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  1. Hi Alan, gaan through a rough patch, please nivvor think that aav deserted!... (mebbe AWOL!!.. heh heh!) Noo! When a was a pit Deputy, a was in charge of John Bennett, and Gordon,and Dicky, his two Brothers. We all worked doon the Three Quarter seam.. among seawaata n clarts and bad roof stone.. as time went by, after seven years as a Deputy/Overman, I went back into the NUM, as a Composite man, and funnily enough, both John and Gordon WENT onto Deputy work.. John eventually became an Overman, the man who was in overall charge of the face, or the whole seam, but only responsible for Coal Production. The Deputy was solely responsible for the Safety, Health, and Welfare of the men under his charge, and directly responsible to Her Majesty's Government Inspectorate of Mines and Quarries. Not even the Manager had that responsibilty.. no-one except the Deputy..! Anyway, Gordon was our Deputy when I took these pit photos, he was down in another part of the seam, or I would have had him on the pics as well.. he was a great guy.. gud worker.. nice natured.. helped us all thi time... lost a lot of sweat every day... he used to say, it was thi beer coming oot of him! I haven't seen any of them for years.
  2. Thanks Alan, it's intriguing me noo aav thowt aboot it!
  3. Another memory was jogged ,on the right hand side,at thi top of the bank,them hooses have a walkway built -up so each hoose has a pavement ootside their door. Whey,cos thi bank gaans away doon-owa,and the path is horizontal,a waal is formed,getting higher as yi come doon the bank. Whey, one day,when a was a wee bairn,me aulder Brother,[by exactly three years,born on the syem day!!],was poking aroond in thi holes in thi waal,cos Starlings used ti nest in the holes every year.[in the days when we used ti gaan bird-nesting for eggs.] He got excited this day when a Farthing came oot thi hole alang wi bits o' muck at the end of his stick that he was using as a poker. Whey Farthings were still legal currency,so he kept on poking at thi hole wi he's black-handled Jack-knife.[ye knaa..thi one wi a blade at one side,and a steel slightly curved pointed "progger",at the other side...very common sight in kids' pockets, in them days!] After a while,poking thi lime mortar oot wi thi progger,and using his stick ti rake thi hole oot,he got he's hand inside,and pulled dozens of Farthings,just them,nae other coin denominations,oot thi hole!...Buried Treasure!! We got all excited and started imagining that there might be Gold and Silver treasure in other parts of the wall,so we started howking oot thi lime where could,but we only ever found old Starlings' nests!! NOO! ..there's nae reason not ti think that there COULD be a cache of coins or jewellery inside the wall,cos we never telt anybody,but there MUST have been a reason for somebody,mebbe a hundred years before,ti stash a whack of Farthings inside a hole in that wall,in the days when that amount would have been a lot of money to a poor peasant,in the days before the pits came alang!...mebbe the Bailiffs were coming ti tek aal he's belongings and ti kick him oot...like the Coal-owner's heavies did ti My Mother in 1944,when she was in Hospital having me. I was maybe seven or eight yrs old,at thi time of the treasure trove,probably 1952-ish..I wonder if you could find out when the present houses were built Alan?,and whether them hooses are the original buildings on that plot...mebbe there were ancient primitive buildings standing there before the present ones,even though they are very old. Cheers! Bill.
