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  1. Twenty LP 's 'you should have collected in 1978. Maybe of interest.
  2. That's fine Eggy. Please share the photo with anyone interested.
  3. A little late but Happy New Year.
  4. Have a great day tomorrow . Health Wealth and Happiness for the year ahead. Maybe fit in a spot of relaxation in good old Bedlington along the way. East West Home is Best
  5. Barrington Colliery 1902. Not sure where this Colliery was in relation to Choppington. Obviously this coronation mug has seen better days
  6. Merry Christmas one and all
  7. This is one for Canny Lass or so I thought. Actually it is a venue in Hackney. Daniel Lanois is an all time favourite both his singing and the records he has produced. Check out 'The Maker' and 'Still Water'.
  8. Good luck does not seem relevant . You have survived some truly terrible situations and survived. Politics needs more people like you Malcolm. Keep on Keeping on.
  9. Aye lass that's the right word 'VINTAGE' Others may use other words to describe our age and attitude but a sense of humour has always been a basic of life in Bedlington.
  10. Right I have to admit to forcing people including Grandchildren to do the walking tour. On one occasion we were so 'mucky' that plastic bags were needed to allow us into a car at Plessey Hartford Woods. We had walked from Westlea Red Ash Path then Humford and along the river.. I think possibly fire clay was what stuck to our trousers. However Fish and Chips at Blyth Beach helped make the day perfect .
  11. Well Foxy you have reached that certain age ! Congratulations and have a very Happy Birthday. A 'Good Age' you could say !
  12. Still a favourite cd. Sting just has a good and interesting way of celebrating our life in the NE. Sorry Symptoms love the music . Saw him at the Newcastle University with the Police in 1978
  13. Who would put graffiti on the posters on Netherton Colliery Road ends? The posters are for Ian Lavery and someone has sprayed derogatory words/ comments. Maybe some miner who did not agree with Mr Lavery. Public opinion can be expressed in so very many ways .
  14. Fingers crossed something happens soon. Considering how quickly the new houses can be built locally, let's hope by this time next year we have a town centre again. Bedlington was an important centre in the past and will be again.
  15. Rhonda Bee somewhere in the depths of this website there are some letters written in the 1800's from your part of the World back to Bedlington. The family were Methodist ( I seem to remember) and it gives an insight into the past . I found them while 'spoaching' through a few years ago. Amazingly people travelled huge distances to work. I think the railways were, in part , a reason plus all the usual. A friend born in the NE found her family in Devon in the late 1800's. Tales of people walking huge distances to find work are not uncommon. My own ancestors can now be found around the
  16. Eggy , bluebarby has the same memory but remembers the two sons. Thanks for looking on the internet.
  17. Politics should always be about truth and honesty. Bedlington and the independents have proved that point. Working together with all parties is now essential.
  18. An investigation would be a good idea. Afterall they may have always been honest and above board. Now is their chance to prove their honesty and integrity .
  19. Make a Noise the story of opposition and resistance . Labour towards Independence Our town has a very special tale to tell. Hollywood or the British Film Industry should come calling!
  20. Hope you have had a good day Brian Happy Birthday down under
  21. Many many happy returns Vic. Oh and happy birthday
  22. Agreed HPW. Sometimes it is only with age that we understand the dilemmas of the past generations. History helps us understand our lives and those of our children and grandchildren.
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