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  1. Merry Christmas to all my gud friends on wor great channel!...Nice ti see ye back Brian..mind aav been idle an aal...but aam chinkaplonka,it's looking after Cath full on noo,that limits time for me..nivvor mind,one thing a wud like ti remind ye aal...if ye get tipsy,keep ya phones switched off!!...aam a teetotaller,so aam fully aware constantly......aav had aboot a dozen scam texts and calls owa the last few months,more so this last few weeks..from Lloyds Bank..[supposedly!],Royal Mail wanting 2 quid for a parcel ti be redelivered..[nonsense!]Hermes,[same thing],and just last week and today,a text saying "I think you are in this Video"..beware that one,my marras have fallen for it,thinking it was from old Pit Marras,but it scans all your contacts....I dont know if this has been covered already,apologies if it has,better be safe than scammed! Cheers and all the best folks! Bill and Cath xx
  2. Wow! What an interesting article!...pleased I just caught up with it now! Thanks for posting it Kev! Cheers,Bill.
  3. Merry Christmas,and a happy new year to all,if we get that far!! Hope to be seeing you all a bit more next year,past two years have been disastrous ,healthwise,with my Wife. The NHS have been absoloutely MAGNIFICENT ,between Wansbeck,The RVI,The Freeman,and The Mount at Morpeth,all the Consultants and Staff,all the way down the ranks,deserve medals,solid gold ones the size of dustbin lids! My Wife and me hope the NHS gets the Appreciation,and funding that it deserves Nationally. ALL THE BEST! Bill.
  4. Hi Folks, as a bairn we roamed the area, and played aroond aal thi pits in the area. If ye went UP the Netherton Lonnen from the Choppingtin road, the Francis Pit old Mine shaft and Winder tower stood on the Left side of the lonnen, a way across the land. Us kids used ti shoogle alang the rails that were laid over the open shaft, and throw stones doon the shaft, ti hear the booming sounds of the stones hitting the shaft walls as they went doin aboot a thoosand feet! My Brother in law had the Ranch, on that same land, where he reared Pigs, Geese, Hens, Turkeys, and his Mother Katie Bell lived in the Colliery raas. I was 12 yrs aad in 1956 when a used ti help him on the Ranch after school sometimes.
  5. Hi Marra's, I played with, Ronnie Leyland, and Alan Wilkinson, from my first day at the Village Infants School, Church Lane, from 1949,I sat next to Alan in the same desk all our school lives, and played doon the woods after school. They lived next door to each other in Millbank Place. My oldest (Deceased) Sister, played with and went to school with Millie Madison.. a lovely family, they live right across the green at the back row of houses. I knew Alan Maguire well, and grew up with him but were they not Catholics, i. e not Whitley Schoolers? There was a Bob Lyall Electrician at Bates, smashing natured lad, (as was Alan Maguire!) There was over a hundred of us lads from Millbank, the Haig and Beattie roads, the Hollymoonters, the Millfielders, and we aal just got on wi each other.. it was nowt like ye hear nooadays... lassies arranging ambush on a disabled lad and inciting lads to kill him.. what hae we cum ti? Tony, ye are reet thi aad folks used ti say ti us bairns, aye, we had nowt, but we were happy... Whey, lukkin back, we cud say the syem thing! WE had nowt eetha, rations were on, not even a jam sammidge till teatime, but we played oot aal day doon the woods, owa thi opencast mine, doon Barntin Tip... THI TIP!! lukking for pram wheels ti mek a bony! They were happy days!
  6. Dinna worry lilbil15, we 'll get there even if we hae ti gaan back ti two tins and a bit o strrring!
  7. Hi Folks, the only thing I recognise, is the Jordans Coach!.. aam I right?! Brian and Rob Redpath were my school, and home friends, lived in Hollymount Square, Brian qas in my class, and on the Infant School 1950 photo, but I never knew their Dad's names.. well, we were brought up with respect, to call older people.. Mr, and Mrs!.. such was life back then!
