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  1. I have pics I took of the bandstand doon the picnic field,aroond 1962-ish,when I got my new Halina 35x Camera for Christmas off Cathy,my lass..[now my Wife of 54 years married!].

    I took the pics as a reference to learn how to drive the camera,cos it seemed complicated,at the time!!

    It hadn't been built very lang,then I took more pics after it was restored and the Murals were painted in recent years..aal post them if a can find them.

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  2. Just caught up,better late than never!

    Jimmy Nichol was the biggest lad in the class then,it seems,and by 1960,he was the biggest Coalfiller at Choppington High Pit,and his looks have never changed!

    He was a commanding figure among the men,I saw him a few years ago at Amble boot sale,this may have been 50 years after the High Pit closed in 1965,and he was STILL  a big canny fella ,very sociable,and easy to get on with!! Some folk nivvor change!

    When a moved to West Terrace in Stakeford,in 1970,me Nybors  a couple of doors alang,were the Yeouart Family.

    Mr and Mrs Yeouart had a Family of Nine,if a remember correctly,and Mr Yeouart,and his Sons,were aal in the Ashington Male Voice Choir.

    On a Saturday night,they used to come home from the Roughton Club,owa the road,tanked up,put tha arms aroond each other's shoulders,in a circle,and launch into song,Acapella,Barbershop style,and they Harmonised beautifully !

    A was ,and still am,a teetotaller,and a used ti stand just inside me yard gate,and watch them,and listen in awe,as a musician mesel',at the skill of aal these tipsy big fellas,singing with such tone and feeling,and exactly on pitch...for being a wee bit owa the top wi the beer!!

    Aa was only 24 yrs aad at the time,and they aal seemed like aad men,but in reality,with life's perspective,they might have only been in their late 30's or 40's !!

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  3. Heh heh!..Derek ye aad bugga!!Hoo are ye keeping?

    A can picture ye as a young whippersnapper on the Butt on R22's alang wi Geordie Burt on the other Butt, Fishy,The Womble, Sandy,Brian,and tha Marra's up the pig cree of a Fyess that was 22's!!

    Aye the work and conditions were atrocious,but the banter and Comradeship were second ti none weren't they?


    Billy Allison the ex-Deputy!

  4. Hi Alan,a canna name anybody,but wat caught me eye was the Dinner dance ticket for the Mason's.

    Aboot six years after that ticket was printed,my Group played for the Masons Annual Dinner Dance,at the Marketplace Club.

    In them days,the Masons were like a secret society.

    Wat a surprise aa got when we went in early to set wor gear up on stage,when we were set up,we went aroond the tables,that were also laid oot really fine,lika aa had nivvor seen thi likes of before.

    Aal silverware,and flooers on the tyebles,napkins in rings...thi lot.

    Wor Mothers had a hard time feeding us and paying the rent,and there was aal this finery!

    But that wasn't thi surprise....THAT, was WHOSE nametags were at the dinnerplaces on aal the tables...!

    "His Worshipful Master"....top of table number one ,below the stage centre...wor tally/time clerk at the Bedlington Aad Pit!

    "His Worshipful Brother"..further alang,....Shunter on the surface,at Choppington High Pit..[a rotten aad raggy-arsed sod who took me catapult off me,when a was just 15yrs aad,and a was just firing chippings up in the timber yard at bait-time....daing nae harm..!..[but Paddy Purcell  who was in charge of me med him gie it back ti me and telt him ti mind he's aan business!!]....and HE was in Mason's dress that neet,and Aa was on stage entertaining HIM!...mind he was quiet as a moose after that..aal pussy-footing ti me,in case a telt thi pit aboot im...which a didn't!

    "His Worshipful Brother"...doon the aisle a bit....WOR N.U.M.Branch Secretary!..at the High Pit.[loveliest fella ye cud ever wish ti meet!]

    ....and others...so it was a bit of an eye-opener!

    They are openly inviting people in noo...gud charitable organisation....so a hear....aav still got the Posters what they used ti put in the glass case just inside the doors at aal the clubs,in them days....Happy days...sorry digressing,and nae actual help from me!

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