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  1. Monday 25th will be a good meeting . John Grundy is giving the talk. Last month was excellent . A talk on Smail’s shop in Morpeth. There were a host of funny stories both from the talk and the memories of the audience. Living back in the ‘ Shire’ is very relaxing.
  2. The picture could be anywhere in the Shire. I wondered about the Cambois area or demolition on the Barrington Road. In the background there looks to be a chapel or church. Some houses behind seem to suggest the picture is taken on slightly higher ground. I put the picture on the Forum because someone somewhere might know these two men. It seems a shame to keep it in an old case when it could have significance to someone. One of the men may have been nicknamed ‘Flinty’, the other name may be Mc Cullock. I have no idea of the spelling. So long ago it is a Bedlington Memory but not a memoir.
  3. Oops should have gone to spec savers. The picture above needs to be labelled BUDC possibly taken in the sixties. i hope someone can move the post to a relevant thread. Sorry not a lot of time.
  4. When should we truly be ourselves. On this website we could be said to hide our identity ! On Facebook etc should we be ourselves . The risks of identity theft are great if we read some accounts or newspapers. Obviously people use fake profiles to cause mischief and insult others. Big business and even governments local and national are using social media to influence our opinions. Bedlington is no exception., My question is ‘when is it important on social media to be truly yourself.’ Possibly never.
  5. The supply chains that are now called the County Lines worry me. It seems there are serious consequences for the people who are persuaded to get involved. The risk to mental and physical health are very real. Relief from some horrible illness is obviously acceptable but how as a society we deal with the criminals is an issue of concern.
  6. Best wishes from the cold country. Imagine a cosy pub and a fire while you sun bath and enjoy yourselves. Life is for living regardless of politics or temperature. Always something to celebrate.
  7. Another year older Canny Lass. RESULT
  8. You may not think this relevant to Bedlington but the questions about the EU are very interesting . In view of all that has happened it has had an impacted on us all.
  9. Sorry some are on the site twice. If you would like the 1961 National Geographic then it’s yours threegee.
  10. Here’s the rest of the article threegee.
  11. No idea why this has not been thrown out. circa1998 In Europe not run by Europe!!!
  12. For me 1969 was living and working away from home. On the night of the 20th (blast off was the 16th) I recall thinking its time to get home and watch tv on the rediffusion set .No signal on anything else. I recall a glass or two of rice wine. Underfloor central heating was a good start for the wine. The mix with three days of stirring then seven days to go before the Demi John was needed . History or Herstory. The decades roll on and when you have lived through seven it all becomes a story in itself. Trouble is that ,maybe , no one is too interested. Troubke at ‘Mill’ and current problems take over. i agree with Billy Connelly ‘Life becomes an adventure’ at this advanced old age
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