal, and totally the useless. The UK has major problems recruiting, training, equipping, and supporting real soldiers. I would hate to see money diverted to the pointless task of supporting these make believe soldiers ,at the cost of supporting the real troops, even if they are the PBI. Thank god, I never ever had to worry about diverting assets to this kind of nonsence. We never had enough of anything, but we always did a credible job with what we had. Why don't you just marry them all off to the hordes of hysterical Americans who have the money and the fantasy land life to think that they would be a bargain. Almost as good as a lifetime pass to Disney Land. Keep them away from the the real troops. We can't afford to lose any more of them, than we already do! Joe.
  21. "A perfect world" Now there is a dismal thought! Joe.
  22. Very happy birthday to you! Joe
  23. My favourite view of the River Blyth was from the old Oxcart road, which used (Or maybe still is!) about 150 yards up the road from the Bank top Hotel. From there, you could see down the river, over the Black bridge, and all the way to Blyth. It was the river I wanted to look at though, not Blyth! There was also a good view down to the Furnace Bridge, and the old Bedlington Ironworks site. Any of those pictures, or of that area, would be very welcome to me! Joe.
  24. Thank you all for your kind wishes! I did have a great day. Lots of phone calls from friends and family. The topper was a call from two of my daughter's, Kathryn and Moira. I answered the call, and innocently asked where they were calling from? "The airport, but which airport"? Get the car out of the garage, and drive up to Northeast Calgary, and you'll see two familiar Ontario girls detouring from a trip to Vancouver! Great surprise, great day, and a pretty good Greek dinner for ten! Thanks again, all of you. Joe
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