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  1. Religions reused imagery and dates to celebrate their own particular celebration of what was considered worthy of worship. I am thinking of nature , the seasons , night and day plus the circle of life ( not just human). Mithras /Easter and eggs for example. Now sure where chocolate come into it all?

    If ‘Holy’ as a word comes later perhaps ‘Holly’ came first.
    In Scandinavia or Icelandic religion  perhaps it was a sign of the eternal . 

  2. I think there was a church of some description before 1069. . The site is important . The Golden age of Northumberland and the rise of Christianity had many people believing and then going back to pagan ways .

    1069 was the monks fleeing from the Normans. I believe the history of Cuthbert’s body being here in Bedlington starts before that date. Hence they return to safety . The church site is on higher ground . The river is nearby we have a holy mount. ( ok Hollymount now). No one can disagree because no one really knows. Again Bedlington says to me Bede town in honour of The Venersble Bede. Various vicars make reference to a time before 1069..  The service was by candlelight and in Latin . Very atmospheric .The ancestors have all left their mark in making the place special regardless of belief. ‘Honour those that went before us. There is a group called Show of Hands and they do a track called All Hallows’ Eve. Basically you light the lantern at your door and honour those that went before on Halloween . A better use of time than trick or treat and scaring your neighbours. Just go for the chocolate to remember.                 
    Being back in the Shire life gets busy. Even managed to get to the Gallowgate end to watch the Toon  play the Palace..

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  3. The picture could be anywhere in the Shire.

    I wondered about the  Cambois area or demolition on the Barrington Road.

    In the background there looks to be a chapel or church.

    Some houses behind seem to suggest the picture is taken on slightly higher ground.

    I put the picture on the Forum because someone somewhere might know these two men. It seems a shame to keep it in an old case when it could have significance to someone. One of the men may have been nicknamed ‘Flinty’, the other name may be Mc Cullock. I have no idea of the spelling. So long ago it is a Bedlington Memory but not a memoir.

  4. When should we truly be ourselves.

    On this website we could be said to hide our identity !

    On Facebook etc should we be ourselves .

    The risks of identity theft are great if we read some accounts or newspapers.

    Obviously people use fake profiles to cause mischief and insult others.

    Big business and even governments local and national are using social media to influence our opinions.

    Bedlington is no exception.,

    My question is ‘when is it important on social media to be truly yourself.’ Possibly never.

  5. The supply chains that are now called the County Lines worry me.

    It seems there are serious consequences for the people who are persuaded to get involved.

    The risk to mental and physical health are very real.

    Relief from some horrible illness is obviously acceptable but how as a society we deal with the criminals is an issue of concern.

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