  4. Hi Alan,firstly,the Bates pic,No 7 is Derek Burt,a smashing really weel-liked lad,who went on deputy work and was posted back onto the face in charge of his own Marra's!!...Unconventional for that to happen,they usually sent new deputies to a different face. Derek used to shout and bawl on at the men ti keep the coal coming ...then play football with them all on a Sunday...highly unconventional,he's Marra's used ti say,jokingly,that he was "Crackers"..!! No 1 looks very much like Davy Wood who took part in the short documentary called" Report from the Northern Coalface",also featuring Alan Dixon,[one of our contributors in the past],and John Douds,who built a model of a pit in intricate detail,which also features in that documentary,and which was on display at the Woodhorn Museum a year or two ago. It's a brilliant well-made Pro. film Doc, and if ye haven't seen it Alan,it is really worth watching. It was made by "Crinkle-cut Productions", and it's advertised on the web. Noo! Thi 1956 pics doon Bedlington main street,and doon Bedlington Bank ,were taken when aa was only twelve years aad. Aa lived just aboot 30 yards doon the street and in ti Hollymount Square on the left turn in, doon Bell's Place. A divvent knaa anybody on thi pics,Alan,but a dae clearly remember an older fella,who used to dance side to side doon the road aal the way from the top-end doon ti thi Field,drunk as a newt,and there is a bit of footage of him on this gallery in one of the short cine films on one of the picnic days. But that fella did that every year!,and he was a lot older,and not as tall,as this lad,in these pics. A can only remember the one fella daeing that,Alan,a cud nivvor mind of anybody else daeing it..he was so funny,we kids used ti watch ti see where he was going to drop onto the road!! Great ti see thi aad Gas lamp on the Bank..nivvor seen that since aa was a wee skittering young ched!! If ye look closely,ye can see a hundred years..[it seemed!], worth of Graffiti on the big wall on the bank,there used ti be some great bits of artwork,only lads in the old days didn't hae spray cans of paint..not even chalk...it was aal done wi a bit o stone,or a bit of red hoose brick! ...AND!...it wasn't caaled "Graffiti"...it was just "Aal thi writin' on thi waal doon thi bank"...ti local folk....and thi Cooncil weren't bothered aboot it...they didn't mek any effort ti clean it off..the weather gradually did a lot of the clean-up. After the Wartime rations ceased,and import restrictions were relaxed, My Mother came in one day from Hemsteads,with a few bananas..the first time we had ever seen one,apart from in Bob Hope films at thi top-end pictures!...they were huge things,and as I grew up and started the pits in 1959,me Mutha used ti put 14 sammidges up for me bait,wi one banana!..YE try putting SIX sammidges up wi one Banana noo..!..aa dae ivry day for me midday bait at yem...and these wee banana's are an insult! Then another day,me eldest Sister,aged aboot 16 yrs,in the mid '50s,came in wi a Pomegranite..the name alone freaked me oot,when a was aboot ten,and it seemed weird to me that we aal sat aroond wi sewing pins,picking sweet seeds oot o this queer-lukkin' fruit! Aam digressing again Alan,but pics like this bring back floods of happy memories of me yem toon,and that bank was the gateway ti wor childhood living!.. Cheers Alan!
  5. Alan,as regards Heather needing Mining Memorabilia,I wouldn't mind any of my pics being used that doesn't have any body appearing in any of them,cos some of those Marra's are now Deceased,and others I haven't seen for years,to gain permission,but on the other hand,they are on here for the world to see! I would be happier if I knew which Home it was ,and especially if I thought it was Holmside,at Bedlington Station...cos a Heather,and her Mother used to be in Charge of that home when my Dear old Mother-in-law was residing there, a few years ago. The wee picture of Heather on her post,looks like the Heather I am talking about....cud be a million miles wrang mind! Is there any way ye cud find out for me Alan? Cheers! Bill.
  6. Hi Alan,I knew aal these lads to taak ti,but not their names,except No 2 Gordon Hickson..[definately!],and No 5,who I took for a fella caaled Billy Smith. Noo a wud gaan for the name ye have gotten from Malcom,cos he might have worked with him as a marra,I had Gordon Hickson on my Book,when I was a Deputy,and I paid his wages ,virtually,every day for about two years.Now the lad who a thought was Billy Smith,must be the double of Billy,cos what's making me think twice about this,is the Specs!...Billy didn't wear specs when he was on my books,and maybe aad age is catching up wi me memory! Ye knaa wat it's like when ya absoloutely sure,then doubt creeps in..... Cheers Alan! Bill.
  7. Alan,me post has went bold in places,and wasn't when a typed it oot! It looks as if a was trying to emphasise a point or two...not my intention at aal..just to let yi knaa,and Coatsy!! Cheers again!
