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  1. Happy Birthday in your wi fi free zone Malcolm
  2. Mine has to be The Producers. 'Being wet hysterical and in pain.' Then there is the line about wearing a cardboard belt.
  3. Did it affect you threegee. i sincerely hope not.
  4. No mention of toilets as yet on the programme and not too many jokes. However politics aplenty.
  5. Radio 4 this week and next at 9 each morning has been brilliant. Melvyn Bragg The Matter of the North Beg or borrow to listen on IPlayer
  6. Out and about in the Highlands These 'Cooper buses' Bedlington get everywhere. Sadly cannot post the pictures.
  7. Gin distilleries in Scotland now have a tourist trail
  8. I am sure we could make Martini . Afterall it seems we are making local gin. The decision then would be :- should it be shaken not stirred. Who could be the Bedlington James Bond?
  9. Welcome to the Forum Brian. Your comments are 'spot on'. You live in a beautiful part of the World.
  10. Alien was partly filmed at the power station. I believe.
  11. It would be great for Bedlington. A cultural centre to showcase all our town has/had to offer.
  12. Sorry but I do enjoy the odd political debate. In the Red Lion , on the Forum or just generally . ( not saying I read all posts ) I do not like intimidation or the language of 'one up man ship' . In certain political circles it seems to be going too far. Still we have not got to 'Vote for me or I will kill you yet'. Now about the so called 'Wansbeck Mafia'. Maybe all can now be forgiven in the interests of the town and the country. Strange times 'Think not what your country can do for you , think what you can do for your country'. Insert :town, forum , friends, family etc instead of or as well as country.
  13. Happy Birthday Ovalteeny. Over a certain age we decided not to count the years .
  14. Sounds like a plan Canny Lass. The Red Lion is so busy these days (all day) that it is just take any table you can. The trouble with lemonade can be the add on double Jack Daniels.
  15. A pleasure to read HPW Thank you
  16. Thanks Eggy i foolishly thought 'job losses' might prove to be a more wholesome debate.
  17. May 1982 Miners back action to save pit
  18. Who would Spuggy take over from ? Today all seems very cut throat in the leadership challenges .
  19. NUM building often referred to as Arthur's Palace or Camelot.
  20. Behind the Women of Steel is the old NUM
  21. Women of Steel today
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