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News Article Comments posted by HIGH PIT WILMA

  1. Sad to see another part of our town pass on,but Joan and her staff should have medals for their service to Bedlington for all the decades that they have been top - notch!!,and Joan deserves a happy retirement!

    They,together with Matty Robinsons,built Bedlington between them.if you wanted a pink Elephant,they would try to get you one!!

    I built my Wife a little bedside cabinet,and covered it with the "New" fashionable Quilted effect white "Fablon"[?],vinyl type of material!!!...in 1968-ish,my first project after we got married..with very little money!

    As the years went by,I practically re-built my house from Keenleysides materials...!

    Joan and young Morris were always there to help me sort out exactly what I needed,along with free advice...!

    I wish Joan,and the Staff,all the very best and will be calling in to say thanks!

    To  Russell,I will give you a big nod on the road if we pass...keep riding safe!!

    Cheers to all!

    Bill Allison.

  2. Echoes of the past...first my old school....the Whitley Memorial...many years ago.....now my last school...[it was Westridge then..].....St Benet Biscop.

    As I said in the topic of the last arson attack on the kids summer house at the Whitley,if the arsonists want ti play wi fire...put them inside a bonfire on November 5th,and light it!

    Cheapest and quickest way ti get shot of scum!

    That's my personal opinion.

  3. Good to see the Police taking positive action against these criminals,and I think that this stupid "under-age" law desperately needs changing.

    If a thirteen year old "kid",knows how to break into someone else's property,and is out through the night doing it,he should be named and have the same slap on the hand as "adults" who commit the same crimes.

    I pity for the Police,when after a lot of work done to convict these criminals,the offenders just get light sentences,or no sentence at all.

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