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  1. There is a memorial book in the old annex to the church . Names include my grandad who did not die but suffered until death in 1941 . A generation lost .
  2. The church is usually open after the service on a Wednesday morning Thursday morning is another open morning run by volunteers who are very knowledgeable . Hope you get to visit and enjoy our incredible heritage . There is a Facebook page simply Saint Cuthbert’s Church Bedlington
  3. Well done Malcolm and Bedlington .
  4. May be of interest
  5. We have to hope that history teaches us not to repeat the mistakes of the past . Harry Patch the last ‘Tommy’ said War is licensed murder’ The programmes / books about the Holocaust are grim to say the very least . I do not understand how people can be so evil . Dangerous times for us all .
  6. The Local History Society organise events and talks on a wide variety of topics . The members themselves have a wide and detailed amount of local knowledge but the society do not store any archives that can be viewed on line .
  7. So much history in our part of the World.. Ringing in the new year at the Clock Tower .
  8. Happy New Year 2022 We are going to celebrate and see the New Year in at the clock tower in Morpeth. We were last there 33 years ago . We won’t be there in 33years time . Happy days
  9. Never heard any ghost stories about Westlea or Hartlands. However if there are ghosts they must be good and keep everyone safe . West Bedlingto is a great place to live . Happy New Year 2022 to all including any ghosts
  10. Why does a brass band make me nostalgic .The film Brassed Off has an even worse / better effect . Nostalgia plus tears. Maybe a longing for full employment and childhood . We were warned we would not get jobs ( baby boom) but we did! We did not crave for the impossible . We supported each other , if possible. . Every Christmas and New Year were special with tales of only Apples and Oranges and working for the family at a young age .Maybe our children and grandchildren will feel the same about everything but in a different way, Strange times we live in right now . The Fear clause has been activated .Please don’t let it all spoil this time of year . Whatever we do !
  11. The Smoking Spitfires are excellent . i hope they get the audience they deserve
  12. Merry Christmas from the cold NE i wish everyone a healthy 2022
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