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  1. Happy New Year everybody. I wish you all you wish yourselves! Joe.
  2. Happy Birthday to all of you, and a happy New Year. But honestly, I think you were all gyped! My wifes birthday is December 27th, and she believes that her parents arranged to have her birth accelerated to save on Christmas and birthday gifts. So now the kids and I always remember to to give her two clearly marked and wrapped gifts. One Merry Christmas, and one Happy birthday. It guarantees a peaceful life, you know! So, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday to you all. Regards, Joe
  3. Well, thats another one over. The kids are too tired to toot! The dishes are finallyt cleaned up, the floor is clean, and the garbage is in the recycling bin. The children, grand children, and great grand children are all in their own homes, or on their respective planes back home. Thank god thats another Christmas successfully held and over. We look forward to it, but in the midst of noisy excited kids, and exhausted parents we sometimes wonder why we hold here, when everyone else is two or three thousand kilometres away. But when we have a little sleep, we look back and think, everyone enjoy
  4. Of course you can have your snow back, Camille. We just have to ask Vic for some of his surplus. Where he lives, they have far more snow than anyone outside of the Winter Olympics could ever use. But here in Southern Alberta, the local CTV news is running reports of several hundred cars that are still buried under several feet of the white stuff from last Friday and Saturday, and following that with forecasts of more snow by Thusday. You know, one of my pet irritants are Grandchildren who come over and ask if I am feeling OK because I am so quiet! They don,t seem to understand that if I have n
  5. Did I ever tell you how much I hate snow! Well, I do, but even more I hate cold weather, and Winter! And boy do we have it just now. Ten days ago, the temperatures were in the low to medium teens, not great, but not so bad either. Then last week, it all went to hell an a handbasket! First we had high winds, then the temperatures began to fall, and last Friday, it began to snow, and with it, all Southern Alberta suffered winds of 60 to 80 Kilometres an hour. By noon Friday, every major highway in Central and Southern Alberta was snowbound, hundreds, possibly thousands of vehicles, large and sma
  6. It is always difficult to lose a good friend, even more so when he is some thousands of miles away. But there is something that I promised to do several years ago, and it is now time to honour that promise. Allan Laws, better known to many as Sw@lnalla, died Saturday, September 12th in Bedlington. He is survived by my second last friend in Bedlington, his wife, Maria Laws, formerly of Ontario, Canada, but resident in Bedlington for several years now. Allan had been fighting Cancer for several years, but he simply could not fight any longer. Allan and I met when we both lived in Ontario, he liv
  7. Sorry that I am a little late. But a belated happy birthday Ms Hair, hope you enjoyed it . Regards, Joe
  8. Happy birthday Monsta. Have a good life! Joe Rooney
  9. No, my father was a Bedlington pitman. But I took his advice and stayed away from the pits. I became, in turn, a merchant seaman, a Canadian infantryman and later an admin officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, and finally a Certified Management Accountant with a BSC Economics. In that career, I planned and supervised Lead Smelter refineries in Canada and the USA. I went to Nesquehoning to oversea the construction of a new plant in what was then a very depressed coal mining area of Pennsylvania and stayed there for over five years, before returning to Ontario. Regards, Joe
  10. Happy birthday, Mickey Potts. Enjoy your day! I used to live in Nesquehoning, PA during the Seventies. Good people, good memories! Joe Rooney
  11. Thank you all for your kind wishes! I have'nt been too great for the last few weeks, but the sun is beginning to shine again, so I think I"ve turned the corner. The snow is prettty well gone now, but it is still not too warm, with very cold nights, and 3-4 C by day, but they are forecasting mid teens in the next few days. We can use it! Regards, Joe
  12. I like the new colour scheme. Now if we could get more people offering their opinions on more new subjects. Happy Easter everyone! Joe
  13. I don,t know what proprtion of our gas prices are due to tax, I just believe that they are very high. But yesterday I filled my tank at my local Safeway grocery store and paid 74cents a litre, this is a discounted price, and the UK equivalent is 43.5 P per litre. Still too much! Joe
  14. That clean, cold prairie air, coupled with the prayers and best wishes of your many friends will turn the tide soon. Take care, have faith, and support your wife. Our best wishes to you and your family. Joe.
  15. Happy birthday Brian. Hope this year is a little more placid than last year. No fires, floods, cyclones, or anything like them! Joe
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