  8. Hi Coatsy,and welcome to the forum,mate! Now a knaa nowt aboot football,or sport generally,but aa have had the same trouble even just trying ti find photo's of the Choppington High Pit,cos the photo on thi Info board at the entrance ti thi pit isn't the High Pit at aal! Somebody musta dug a picture of any old pit from somwhere else,ti stick on the board,just ti let visitor see what a pit looked from the top of the pit heap..or the cage wheels or whatever..there is no info to be found other than what we have on this forum,in the gallery,such as my own Father as a laddie in 1929-ish,and pictures of the houses lining the pit road. Thi photo of the Miners underground is genuine,cos aa worked with aal the men on that photo,at some time or another,when I was a young Girder lad. What I do know is that the Dreyer Family,Dor Dreyer,Freddie Dreyer,and their Fathers before them,aal played Cricket,for Choppington,and Bomarsund,Stakeford. Just wildly guessing , mind,but a lot of lads that I knew who played one sport,also excelled in others. Would a delve into the Dreyer Family's Ancestor's mebbe lead to a link with the Football club? The High Pit musta been just a tax fiddle for the Coal-owners,cos it was hidden away from sight owa the fields,and was just a wriggly tin shed set-up...with no Real investment outlay on the surface buildings,OR the underground set-up..Dangerous hell-hole altogether,so it appears no-one wanted to visit to take pics...no records of production broken,except for Joe Barratt during the war years..[another story],and no newspaper articles that I can find....just a forgotten shack of a pit...and Old Ned Cushing [the training Officer who knew my Father....in 1929!!]...said to me on the first day there,starting in the winter of 1959...."It's a canny,friendly little pit Wilma,and a think ye'll get on weel!....." Whey it was friendly aal reet,sum real nice Choppington folk,my home village when very young,but the pit was owt but canny!! Hope ye find what ya efta Coatsy!!! Best O' luck,Marra! Cheers,Bill.
  9. Heh heh!...Aye Alan,BUT!,on thi poster,it's just thi name,so we wud naturally,wi wor brilliant sense of deduction,assume that if there was a female lead singer,then the backing vocals must be female as weel....until we get a pic of them ,then that rules them oot! Noo...hoo else cud wi think of....? ER!..Al, a think a might be a bit mair glaaky than a forst thowt!..a sed THREE Black lasses....when aav studied thi pic a bit closer,[bad image mind]..a think the left hand side one is a lightly-bearded fella!...he probably played the twin Bonga's that's on stage,if they were on that Programme listing...just wildly guessing noo! Also another one to Maureen...aav just realised,it's not his specs on thi deck,it's the cross-faders...a shudda seen that thi first time a looked at thi pic..aav got me own home studio wi a six,and a twelve channel desks,so a shudda knaan...aad age,like Alan sed!! ....and Alan,ye musta bin a helluva gud-lukkin' dude fo thi lasses ti mob yi!! Heh heh...happy memories.
  10. Thanks Alan..a should be ashamed for not recognising a hero of mine,to this day..Joe Brown,mind,a knew Lulu..instantly..she was the only one a got ,a thought The Flowerpot Men were Dave dee,Eggy,Mick and Tich..! A saw on the poster,the three black lasses,called Margo and the Marvelettes...?..would it not have been them? Maureen,I never went to Lucy's either cos aam a teetotaller,and Jon Shelley it was!! [with prompting,I can mind of his name noo,and if ye study the pic closely,a think ye'll see his Roy Orbison black glasses on the decks in front of him,he must have been offstage,getting ready ti go on,when he hasn't had them on!..Ask him if I am right aboot the growl,or if it was his marra...it definately was the one with the black specs though..and aa was spot-on about the hair! Pleased to see he plays a Tele,what sort of music does he play...I play a Strat,and three Burns guitars,the Marvin,Black Bison,and the Apache..all beautiful well-made guitars. Give him my regards please. I never met him but remember him,so he must have made a gud impression! Cheera Alan and Maureen Bill.
  11. Alan!..a thowt aa was gaan senile for a minute or three..needs re-title-ing methinks! A left school in 1959,and aal these lads were me Brother's friends in class,most were me neighbours..aal three years aulder than me!!..they were mostly aal pitmen in 1959!! Nitpicking,cos mind,aav nivvor seen any of these lads for donkey's' yeors!! Great pics!
