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  1. So much history in our part of the World.. Ringing in the new year at the Clock Tower .
  2. Happy New Year 2022 We are going to celebrate and see the New Year in at the clock tower in Morpeth. We were last there 33 years ago . We won’t be there in 33years time . Happy days
  3. Never heard any ghost stories about Westlea or Hartlands. However if there are ghosts they must be good and keep everyone safe . West Bedlingto is a great place to live . Happy New Year 2022 to all including any ghosts
  4. Why does a brass band make me nostalgic .The film Brassed Off has an even worse / better effect . Nostalgia plus tears. Maybe a longing for full employment and childhood . We were warned we would not get jobs ( baby boom) but we did! We did not crave for the impossible . We supported each other , if possible. . Every Christmas and New Year were special with tales of only Apples and Oranges and working for the family at a young age .Maybe our children and grandchildren will feel the same about everything but in a different way, Strange times we live in right now . The Fear clause has been activated .Please don’t let it all spoil this time of year . Whatever we do !
  5. The Smoking Spitfires are excellent . i hope they get the audience they deserve
  6. Merry Christmas from the cold NE i wish everyone a healthy 2022
  7. I will pass on your thoughts . Very early days and hopefully it all informs and attracts a few younger members
  8. New Facebook Group hopefully it goes well Bedlington is so important in our lives
  9. The Northumbrian Magazine. Not everyone may agree with the article.
  10. Should I post or will I be infringing copy right
  11. It seems the Northumbrian article offended some people . i now have a copy and I am trying to understand why Sadly so much information can offend .
  12. A Facebook group is being proposed for Bedlington History Society . i hope lots of people on the Forum would be interested to join . It seems the only way to advertise the group and what is going on each year .
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