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  1. In a politically correct World it's good to have someone speaking out. However some of our local politicians are very quick to claim things are unfair. Present company accepted. A meeting where any opposition is silenced because a claim of slander can be made is not a good way of doing things. 'Working your Ticket ' is a local tradition. Now, today is Saint George's Day and within a topic called Saint Cuthbert's School. Anyone wanting to 'Work their Ticket' welcome.
  2. Belated Happy Birthday Tonyp.
  3. We regularly go to Edinburgh for the Fringe. Now Bedlington has first rate comedians coming to our town. Ok some content may not be approved in ,so called, higher circles but we all need to laugh. Last week despite an important Newcastle Match the numbers at the Punch Drunk Comedy in the Netherton Club were impressive. Some people attending came from Otterburn. It was excellent and in our little town. Well done to Kai Humphries our own local comedian
  4. Monday 7:30 Coffin Chapel , the speaker this month is Malcolm Grady, who is an entertaining and knowledgable speaker. Victorian Gossip is the topic . It must be better than all the gossip about today's issues. So stop worrying about Bedlington for one evening and see how our ancestors dealt with life.
  5. I used to be indecisive and now I am not sure.
  6. Happy Birthday from me too .
  7. Back page of the Journal today says 'Magpies' buzz can propel us to safety.
  8. Valuable History Eggy Valuable comments HPW
  9. Welcome back HPW. We need you to put a 'sprag or dreg' in the works.
  10. There is a track by Sweetmouth featuring Brian Kennedy called 'the willow weeps ' It seems very relevant.
  11. This weeks article is on page nine. It seems Ian Lavery may be quizzed on Tax. Also in the article it says that the Office of David Cockburn the trade unions certification officer has taken the first step towards a formal inquiry into Lavery's running of the NUM with an ' initial assessment' of complaints against him. So many questions . So few answers.
  12. All true moe19. However it is a new generation who could well surprise the ruling elite. If Power corrupts then things will change minds. The handling of Union money and how it was spent is a serious issue. The miners who donated money have a right to know if a certain mortgage was paid for by their money. Regardless of which fund it was in.
  13. More employees for Arch. More accommodation for Bedlington.
  14. Ok I did watch the link. Shocking ! No answer to the question of the mortgage. A private matter it cannot be when it is from funds provided to the union by sick miners. This could well bring the Labour Party and the Unions into dangerous ground. Fellow party members talk about 'The Wansbeck Mafia' Clarification is not going to work if all questions are not answered. So few members in the NUM and so much money appears to have been wasted. Accountability and an independent audit surely must follow. The truth must be proved particularly for the Wansbeck Labour Party and the future. This could prove to be the end of a safe labour seat.
  15. Now we have to decide who is the grumpiest. I think I could win that competition. How many conversations can be started about say the price of bread and end with the meaning of life . Maybe it's just me. Dialogue surely is good regardless of where it starts and where it ends.
  16. Slight change this week page eleven of The Sunday Times. Trips to Austrailia to be explained. The miners contributions used again . With MPs publishing their tax returns , maybe now Ian Lavery and the NUM will explain why there is doubt about how the Union spent their money. Afterall it was the members money.
  17. Have a great time Canny Lass. You may even meet some economic immigrants from the NE of England.
  18. Claim and counter claim. What is a legitimate use of Union Funds. A £250,000 mortgage seems a lot for a Union Official. A very benevolent fund.
  19. This weeks Sunday Times page 12 quotes Ronnie Campbell talking about the Wansbeck Mafia. I think the money topic is not going to go away for the Shadow Minister that is MP for Wansbeck. This week is all about family on the payroll. There are questions to answer. Ian Lavery claims it is a 'politically motivated attack' . The truth maybe in the details .
  20. I feel we need an industrial base. Very big full stop. Market rigging surely we can and should deal with together. We have lost so very many industries. What have we got left? Where do we lead the World? Smoke and Mirrors that is perhaps all there is left. You can fool some of the people some of the time but surely you cannot fool all the people all of the time. Where is that Magic / Manic wand. Back to the Future. 'The times they are a changing ' Sadly for us all. Who gains in all this? Not I fear our children's children.
  21. I think we will always need this industry . Surely something can be done before it is to late. Market forces and the profit motive could have serious implications for the future. Those of us old enough to remember the mines closing here in Bedlington were sold a line about 'not needing the coal anymore'. The opencast coal operations still going strong are proof that it is still needed. The huge profits to be made have given us Northumberlandia. Now we may see more work at Widdrington. I hope something is done before it is too late. If the banks could be saved surely money could be found to save the steel industry. Transporting everything we need from all around the World is controversial.
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