  12. Wudda be reet in thinkin' Arnie Buller might have been the booncer at the Domino in the early years,cos he was at the Clayton Baalroom,a powerful lad!..[amateur wrestler a think..] One neet at the Clayton,two yobs were mekkin' a nuisance of thas'ells,wi my Lass,and me marra's Lasses,at their tyeble,when we were onstage playing the Dance neet,and a watched for aboot ten minutes,and cudn't stand it nae langer,they were shouting and swearing bad language up at us on stage,then pestering the lasses. After we finished the number we were playin',a put me guitar doon ,jumped off the stage and put me arms aroond both of their necks,and started ti squeeze the life oot of them. They were gaan white in the face as a throttled them,when a hand touched me shoulder..and a quiet voice said in me ear.."Now let's be sensible about this ,mate.." It was the bouncer,Arnie Buller,not very tall but four feet across he's shoulders!! A let the yobs gaan and Arnie grabbed each one by the front scruff of their necks,literally lifted them up off the ground and carted them to the door,threw them oot on the steps ootside,apologised to all of us group lads and wor Lasses,and said just carry on playin',it won't happen again...and mind it never happened again after that,Arnie was there ti keep thi peace...and every bugga knew him!! Noo, a hae ti say,aav nivvor drunk,aav nivvor been in trouble,nivvor had a fight in me life,aalwis a quiet kid,but these buggaas just went owa far,and a saw red!! Aye,as we say....happy days eh?!!
  13. Heh heh! Wat a blast from the past!..Maureen,welcome to the forum! Aa can vividly remember only one DJ,and this was when the Domino first opened,and we had never seen owt like this before.[ a CASINO...CABARET...at thi Station!!!...it soonded ludicrous...the very idea of Roulette...it was ownly on James Bond ,or The Saint,or otha yankee movies where we saw that sort o carry-on!!...not thi Station!] The desk slid oot onto the stage from the right hand side,motorised,on wheels hidden by the plinth,and the DJ was sitting at the desk getting a free ride on and off the stage...lazy bugga!! He had a mop of black hair...[Beatles style!],wi a straight cut fringe,[ Alan Freeman-"Pick of the Pops" style!]...wore black glasses...[Roy Orbison style!]...and brought every word oot,in a low throaty growl...."...and this next one is...."... What used to strike me was how he never ever looked anywhere but the floor in front of him...like a statue sitting growling about the next disc he was ganna play.....a bit like when aa was a Lead guitarist,and aa used ti stand motionless,but just looking aroond the place as aa was playin'. Wor Singer,Geordie,used ti use me as a stooge,and tell thi audience me name was "Static Wilma".. and in the actual situations,at the reet time of neet,it used ti draw a laugh...not forgetting in them days,the clubs were packed oot solid wi 90% Miners..[of which aa was one mesel]..and he used ti say,"Wilma's been shouting at his Pit Pony aal day,so ye might gather that he's voice is a little HOARSE!" ME Wife and Me went ti see The Ivy League,Johnny Citrone,Los Zafiros, Dave Dee ,Dozy,Mick,and Tich,amang a lot that a canna mind of noo,but the last one was a mate of mine,who was a local lad from Blyth,and who went ti London ti try for a break,and got one with his new GROUP!![NOT BANDS!]...HEH HEH! His group was caaled "Toby Twirl",and his name was/is Davy Holland..."Holly". He came straight ti wor table for a quick natter,then had ti gaan ti start he's set.[cos a hadn't seen him since he went ti London He opened with "Up Up and Away"...not kidding ...but the best version I have ever heard..powerful and sweet as a nut! When he was just a young lad,we groups aal used ti meet up at the "Record Bar",in Bowes Street,Blyth,and another coffee bar what a canna remember thi name of noo,and when the Stones were playin,on the juke box,Holly had Jagger off ti a "T"...both his mannerisms and his vocals...amazing! They tell me Davy runs a pub in Blyth,and a wud luv ti hook up wi him again,after 50-odd yeors!! Toby Twirl made the top ten wi tha first record,then a never heard any more of them..partly cos a had started a family and was totally committed to them,I only went ti the Domino ti see thi Artistes,a didn't and never have ,drunk alcohol,so a didn't gaan oot for a pint "wi thi lads"..a went oot wi me family...and we cudn't afford ti gaa gallivantin wi a young Son,on £12 a week..afore off-tyeks!heh heh! Alan,thanks for the notifications,please keep them coming,waa gaan throo a really bad patch here,so a canna catch up immediately, but a will eventually! Me brains gettin rusty,so a canna get the Artistes in the pics apart from Johnny,but a hae a few suggestions in mind,but not certain,can ye put me mind at rest please! Cheers!Bill .
