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  1. Andy is "Putting" or taking the tub outbye to a landing,where several full tubs would be coupled up,usually a set of six,where a "Driver" with a bigger horse would pull the set outbye from the landing to the shaft bottom,to be sent to Bank in the cages.Andy is going downhill when the pic was taken,as he has a wooden "Dreg" in the rear wheels to help slow the tub from over running the horse,even though the Limbers,["Limma's"] used to control the tub ,also the "Backstrap" on the Horse's Gears,around his rear end and fastened to his Bellyband...that pushed up against the Horse's rear flanks,and when he felt the pressure,he automatically pushed back against it and set his legs ..another great pic!
  2. One of my Neighbours at Hollymount Square,in the early 1950's was a fella called "Aad Singer Dixon" ,and he was one of the Horsekeeper's from the year Dot,they used to say..and this guy looks like him to my mind..I was only three years old when we moved there,but I grew up with the Dixons,until I got Married in 1967,but Singer had sadly Passed away by then. I remember his Grandson Brian visiting every other night,with his Parents,and through the windows at night we used to hear Old Singer shouting ,as he waved his family off for the night ..."Gudneet,see ye thi morn!"..I can hear his voice noo as a type!! The horse's Collar and Yemsicks can just be seen at the right side hanging on the hook. Great Pic! Cheers Bill.
  3. Note their pants!!.."Fustons"...indestructible thick warm material,most Miners wore Fustons,it was like ...what else wud ye wear doon a black hole?...not ya Wedding Suit! See the Steel corrugated Straps,[or "Planks"] holding the roof up? They were 6' long and canny heavy! Aboot three or four years ago,me and LBJ [me wee Lab x Dog],were waaking back from owa the Bomar fields ahent wor hoose,and a got me eye on summick familiar,sticking oot the thick bushes,next ti the Farmer's fence.A howked on and pulled it oot,it was one of these steel straps,bent at right angles,wi the weight of the roof underground,and it came from the Bomar pit heaps when they levelled it oot..noo hoo it ended up where it was owa the field a divvent knaa,but a fetched it yem on me shoulder,and mind,a was knackered when a got back yem!A hae it at the bottom of me garden as a feature,next ti me fence!! Just a little reminder of when a was strong enough ti lift them with one hand up ti the roof,and put a Lazy-Man prop in ti haad it there,so ye cud knock a prop in at each end to support the roof.[When a was in me Twenties - Forties...!] The Dr Pit was a "Naked Lamp Mine",under the M n Q Act 1954, so Willie Ward was ok using a Flashgun doon the pit,but wadn't hae been allowed doon any other "Flame Safety Regs " Pit.
  4. Aye,James,the metal canister held 5 lbs of Explosive Cartridges,what we ,[the miners] referred to as "Sticks o' Pooda"..[Powder]. That was the Legal limit that a miner was allowed to carry,under the "Mines and Quarries Act 1954"..of course,like any other Industry,rules were made to be broken! Down the Three-Quarter seam,at Bates,in the early 1970's,I used to be hurrying inbye to fire the Solid Drivage Maingate or Tailgate,or Back Drift,[1-in-4 gradient!],carrying a 50 lb Box of Polar Ajax,[33% Nitro-Glycerine..],under one arm,another 50lb Box on the other shoulder,and TWO - 10LB Packs ,one each side inside of my Overalls!! So I was carrying 120 lbs of High Explosives,with my Glennie on my belt,my Self-rescuer,also on my belt,my Caplamp and Battery,which weighed 9lbs...Heh heh...I was only in my Thirties,and strong as an Ox!! Noo,aam nearly 77 yrs aad,and a canna lift me aan shadow! Four feet of lovely clean coal here,maybe 4' -6" ,and great dry conditions,gud hard laminated Sandy Post Stone..with a wee bit of Blue on top of the Seam. A great pic of times gone by! Thanks for posting it! Bill.
