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  1. Maggie/915

    Rubbish of interest ( maybe)

    No idea why this has not been thrown out. circa1998 In Europe not run by Europe!!!
  2. Maggie/915

    Happy New Year - 2019

    For me 1969 was living and working away from home. On the night of the 20th (blast off was the 16th) I recall thinking its time to get home and watch tv on the rediffusion set .No signal on anything else. I recall a glass or two of rice wine. Underfloor central heating was a good start for the wine. The mix with three days of stirring then seven days to go before the Demi John was needed . History or Herstory. The decades roll on and when you have lived through seven it all becomes a story in itself. Trouble is that ,maybe , no one is too interested. Troubke at ‘Mill’ and current problems take over. i agree with Billy Connelly ‘Life becomes an adventure’ at this advanced old age
  3. Maggie/915

    Happy New Year - 2019

    Happy New Year. Why does fifty years seem to have gone past so quickly. Old age is the answer. Where were you when the moon landing happened .?
  4. Maggie/915

    Councillor Robinson - November 2018

    Just an odd thought Malcolm!!! Was it Ronnie Campbell who talked about the Wansbeck Mafia ? Could that still be true. Surely not in these enlightened days. One thought / you could join the Labour Party and being about change from within. i hope that does not offend you too much.
  5. Maggie/915

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019. Which road are we on ? Freedom or no where
  6. Maggie/915

    1961 Pre EU Brexit

    Sorry 3G the magazine has been given away. I thought there was no interest.
  7. Maggie/915

    1961 Pre EU Brexit

    Anyone interested?
  8. Maggie/915

    Political History

    A different time but maybe the same old story.
  9. Maggie/915

    History Society 2018/2019

    Maybe of interest
  10. Maggie/915

    Isambard Kingdom Brunel

    This seems appropriate to Bedlington.
  11. Maggie/915

    Has anybody noticed?

    What a topic? Interesting and funny to read. All that remains is to say Happy Easter but that could be controversial. Resurrection with eggs. Then there is Mithras. Blackadder would certainly have a few comments to make about this topic. Maybe even a new series of programmes.
  12. Maggie/915

    Councillor Robinson - February 2018.

    Good to read Malcolm. Informative and shows your dedication to our town. One day I hope it becomes easier to communicate with all the others involved. Sadly politics is not for the faint hearted. Keep on keeping on.
  13. Maggie/915

    No More Forum Meetings

    Thank you to Brian and all who have contributed to making the Forum meetings so special. The regular meetings will be a miss to Bedlington. I have good memories of the meetings I attended . People did not always agree ! The Red Lion after these meetings always helped to put things in perspective. Bedlington will rise again to the glory days.
  14. Maggie/915

    Happy Birthday Vic

    Happy Birthday (rather later than most.) Have a good year
  15. Maggie/915

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy Birthday hope you have a good year