  14. Heh heh!..so I was sort of right, in my supposition that it was a possibility that these steam haulers could be used underground. I have since learned by reading an article on "Disaster Glasses"..i.e.[Commemorative Glasses and other "Disaster Memorabilia.."], that these WERE the first haulage engines to be used underground,and did,in fact,have dedicated boilers,fired by coal,to generate the steam to operate them. On the website article,regarding glass tumblers,which were engraved and sold in villages where disasters happened,it goes into lengthy detail on several Colliery Disasters,including all the local Collieries, and on one incident,a boiler had blown up,and the fatalities ,and injuries,to men and ponies,was horrendous. It is an article worthy of reading,to those who are really interested in our Mining Heritage,and was entitled.."Disaster Glasses".
  15. Waatcheor Alan ,once again,a big thanks for ya untiring work in mekking the world a smaaler place! This is incredible! Another luvly shot in winter..a bet it was caad up there,it was a summer's neet when Russell tuk me Son and Me up. A hope Trevor and Russell hook up through the power of the Net!,young Adam is boond ti see thi pics..if he still comes on the forums that is... Cheers Alan! Bill.
  16. Aa was 15 years aad when aa started the pits straight from me school desk..in 1959...and aa was a little lad back then,aboot the height of the lads at the left hand side...and looking back noo,it was child labour even in more modern times compared to this era!
  17. Those were the days when miners had to carry on working as long as they were able to..till health reasons made them retire! Love the improvisation for a presentation table...two barstools and a well-worn coal-hoose door! This looks like the 1950's to me,going off their suits,..oh!,and the old type cast-iron based Microphone stand in the background![I would notice that wouldn't I...being a musician..!] Salt of the Earth,these guys,utmost respect to all of them...I followed in their footsteps,in 1971,for three weeks ,as part of my Deputy's course training,I was along with Dougie Moore,and Norman Smeaton,[Deputies in charge of me],and Bob Cowell was the Safety Officer..aal canny fellas,but mind a didn't care for the Undermanager at the time...Peter L....he treated me as if a was a five year aad kid! Nivvor mind,Matty Smith was the Deputy's Union official,[Secretary or Chairman..canna mind which,but a smashing natured fella!] Bob,if ye ivvor see these pics,a kept me word in your office..never forgot to this day how you helped me! Thanks to Bob,and also to Carole for posting these great pics.!
  18. ...When Community spirit ruled!! Great set of pics Carole!
  19. Just a queer thought!,has anybody ever wondered why all the Winderhouses at the pits,had Church-like windows..["Cathedral-arches"]...? Was it because it was sacrosanct that no-one was allowed in the Brakehouse,except the Brakesman,and other Authorised personell. These window frames would have been a lot more costly to produce and maintain,than normal oblong ones!
  20. Great old pic!..notice the guy on the left,he would be the "Keeker",or man in charge of all surface operations,Dressed appropriately,shiny shoes,waistcoat,jacket,scarf!...could still have been a timberyard man,or worked on the screens,but not dressed like that,so yes,a chargehand. I used to work with old fella's with one arm,or one leg,on the screens at Choppington High Pit,in 1959,the one-legged fella was a lovely gentle bloke,who had his leg blown off at the knee joint,by a bullet from his comrade's .303 rifle ,during the war,which happened because the rifle was loaded ,and dropped accidentally. The viscious coal-cutter machine was also responsible for a lot of amputees,who ended up on "Light" work...sometimes working harder than they did underground!..ironically..
