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  1. Sounds like a plan Canny Lass. The Red Lion is so busy these days (all day) that it is just take any table you can. The trouble with lemonade can be the add on double Jack Daniels.
  2. A pleasure to read HPW Thank you
  3. Thanks Eggy i foolishly thought 'job losses' might prove to be a more wholesome debate.
  4. May 1982 Miners back action to save pit
  5. Who would Spuggy take over from ? Today all seems very cut throat in the leadership challenges .
  6. NUM building often referred to as Arthur's Palace or Camelot.
  7. Behind the Women of Steel is the old NUM
  8. I am not very good at form filling Malcolm. Sorry
  9. The political divide is becoming very interesting / worrying. The creation of wealth is one topic that appears controversial. Each political party has propaganda arguments designed to convince the general public. The truth is in there somewhere. Social media is increasingly playing its part. With no need to verify facts or become accountable. Maybe now it really is 'The Enemy Within'. Whatever that means! Maybe we need to be worried. I hope 'Domesday is so last Century'.
  10. There are a few different copies moe19. The oldest one I have has a great recipe for gingerbread. This recipe book is brown and white / cream . Happy days.
  11. Dirty World was the track I was thinking applied. However , Bruce Springsteen's Cadillac Ranch could fit in with a few basic word changes.
  12. Home made , what could be better. My Grandchildren can be a little competitive. With drop scones it has been known for one individual to refuse offers of money to make or part with any drop scones they personally made. It seems you make the lot and then pour over you choice of jam cream or chocolate. One piece of advice is not to get distracted. Then someone else can eat the lot while your not looking. This could all be political analysis.
  13. Enjoy your trip next week Canny Lass. The car sounds a good buy. I think you are going to have to give it a name that represents all the comments. Suggestions you may or may not welcome. It all reminds me of a Travelling Wilbury's track.
  14. Spuggy working behind the old Iron Curtain were you a spy or a diplomat or both. Maybe I should not ask. We have had a series on TV about someone working on both sides. Interesting to look at both countries and attitudes .
  15. Positive thinking . How soon can we have the Sports Centre! Swimming facilities would be great . Maybe at Humford , fresh air, but the water heated by solar power.
  16. So many discussion threads go into many topics. How about this thought.
  17. We are still trying to work out what to dispose of and what to keep. These maybe of interest today
  18. Metal work out with the dustbin last night. Still there this morning Gone now! Less than 24 hours. It is a pity those ceramic tiles are not worth money. I am left wondering how much money the metal is worth.
  19. Happy Birthday Foxy Have a great day.
  20. Shocking news. An evil act on a young person who was trying to do her best for the people of her constituency . No one is safe.
  21. I have sent you a message merc.
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