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  1. You need to move to Wester Ross Symptoms.
  2. Happy Birthday mercuryg . Sorry I am a little late.
  3. Have you thought about doing a DNA test Symptoms. It shows details of origin and can be very interesting. Scottish Island life , I can recommend . The scenery from Ullapool taking in the Summer Islands and out to Lewis is so beautiful.
  4. Interesting story HPW but I have not heard any tales of wandering ghosts in and around.
  5. Roslyn Chapel is the place to visit. It looks like an old barn but is a stone masons dream. Ancestry is addictive . From the old days and micro film it is easy to link with other research .
  6. Sorry to read you have been ill HPW. My best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. As we get older that toast Health Wealth and Happiness makes more sense . The happiness you get from your pets is a great way to live and an inspiration for us all. Gan Canny
  7. Excellent love the new Gateway Features
  8. I hope your birthday is memorable . Have a healthy and happy year.
  9. The Mods gave GOD a red card.
  10. And Happy New Year from 2017
  11. Merry Christmas to one and all. This has been a busy year of life and death and all in between.
  12. Maggie/915

    New Albums 2016

    The Rolling Stones cd is good but so is the Leonard Cohen. 'You want it darker' Maybe turning seventy is significant ! We were lucky to see K T Tunstall in Ullapool her cd is a good listen. Other buys this year have included Van the Man and dare I say Sting!
  13. Oh yes for music we will have Mark Knopler playing Local Hero. Why not?
  14. Just details moe19. Remember money is no object in my plan. Oh and no negativity Bedlington will rise again.
  15. The Trotter Memorial on the roundabout could work. It would be safe and visible . Then people local and visitors may be curious and start to ask questions. Can anyone think of a better way to preserve the memory of this local hero. Access to be allowed on a Bedlington Heritage Day , say in June /July with a brass band playing and marching down the Main Street to Atlee Park. Folk music by the Unthanks, Jez Lowe and the Pitmen Poets. A true celebration of Bedlington East West and Central (plus all the Shire) Now where are those three rings to bind all to our heritage initiative. So much of our history is not visible . NOW all we need is a town centre. The Word the new library at South Shields shows what can be done. We have so much to celebrate /remember in Bedlington. An Ellen Mitchell room with all aspects of our history on display. The Bedlington Banners providing a reason to be proud of the brave men who worked and lost their lives in the mines. A little or lot about Ken Russell and his filming in Bedlington. Not to mention Cuthbert, Daniel Gooch, The Old Iron Works, and so many more history stories. One story could be the history of the Shire , the link with Durham then becoming Wansbeck and then NCC . ( no negative thoughts) Sadly it is only Weatherspoon's where our history is accounted for in displays and pictures. As the older children said about regeneration 'Something anything is better than nothing' . What we need to hear is 'money is no object'. Deeds not Words. No negativity allowed anytime anywhere. Bedlington will rise again.
  16. If he was not religious Canny Lass then his lyrics show a different view. His latest cd 'You want it darker' is worth a listen. One favourite of mine is 'If it be your will' by Antony and the Johnsons. i love his spirituality, his sense of humour and his overall humanitarian vision. Beautiful Losers was a difficult book to read. We were at the Sage on Friday watching Show of Hands needless to say there were tributes. Even a version of Suzanne sung with the support. One line that keeps coming up is ' I ache in the places where I used to play'. Another is 'I will remember/ think of you but not that often. Pilgrim I am still working on my kids / grandkids not sure I am getting through to them all. We were living abroad and wanted my folks to bring out Songs of Leonard Cohen. Better than that they brought out his latest . Not appreciated at the time.
  17. At North Shields Old Light Museum they were selling knitted poppies. £2:50
  18. A great influence for good. A great sense of humour. It seems he said ' I never heard about a religion I did not like'
  19. One positive from a huge negative 'War'.
  20. I like the idea of the monument being more visible . The Roundabout could do just that and make people curious about Bedlington and Trotter. Not trot of to Ashington or Cramlington. When it was first in place I doubt people argued about East West or Central. Today Bedlington needs positive thinking and action. Afterall East West homes best
  21. Hope you have had a good day. Happy Birthday 4G
  22. Not many jobs can have been this dangerous.
  23. The latest history programme may help Daniel with a contact number, e mail and the names of local speakers this year. The Reverend Ian Hennebry has some brilliant stories about Canon Whitley (Senior Wrangler). Our History in Bedlington is unique. Lots to question in the early days and beyond. Lots to argue about in the recent past and present.
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