  8. Aahh! lilbill, a really appreciate ya kindness, but aam as stubborn as they come, My Family GP, the Consultants in Cramlington Hospital a fortnight ago, Nurses, even my Gud Nybors have aal said the same, I really shud have help, but as lang as aam on me two legs.. aal manage! A canna express me gratitude enough, towards aal the caring kind folk like yasell, mind, right from the first lockdoon, last March, in 2020,me two sets of Nybors, have tekkin torns daeing shopping for Cath and Me, owa a yeor and a haaf!! Cos we were classed as vulnerable, but we have both been double stabbed, and feel a lot more confident noo. Thas only ten hooses in wor street, and every nybor has said Bill, just ring or put a shopping list through the door, if ye need owt! Wa really spoilt! Cheers!
  9. Aav got a, short Dvd video, of The Opencast site, which was apparently an old 8mm Cine film reel, which somebody rescued from a skip, and had transferred it ti Dvd. A think the Six Townships were selling it, and my Wife got it for me for Xmas, a few years ago. It shows the 42 ton Coal Haulers crossing the river bridge, and proved what a told me two Sons, and me Wife, for years, aboot the centre span of the bridge bouncing up and doon like a Yo-Yo!. as the Coal Haulers went across the bridge! Amazing Engineering, those Bailey bridges, and a never saw another one for another 50-odd yrs, till they renovated the old bridge at Rothbury, a few years ago, and they built a temporary Bailey bridge next ti thi aad yin, so they could close the aad yin ti start work on it. A took hundreds of photos and videos of the different stages of work in progress, every time we went from the Caravan owa ti Rothbury! The design of the Bailey Bridge sections hasnt changed one bit since a first saw them in the mid.. 1950's.. right up ti thi present day!.. Well, if it ain't broke... dinna fix it!!!
  10. Great ti see this aal again, wat a blast from thi past! Tha used ti 100,000People gathering in Bedlington, in them days, aal the pubs and clubs packed oot, and just the odd one or two arrests for drunk and disorderly! lilbill, me wee dog was a Lakeland Terrier Spaniel/cross, mostly Spaniel to look at, temper of a terrier, if another dog crossed him, but otherwise gentle as a lamb! Micky was his name, and me and him roamed them Woods, and aal the fields, wa two selves.. like Elvis and Old Shep!! He used ti sleep aside the coal fire, cuddled up wi me Cat, Tiddles, snuggled tigitha, and when Tiddles had a litter, Micky used ti lie with his front paws around the kittens, guarding them like hell! When they were just born, he used to preen them, by licking them aal thi time, and not even me dare gaan near them for the first few days.. he wud growl at me or anybody else who went near! But as soon as the kittens started wandering, after a few days, he used ti pick them up and carry them back to their Mother, and wag he's tail, like Spaniels dae! Old Dr Hickey used ti call in just ti say hello, is everybody all right, Jean, (my Mother), and he used ti marvel seeing Mickey nursing the kittens, and he wud say, Well, I've never seen anything like that in my life!.. and he bred Greyhounds aal his life! I had Mickey and Tiddles from aboot Four years old, till a was aboot Twelve years old, when that swine raced up Bedlington main street like a maniac, same as aal his marra' s, on bonus work, and couldn't stop his worn oot banger of a lorry. Everybody used ti complain aboot Tulips aad smoky noisy battered aad lorries. the driver got oot, callously pulled my Micky ti the roadside, and got in his wagon and buggaad off, leaving me sobbing wi me dying dog. A carried him aroond home and he was lifting his head, bleeding heavily, and he was gone as a reached me hoose gate. Aav never forgotten him, and a well up every time a think of that day, around 1956.Noo aam 77yrs old, and a well up instantly when a think of me last litte darlin'... LBJ.. everybody on here knew LBJ, though they never met her.. Little Black Jess. Alan, seems like aam back!.... off topic, am an Allison, we are aal thi syem, we canna help it... gaan ti Newcastle ti get ti Edinburgh!
  11. Wahey! Exactly as a remembered it! Costain Mining laid this temporary road and built the two bailey bridges, this one and the river crossing one, to take coal from the opencast mine at Acorn Bank, overland to Bebside Colliery, after public complaints about coal laden lorries speeding down Bedlington, otherwise quiet, main street, one of which knocked my faithful little dog down and killed him, having nearly hit me as we crossed the road. Tulip owned the fleet of old banger lorries, and they used ti belch out black smoke screens all the way up the road, after having climbed Bedlington Bank, empty, on the way back to the Opencast site, where the Golf Course is now, but this was around 1956. The 30-ton Euclids trucks, and also 42-ton Coal Haulers, used to make the bridges bounce e up and down as if they were made of elastic! Thanks for posting Alan! Made me happy ti see it again! Cheers Bill.