  21. Just as a matter of further interest,the original post quotes the company as saying they make "Continuous rope haulage systems"...I would like to clarify the difference between a "Main and Tail " hauler,like this shown ,which had a "Main" rope,and a "Tail" rope...and a "Continuous" rope haulage system. The two ropes swapped titles when the hauler was in a reverse mode..such that,when pulling a set of tubs inbye,the MAIN rope would be attached to the front of the set,and the TAIL rope would be attached to the rear of the set,usually with a "D"-shaped shackle,[we called them "Sheckles"],and a Sheckle pin to secure the rope within the sheckle and fastened to the middle "Cock-hole" of the tub.[ not obscene...the proper pit terminology for the holes in the tub at each end which is forged into the banding around the tub!] The hauler driver would keep gentle braking pressure on the tail rope to keep it as taught as possible without overloading the hauler motor...and also to prevent the set from going "Amain"..[running out of control],down any anticlines..["Swalleys"]. When the empty set was ready to haul back outbye,the "Tail" rope would now be the "MAIN" rope,and vice versa. Now on a continuous hauler,it was as the name suggests, a continuous loop of rope,which ran the full length of the rolleyway,[roadway],driven by a single-drum hauler,where the drum was only about a foot wide,and which had three coils of rope wrapped around the drum. From the hauler drum,the rope was laid between the rails,and ran over floor mounted rollers placed about thirty yards apart,to help prevent the rope from sawing through the sleepers,which it did any way!..and also to reduce frictional drag on the hauler. At the inbye end of the roadway,the rope went around a "Sheave",usually,but not always,mounted up on the girders in the roadway...sometimes the return Sheave was laid beneath the rolleyway..it depended which method of clipping the sets to the rope,was being employed...then the rope returned to the hauler slung up high in the roadway,and which ran over idler pulleys all the way back outbye,and being fed back into the hauler drum.[this was called the "Dead" rope. This system depended absoloutely on the correct tension of the rope between the hauler,and the return wheel..[the Sheave],to keep the three coils taut on the drum..in order for the hauler to drive the rope..without slipping on the drum. Now I have given the scenario of a single -roadway system,where the driver had to switch over the hauler motor to reverse the rope direction,to bring sets outbye. On shaft-bottom rolleyways,there were two rolleyways,a "Full " side,and a "Chum"..[short for Chumming..or empty ]..side. The "DishLad",hung the sets onto the rope,from where the Chummings collected ,in a "Dish" [Swalley]...at the shaft-bottom area. The Loader-end lad hung the full sets of coal tubs,onto the rope inbye,in order for the sets to be transported out to the shaft-bottom area. So in this case,there were two sheaves inbye,spaced so as to take the incoming rope from outbye,feed it across the roadway,and down onto the rolleyway leading the sets outbye.The rope usually ran continuously all shift,unless a fault occurred. There was "Top-rope"haulage,and "Bottom-rope " haulage,whereby in the former system,the rope went over the tops of all the tubs in a set,using clips called either "Jockies" ,or "Hambones".[there was another stupid system using clips called "Pigtails"..which were highly dangerous in inexperienced hands...!] Bottom rope haulage used equally dangerous systems ,such as the "Victor Dog Grip",Lashing chains,which were the ultimate deadly method of attaching a set to a moving haulage rope!,and in some cases Hambones again. All of these systems involved the person,[usually young trainees for their first underground job],standing in front of a set of tubs or trams...whatever,and clipping whatever type of clip,or lashing chain,to a moving steel wire rope,which instantly jerked the set away from standstill,with very little,if any at all,time to jump back out of the way. There were some nasty accidents,with serious injuries sustained,using these systems in the old days ....OLD days!!!...we were still using these clips and chains up until the day that thatcher-the-hatcheter gave the word to "SWITCH OFF AND PULL OUT EVERYONE" The other deadly thing about haulage ropes were,they used to wear in places,and single steel wires,from their construction,would stick out,only an inch sometimes,what we called "Strands",and they used to catch hold of your boots,clothes,or your bare skin,with no mercy whatsoever. Many a time I have been ripped by a strand,or pulled off my feet by a strand catching hold of my boot..there was no stopping these haulers,they used to rip out the supporting arched girders ,if a set got off the way[derailed],and the front tub went into the girders. So back to the endless hauler system,at the inbye end,someone had to unclip the sets,still with the rope moving,unless Jockey's were in use,these unclipped themselves. Google search for "PIT TUB HAMBONES,OR JOCKIES,OR PIGTAILS,OR VICTOR DOG GRIPS/CLIPS,OR LASHING CHAINS" I canna think of any other method of clips used in my time,I would be interested to hear of any others used at other pits. In the old days,1950's-on,for me,haulage ropes ran at four miles an hour,and the big shaft main and tail at Choppington,used to run at about eight miles an hour at full speed...now that's fast...underground!! where you have nowhere to to go except refuge manholes set into the road side every twenty yards apart....if you were in between those manholes,and a set was coming toward you! In latter years haulage speeds were regulated to two miles an hour,which was still fast if you were following the set,in charge of it,and you tripped on a loose sleeper...it was away from you in seconds! Hope I have explained clearly so the uninitiated can understand at least a wee bit better than before!
