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  1. I have sent you a message merc.
  2. Brilliant initiative to improve our town.
  3. I am confused threegee quoting Tony Benn. Life can only get better reading all sides of the argument .
  4. You need an 'undecided ' vote. We can and do argue for both 'in' and 'out' One comedian joked that after a certain age we should not be allowed to vote because 'it's nowt to do with us' One thing is certain it has become pantomime. 'On no it hasn't'
  5. NCC is now charging if you take rubble , soil or plasterboard to the tip. We took two bags of ceramic tiles and paid four pounds. Bottom of their website says Arch so nice to know every little helps. The Question is does it help Bedlington. The amount of money to develop our Market Place seems to have been reduced. Ashington now has money to open up the Main Street ! Next Rubbish question :- Where can I recycle an old gas cooker and an old washer? Problem (for me ) is that the cooker and washer are still working even though they are in the region of 30/40 years old. A time when metal was used and had not been replaced by plastic.
  6. These plans have been turned down. Our Country park is safe from development for now! However access needs looking at seriously! Taking over the public highway and building walls that prevent access to the country park is going to cause accidents . The land that is seen as the paddock was most likely a holding area for cattle before the roads around Bedlington developed. Maybe it was part of a drover road . Either way this is our history. Where did the stones come from for the 'dodgy' walls ! Walk along to the back of the Humford Mill Farm building and you will see the land likely to fall away. Why have these people been allowed to enclose this public space and highway? if you are in doubt drive down and pray you do not meet a car coming in the opposite direction. Then you will see how crazy the situation really is !
  7. Sorry Canny Lass but the oldest gravestones are weather damaged. I have a few pictures taken today. If the Grade 11 listing means anything then they are in need of restoration. Instead more and more are simply knocked over as dangerous.
  8. Glebe Road was a busy part of town when we were 'Younguns' So many buildings : interesting to speculate on an arcade and think about what is long gone.
  9. Happy Birthday Adam. Well done for all your service to WBTC. You are an inspirational Young man.
  10. Agreed Disagree but then go for a drink together .
  11. Belated Happy Birthday Bayardm.
  12. Eggy your worth your weight in gold.
  13. Where did these stones come from? If we accept the secret is in these stones then they could tell our own story. I wonder if anyone has a picture before 'the enclosure'. What happened to the Scoup Camp? Such a beautiful place to grow up. Cycling , swimming, freedom , now maybe lost to the profit motive. Once gone never to return. Innocence lost As Joni might have sung 'They paved paradise put up some ugly new build '
  14. Tomorrow night the History Society is talking about the Northumberland Dialect. Canny Lass you are needed at home The speaker is K Bibby Wilson 7:30 Coffin Chapel
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