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  1. Happy Birthday Foxy It’s great to survive to this great age !!!
  2. Good to hear your news and views HPW. Swearing is so much a part of life now. I am afraid it is now used as expressive language and maybe has its uses in society . I do hate confrontation and personal abuse in any argument . Our lives in Bedlington gave us a unique perspective often using humour to express a different viewpoint .
  3. Thank Eggy Sorted it was my fault putting HPW and not the full name !
  4. I am indeed that ‘Maggie ‘HPW. i have tried to send you a personal message but the site says you do not receive messages . Gan Canny
  5. No Alan we are still around In the Shire. The Photo is near the river Esk Midlothian . We are trying to sort out a mountain of ‘stuff’ collected over a lifetime . It is never ending . Energy and enthusiasm lacking . Must try harder .
  6. Sounds interesting Canny Lass. The picture is a Granddaughter in Scotland. It is amazing how this year has given us fresh insight into all things. A sunset , a misty day , the seasons , the local walk suddenly seem more vivid . Maybe just me .
  7. Merry Christmas to one and all. Have a healthy New Year
  8. The Holy Mount today. I found no holly but there is evidence of a Ford in the river.
  9. Born in Bedlington Dave Jenkinson.. This article was in the Sunday Times on the 7th June 2020.
  10. Impressive research Canny Lass. A well deserved whisky after your write up on line.
  11. Religions reused imagery and dates to celebrate their own particular celebration of what was considered worthy of worship. I am thinking of nature , the seasons , night and day plus the circle of life ( not just human). Mithras /Easter and eggs for example. Now sure where chocolate come into it all? If ‘Holy’ as a word comes later perhaps ‘Holly’ came first. In Scandinavia or Icelandic religion perhaps it was a sign of the eternal .
  12. Just a quick investigation. Nothing compared to yours Canny Lass
  13. Fantastic research Canny Lass
  14. Imagine this poor family . The death of so many children is a tragedy.
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