  5. Hi Alan, thanks for sending this excellent, very rare, piece of historical Mining Memorabilia! I learned how to use the Vicious Sylvester from my first weeks down Seaton Burn Colliery, at the training gallery, underground, in 1959.It was designated specifically, as a pulling device, and lifting anthing with it was strictly forbidden.. well!.. theoretically! Although it was against the law to use it for lifting machinery, etc, what else could you use, if there was nothing else but the Sylvester! So! It was used for lifting, and over the years many lads lost fingers and thumbs at the very least, and at worst, some were knocked unconcious, and suffered fractured Skulls and Jaws, due to the "Butterfly" catch slipping and either taking fingers into the Sword, or the handle being viciously lashed forward by the weight of whatever was being lifted, usually a Coal cutter Stator, or a Conveyor belt Drive Head.. One lad at Bates, called Peter Brock, was using it correctly, pulling a conveyor belt return boxend, to tighten up the belt, to get it to run. Somehow, bizzarely, the Butterfly catch slipped, as it often did, and took Peter's thumb clean off. The Deputy dressed his hand, which was bleeding through the dressings, and as the Deputy went to phone the surface control centre, to organise an Ambulance, Peter said, seriously, to the Deputy, Eddie, aal just gaan and pull the boxend back, and get the belt gaanin.... The Deputy said a knaa wheor ye are gaaning, and its THIS way.. (pointing in the outbye direction!). Peter was back at work within a few weeks! If you ever saw a flicknife blade fly out, well, the Sylvester handle flew faster than that, it really was a vicious device, and by the later years, they were banned from use altogether.. but we still them had till the pits closed!
  6. Definitly Andy Sanderson, Alan, he went onto Deputy work after aa came back into thi NUM.. and he was wor Deputy when we were winning oot new coalfaces. It wasn't his job, but after he fired wa coal doon, he used ti hoy he's jacket off, pick a big fillers shuul up and start filling wa coal off onti thi conveyor belt. He was a hell of a coalfiller! When thi pit closed, he used to run his Wife's Wool Stall in Blyth old Market, in thi days when thi Market was choc ablock!! Wor lass really liked Andy, cos he was that quiet and sociable, but she used ti say Billy, wa in a hurry, divvent taak ti naebody, or thi Market will be closed afore we get aroond! Those were the days when Blyth was full everywhere wi shoppers! Aye, unmistakeable, Andy!! Cheers Bill.
  7. Hi Alan,thanks for the notification,Bob Boyd is absoloutely spot on! When I was a Deputy/Face/Seam overman [ on relief ] ,at Bates Pit,I worked with all of these lads except Nicky,and John.Jack Cane was the only old school Deputy of longstanding,he was a Deputy at Bedlington Aad Pit,many years before ever gaan ti Bates! All the others on the pic went onto Deputy /Overman work after I was a Deputy there.Alan Taylor ,Old George Harrison,[sadly Deceased R.I.P. Geordie],and Myself,were the pioneers of driving the new 3/4 Drift down to reach the 3/4 R Seam.We opened up the two main roadways in the most atrocious wet conditions,so bad,that when some men from the dry Plessey Seam were deployed to go down the Drift,they told the Overman to stick a rest day in for them,cos no way were they going to go down that wet cold hell-hole!!..and they would go back outbye and back to bank,away home! If Alan can remember,he would bear me out on that one!!..it sure was the most depressing place to be any time of day,but especially at 12-0 midnight on a Sunday night [Foreshift]. You just need to study this pic,to see who worked where!! Start with Jacky Cane [Plessey Deputy],not a bit o clarts nae where,even he's kneepads are polished!then look at Alan,Eddie,Davy,Lol,Micky...sad to hear of Mick's passing,he was a smashing natured lad,as were most of these lads on here. R.I.P. MICK.THOMPSON
  8. The noisy bikers musta knaan the chopper was tekking picta's!!..nae sign o thim or tha smoke screens....!
  9. ...hmmm...mebe lukking at it again,it might be THE DUN COO pub..a while since a been up that way!..when a was a bairn,tha was aboot 20-odd pubs and clubs up Bedltn main street,and a canna ivvor mind o any drunkards coming oot them and causing bother..they were mostly aal pitmen,oot ti wet tha dusty throats!! ..
