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  1. Agreed HPW. Sometimes it is only with age that we understand the dilemmas of the past generations. History helps us understand our lives and those of our children and grandchildren.
  2. This weeks NPL was interesting. Easy to understand was Malcolm Robinsons letter However page 3 on Capital Spending was not so easy. Capital Spending, cuts and a tax hike was the headline. The article tells us that there are to be £6 million revenue cuts and £380 million spent on capital projects in 2017/18 . Does this mean these huge sums and more are the spending in 2016/17. They go on to tell us that there is £150 million earmark for third party loans to the likes of Arch. There is also funding for new sport and leisure facilities at Druridge Bay. 3G pitch for Alnwick Juniors. Alnwick Playhouse into a community hub. Then new leisure centres at Blyth Morpeth Ponteland and Berwick. Significant resources are set aside for school reorganisation. Finally money to support the reopening of the Ashington Blyth and Tyne railway. To me the figures for cuts and then spending just do not add up. Bedlington with no Arch action seems very very low on any priority list. A friend at the council meeting in Morpeth thought she heard a figure of £38,000 for the posters of the council leader and others! Surely this must be wrong.
  3. Often HPW , the stories that are hidden and not talked about are what make our ancestors come alive. Our life and times are full of the same dilemmas and drama.
  4. It is all taking far too long. Delay of years and just maybe we are being 'fobbed ' off with the competition and name game. The local elections will be interesting.
  5. Maggie/915

    Bedlington Welcomes Lidl

    Lidl have 'nailed' it. A good shopping experience. They need to organise our very own market place. At least they would GOWI Get on with it !
  6. Forget the oscars. Try two films :- 1) Lion 2) Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  7. What happened to the plan that was the winning entry. All seems so long ago. Now we have a call to name the development .
  8. You need to move to Wester Ross Symptoms.
  9. Happy Birthday mercuryg . Sorry I am a little late.
  10. Have you thought about doing a DNA test Symptoms. It shows details of origin and can be very interesting. Scottish Island life , I can recommend . The scenery from Ullapool taking in the Summer Islands and out to Lewis is so beautiful.
  11. Interesting story HPW but I have not heard any tales of wandering ghosts in and around.
  12. Roslyn Chapel is the place to visit. It looks like an old barn but is a stone masons dream. Ancestry is addictive . From the old days and micro film it is easy to link with other research .
  13. Sorry to read you have been ill HPW. My best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. As we get older that toast Health Wealth and Happiness makes more sense . The happiness you get from your pets is a great way to live and an inspiration for us all. Gan Canny
  14. I hope your birthday is memorable . Have a healthy and happy year.
  15. The Mods gave GOD a red card.
  16. The Rolling Stones cd is good but so is the Leonard Cohen. 'You want it darker' Maybe turning seventy is significant ! We were lucky to see K T Tunstall in Ullapool her cd is a good listen. Other buys this year have included Van the Man and dare I say Sting!
  17. Oh yes for music we will have Mark Knopler playing Local Hero. Why not?
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