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  1. Maggie/915

    1961 Pre EU Brexit

    Sorry 3G the magazine has been given away. I thought there was no interest.
  2. Maggie/915

    1961 Pre EU Brexit

    Anyone interested?
  3. Maggie/915

    Political History

    A different time but maybe the same old story.
  4. Maggie/915

    History Society 2018/2019

    Maybe of interest
  5. Maggie/915

    Isambard Kingdom Brunel

    This seems appropriate to Bedlington.
  6. Maggie/915

    Has anybody noticed?

    What a topic? Interesting and funny to read. All that remains is to say Happy Easter but that could be controversial. Resurrection with eggs. Then there is Mithras. Blackadder would certainly have a few comments to make about this topic. Maybe even a new series of programmes.
  7. Maggie/915

    Councillor Robinson - February 2018.

    Good to read Malcolm. Informative and shows your dedication to our town. One day I hope it becomes easier to communicate with all the others involved. Sadly politics is not for the faint hearted. Keep on keeping on.
  8. Maggie/915

    No More Forum Meetings

    Thank you to Brian and all who have contributed to making the Forum meetings so special. The regular meetings will be a miss to Bedlington. I have good memories of the meetings I attended . People did not always agree ! The Red Lion after these meetings always helped to put things in perspective. Bedlington will rise again to the glory days.
  9. Maggie/915

    Happy Birthday Vic

    Happy Birthday (rather later than most.) Have a good year
  10. Maggie/915

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy Birthday hope you have a good year
  11. Maggie/915

    Husbands and wives circa 1912

    Maybe of interest if anyone has spare time. I found this newspaper article in an old Dictionary of Domestic Medicine.
  12. Maggie/915

    1973 Cooking into Europe

    Especially for 3G
  13. Maggie/915

    Lp's 1978

    Twenty LP 's 'you should have collected in 1978. Maybe of interest.
  14. Maggie/915

    Barrington Colliery

    That's fine Eggy. Please share the photo with anyone interested.
  15. Maggie/915

    Happy New Year 2018

    A little late but Happy New Year.