  10. That little square opposite the La Torre Restaraunt..[Black Bull Pub ti me!!..unless aam mistaken!] is Hollymoont Square where a was browt up from aged 3 yrs till a got married in 1967.See hoo far it is stryght doon the Bedltn Bank and we were inti the woods..a kids magic haven!![in the very 1950's..not lang after the war ended].
  11. Heh heh Alan,great stuff isn't it,afore Wor Deano went ti Norfolk last March,he lived with us,and one day he came through inti the sitting room showing me his new phone wi at Nav on,and it was accurate to two Meres!He waaked across wor floor,two steps and it showed his position aside the telly..scary! We dinna gaan up thi Black Path ti thi top..it wud kill me! we gaan ti the second seat ,have a blaa,luk for Squirrels,and come bak doon..we saw Pete and his Wife one day..we just stopped ti taak ti these two strangers...and it turned oot ti be Pete!Strange co-incidence!
  12. Happy Borthdi Cl.. late as ever! Hope ye had a nice yin! Also hope ye are both keepin weel! Luv frae HPW and C xx
  13. Beware when walking down or up, the " Black Path",which leads from the car park at the bottom of the Furnace Bank,up to the Beattie Road,Hollymount Terrace area. It is being frequented by the same idiotic set of Wimpy Snowflake "Off Road" bikers,who have no consideration at all for the environment,nor the wildlife,nor those of us who just want a nice quiet walk up through the woods to excercise,and to watch for wildlife. They have removed the Baffles from the exhausts of their bikes,to sound "cool",and they can be heard from over a mile away,as the noise echoes through the wooded valley. The "Amusing" part is,the bikes are TWO-STROKE machines,which depend upon the back -pressure of the Exhaust system,to ensure smooth and efficient operation,and the removal of the baffles is the reason why they are riding by, constantly revving a dying engine as they slow down to get past..ironically,they seem to be polite as they go past and give a nod to us for going out of our way onto the grassy bank,to allow them to pass! I am not a killjoy,and enjoy riding my bike,when the time comes that I might be allowed to get out again,but these kids,are blatantly breaking every motoring and lockdown law in the book...No number plates,no tax,probably no Insurance or Mot,excessive noise,and smoke pollution,riding on prohibited pedestrian walkways, a danger to the public,riding a motorcucle "Two-up",where there is no provision for a pillion passenger..[pillion riding with both legs splayed out...no footrests]..etc etc! I have made my mind up that if I witness one go out of control and end up in the river,I will carry on walking with my terrified Wife,who has been so scared of these people running into her Mobility scooter,that she doesn't want to go back..but I am adamant that we have the right to be there,THEY DON'T!. The Police force are stretched now,so it isn't going to prevent these people ,cos they know they can get away with it. So,all I am saying is,watch how you go if you decide to take excercise down there!!
  14. AND IT HAS!..THIS IS JUST THE START!! A friend of mine saw aboot 6000 people waakin alang the sea front between Whitley Bay and Tynemooth on Sunday..nae social distancing..lots of groups of young'uns of between six ti twenty in number. They are literally killing people as if they put a gun or knife to the innocent folks who are obeying the law. Folk are calling the Govt,aam not politically motivated at aal but it's common sense..it's NOT the Govt,it is the rebels and the ignorant among us,if there was a deep pit in the pavement,and ye said ti them divvent step inti that hole,wad they disobey and faal inti the hole.? Rant owa!! [but Justified aa think!] Apart from aal that,a hope we aal have a better year than we had last yeor!!
  15. Alan,wi reference to ya top ten,can wi mek it top twenty?...heres numba elivin... [11] "I WANT TO BREAK FREE" [Freddie Mercury] [ 12 ] " ALL ALONE AM I.." [Brenda Lee ] [ 13 ] " YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE" [ ...NEED A SAY?!!] [ 14 ] " TURNING BACK..THE HANDS OF TIME.." [ NEIL SEDAKA ] [ 15 ] "PLEASE STAY " [ DUFFY ] ..........and thinking...!!
  16. Aal thi Best Alan,and to all our good friends on here! Noo that wa gettn a wee bit o Canny Lass,and Vic n Dot weather,a think aal keep me fleece on....mind it's ownly at thi back and sides,and a bit o Mr Charlton on the top! Thi Warfarin meks me freezing caad, so me aad fashind trapper hat wi furry insides and lug flaps is a godsend!![luks bliddy glaaky but who cares?!!]