  12. Luvly photo,Cambois Beach?...aah!!..just spotted the windmills on the horizon,and the perspective suggests ti me that this could be Newbiggin,maybe!
  13. Tony,if ye are still in there,aav had another gud luk and a still canna place anybody else. A sat next to Ronnie Helmsley,at the Whitley School,in the 1950's and my Aader Brother was in Ronnie's Aader Brother's class,Dennis Helmsley,and they knocked aroond tigitha efta Schyuul at neets!
  14. Just caught up,better late than never! Jimmy Nichol was the biggest lad in the class then,it seems,and by 1960,he was the biggest Coalfiller at Choppington High Pit,and his looks have never changed! He was a commanding figure among the men,I saw him a few years ago at Amble boot sale,this may have been 50 years after the High Pit closed in 1965,and he was STILL a big canny fella ,very sociable,and easy to get on with!! Some folk nivvor change! When a moved to West Terrace in Stakeford,in 1970,me Nybors a couple of doors alang,were the Yeouart Family. Mr and Mrs Yeouart had a Family of Nine,if a remember correctly,and Mr Yeouart,and his Sons,were aal in the Ashington Male Voice Choir. On a Saturday night,they used to come home from the Roughton Club,owa the road,tanked up,put tha arms aroond each other's shoulders,in a circle,and launch into song,Acapella,Barbershop style,and they Harmonised beautifully ! A was ,and still am,a teetotaller,and a used ti stand just inside me yard gate,and watch them,and listen in awe,as a musician mesel',at the skill of aal these tipsy big fellas,singing with such tone and feeling,and exactly on pitch...for being a wee bit owa the top wi the beer!! Aa was only 24 yrs aad at the time,and they aal seemed like aad men,but in reality,with life's perspective,they might have only been in their late 30's or 40's !!
  15. Bit late in catching up,Tony,a canna place any of these lads at aal!
  16. The Heron Family were a lovely set of neighbours to have,young Frankie,and Jackie,pictured her,were two fine lads,Frankie always had his camera oot in the street recording family and Community life as it was in the late 940's and through the 1950's.We have him to thank,as well as recently deceased Billy Wright,our next door neighbour,for our family photographs as well as all our young friends playing together on warm summer nights in Hollymount Square! A wudn't mind betting either Billy Wright took this pic,or Frankie gave his camera to somebody else to take it with him on it!
  17. Aaah!,I'm afraid I am a bit too young[!!],for this yin!! It looks like a Charabanc tip oot,aal the cheps hae tha queer coats wi one button fastened at the top,and it looks like a tent at the left hand side..wudn't mind betting it was a beer tent!! A boozy trip,they used ti caal i in the aad days,even when aa was a bairn! The neighbourhood would aal pay a few coppers a week,ti the one who organised trips ,usually ti Blackpool,once a year..! My guess wud be aroond the 1940's for this one,maybe a bit earlier.
  18. Picnic Day,in the mid-late 1950's,possibly very early 1960's,the Bailey Bridge over the road down Bedlington Bank was supported by two sets of pillars constructed from concrete drainage pipe sections filled with re-enforcing rods and solid concrete infills. The pillars were about three or four feet in diameter,and us kids watched the crews building these bridges [the river one also..on Greenheart wood Trestles..]. You can see Hunter's Farm house ,it's actually on the left side of the road,but perspective makes it look like it is on the right!..the field in the foreground,is Hunter's field,taken from the near top of Bedlington Bank. The Rostrum in the picnic field can just be seen over the built-up opencast road,and the white pillar under the bridge is what I have just described. The main road is out of sight ,and is to the right of the pic,and winds down to go under the Bailey bridge and over the river Blyth.