  17. Hi Folks! A went ti Todd,s Barbers at the top-end just afore Christmas,and Leanne wasn't there...blinds pulled doon,she shudda been oppen..hope she is aalreet and and not doon wi any bugs... Aal thi best folks! Hope we have a better year in 2021!
  18. On reflection, maybe I read the OP wrong, he is referring to a house which used to be a shop.. Apologies for misinformation.
  19. A bit late as usual, but I think the shop referrred to, is the Deli, which was Dave the Butchers, from as far back as 1970,which was the year I moved into West Terrace, a few yards away. Dave spent every minute of his free time, including his Wednesday afternoons off, building up the upper floor above the shop, converting it into a bigger flat with front and rear huge dormer windows. He then built up the garage and shop rear extension, over a couple of years or more. He told me he was saving around £9,000 by doing the work himself. He did all the loft conversion to building standards, and the Building Inspectors never had cause to instruct any remedial or retro alterations, they were satisfied at every stage. Dave lost his Wife Sylvia after a long period of illness, some time ago. Hope I am not too late to have been of any help.
  20. Too true Alan!That's the way it was before PC came alang...a got clipped and belted any amoont o times,AND caned at schyuul,for piddly little things like stepping on the Schyuul grass in winter ,when it was oot o boonds,ti get wa baal...a dinna think one foot on the edge of the grass was gaana destroy the field..ye canna kill the sod off wi weedkiller nivvor mind puttin one foot on the bugga!!...naa...it was wa perverted Paedo Heedmaster hoo used ti not just cane ye,but actually terrorised ye for ten minutes before actually thrashing ya fingers wi he's cane.Aye...THAT was another Loathe!! ...a bit late..pity wi didnae hae this site in them days eh?!! Did ye see thi news thi neet?...doon Northumberland Street at thi toon?...it was heaving!! ..just wait....the Spike will come!! Cheers Alan!
  21. Er!!,Alan,a was referring ti Abdul...! A didn't realise a was on the wrang page! ..guess a lost aal me points wat a hevnt won yit...plus me street cred!!
  22. Ha Ha ! Nice ones, but Alan......[ a went ouch!!...gettn neaar...!!] Aam a bit late as usual ,folks,and a canna guarantee aal be here on Teeuusssdi.....[ Grommit!]...so here is my tuppenceworth...aa been seriously thinking,and looking aroond ivrywheor a gaan and a got ti thinking...for their trade to be recognised ...Bank Robbers wud hae ti gaan inti thi Bank wi NAE Masks on........! [Whey AAA thowt it was funny!!..and so did wor lass!!] HEH HEH!! CHEERS FOLKS!!
  23. Alan,after signing off,a just caught the post above with Eddie Oliver's Photo. A first met Eddie in 1971 when a went on to Deputy -Work at Bates. Eddie was part of a face team on 84's Coalface at the Beaumont Seam. From day one,we got on weel with one another,considering that I was posted on the Face just as the Overtime Ban was coming into force prior to the 1972 Miner's Strike..and a lot of the men had their hooks into the Deputies. When the face teams became awkward to work with,and kept stopping coalwork deliberately,to strengthen the point that they could win the strike,Eddie was one of only a few who remained really pleasant to work with . As time went by,and I went back onto the N.U.M.,Eddie went onto Deputy Work,then HE was in charge of me sometimes..a complete role-reversal!! I cannot find a single wrong word to say about Eddie, a lovely Smiley,gud-natured fella,and I will say this to Bethany ,you were blessed to have had such a lovely Grandad. He was a pleasure to work with. R.I.P. Eddie Oliver. Bill.
  24. Hi Alan,aav seen this photo,a knaa a few of the lads faces,but just canna bring tha nyems ti mind!!...it's frustrating...aad age!! Thanks for notifying me Al. Hope ye are keeping aalreet! Cheers! Bill.
  25. Loathe..all these idiots who are having mass gatherings,and risking the lives of our front line workers in the NHS,and our Police Forces,and who deliberately break the lockdown rules....cos they must think it's "Cool"..
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