  19. C'mon, li'l bill15,get ya wings gannin! Eager to see mair pics like this yin!! Thanks a lot for posting this'un..!!
  20. Hi Folks! Just caught up,been off due to health issues with both myself and my Wife! I reckon this pic dates back to the early-mid 1950's. The foreground field is where we used to walk through to get to a break in the hedge along the side of the picnic field,in the days long before it became Attlee Park,and before the concrete rostrum was built. The Council used to clear the cows out of the field,mow it,and build a temporary rostrum with scaffolding poles,and I think it was before steel poles came into use..they used wood poles lashed with ropes for the new Council House building programmes after the War,and I am sure they used the same method to put the speech platform up on picnic days. The Canopies are just visible in the left side in the mid-ground of the pic. The foreground field is now the tarmac'd car park at the bottom right of Bedlington Bank. Hunter's Farm and field was on the left side of the road,where the lovely house now stands ,opposite the field shown here. We kids were terrified of old Hunter,the Farmer,cos the older lads told us he had a Jelly gun,and would shoot you with it if he caught you in his field,and you couldn't get the jelly off your body!! Notice how lovely and thick the old free woods were before the thinning out programme started,in order to create the park and woodwalks. I spent me Childhood down this Field,and the woods,from Five years old!! We used to walk down the Bedlington Bank from Hollymount Square,no traffic,or very sparing traffic,at the least,mostly horse and cart traffic in those days...1949-- on!! Happy Days!!
  21. Hi Vic,the reality of losing "Wor" Doreen,hasn't really sunk in,after I got your message,I still think she will be there ti keep ye reet,but even though we haven't seen each other for all them years,ye canna wipe oot treasured memories,they stay here in ya heart forever. Doreen and me were like Brother and Sister,along wi Maureen,from three years old,Home Pals,School Pals,just there aal thi time..long Summer nights playing in the square are firmly embedded in my mind. My heart goes out to you and your family Vic,my Wife,Cathy,sends her love also,she is suffering ill health also through the effects of Major Seizures,losing her memory is one of the side effects of all this,so she can't remember any of the old days,or her Childhood,and even what happened yesterday,but she does remember me telling her of my old friend Doreen's Passing,and was so sorry to hear the sad news. All I can say is,Vic,stay strong,Marra,keep those memories close to your heart,and remember how well liked Doreen was over here by those who were her friends. Could you also tell Maureen,we lost another dear old friend recently,Joan Bell..[she was married to Josie Reed,although Maureen might not remember Josie..they were a lovely couple..] How can I begin to say Cheers Marra...doesn't seem right...Kindest regards Vic Bill and Cathy xx
  22. @ lilbill15..me Son loves the Red Het Chilli Peppors,a great Band he says......er!....ye DAE mean the band...daein't ye?!!!
  23. Howw Man,wa Geordie folks on this site,[whey...my Son keeps correcting me...wa not Geordies at aal...wa Northumbrians!! ...wat thi hell!!]...wat does toot de sweetie mean in punds shullin's ind pence?!!....n wa not Frogs eetha!!Heh heh...nea disrespect..ignorance is bliss we used ti say!! When aa was 15 yrs aad,in 1959,a used ti waak from Hollymoont Square,in the deep snaa,when the Buses were laid off,and waak up the Railway [Tanky]line from the Low Pit,at Scotland Gate,reet up ti the High Pit,a stryght mile,mind that WAS hard work,trudging through Snaa two feet deep and deeper wheor the snaa had drifted![ a total of Fower Miles,afore wi even clocked on!!] The point of aal this is,we wad nivvor hae thowt that one day,ye wadn't see the line,for a lovely wood waak,the Friends of Choppingtin Woods have worked a miracle in creating that haven!! But a canna help but think,when a used ti gaan up the entrance road from Guide Post road,[the PIT ROAD!!]wi LBJ,a used ti stop where the Pit Baths were,and reminisce,get me bearings reet,the Winder Hoose was owa theor,[a gud aad Steam Winder..100 yrs aad!],the Timber Yard doon heor,and the Lamp Cabin and Tally Cabins owa thoer....!! A detested that pit,but noo that a haven't got wee LBJ,ti get me oot,a have luvly memories of gaan doon thon woods in the orly mornin sunleet..Magic!! Aye,Alan's the BUGGER ti see if ye waant ti knaa owt aboot Barn'tin!! Cheers Folks!! HPW.[absent a lot,but still kicking aboot!]
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