  22. Heh heh!...a little bit late on catch-up Community chat,as usual,but saw this and HAD ti gie me tuppence - worth! Aa was brought up by a smaal-time hobby gambler Father,who never in his married life,ever went two doors alang ti thi Bookie's runner. [before a was born..he used ti gamble he's pay away every week,at his Family's houses,amang themselves.] But when we moved ti Hollymount square,he used ti send one the bairns ti thi runner,who,in the early 1950's ,had the phone in..I heard that the racecourse paid for it to be installed,but not sure aboot that!..[he was thi only one apart from the doctor and Aad pit Engineers who had the phone in,that we knew of!] Anyway,fast forward till aa was aboot 10 years aad,and it became MY duty ti tek me Faatha's bets alang,and collect he's winnings. 10 YEARS AAD!!...thi runner used ti aalwis try it on wi me faatha,and a bet a lot of others as weel. My Faatha's Faatha,was a bookies runner hese'l,and my Faatha knew ivery trick of thi trade. When thi runner gave me thi winnings ,me Faatha was AALWIS short...sometimes even just a ha'penny. Me Faatha used ti gaan leet wi me..."Hadaway back n' tell thi bugga,a had a three-cross-double on shifting the double,and aam a haapinny short....."...[this is grained inti my brain..cos it was nearly every night] So a wad gaan back ti see Mr S......and he wud reckon up on a bit of paper in front of me,explaining hoo the bet worked,and said me Faatha was wrang!. Me Faatha wud send me back wi it written doon,and the runner aalwis gave in and paid me Faatha..who used ti brag ti me that "thon bugga canna tell me owt aboot gammlin.." Noo,looking back on aal that scenario,which was nightmarish for a bairn ti be thrown between two grown men arguing owa a haapenny,seeing as his Daughter was one of my friends at school and at home,and a luvly family,aa often wonder if he just gave in ti me Faatha,cos he cud see the anguish aa was gaan through,and didn't want ti prolonge thi agony for me. Also,aam thinkin',if he was being accused of robbing me Faatha,why didn't he gaan alang and sort it oot man ti man?...a knaa aa wad o' dun!! So aa grew up totally against gambling of any sort..even raffle tickets...lotteries...owt!! A also grew up ti totally against alcohol,and smoking,cos a lived amang it! Me marra's at thi pit used ti say ...."What DAE yi dae Wilma?...dae ye BREATHE!!!"...Heh heh!
  23. Jimmy Milne's aad hoose ..isn't it...wasn't it!...and was it not the top club for a while...next i thi Post Office? Somebody was weel off who built that hoose! For aal a lived in Bedltn till a got married,a nivvor knew the history of that place,tha was a luvly orchard behind there,us kids cudn't wait for this time of year ti gaan raiding aal thi apple orchards!...[slap me hand ....Sir...!]..a hevn't been doon thi street for a waak for a lang lang time..oot o touch noo Alan!
  24. Heh heh!... boots!.. they used to dry oot and curl up at the toes... and covered in the white salt deposits... ye cudn't get them on.. we used ti either wet them under the shower.. or if ye were late for clocking in ye had ti painfully squeeze ya feet in, waak aal hobbly.. and gaan ootside and get a diddle on them... owt ti just get them comfortable! Vic, noo a knaa wat ye mean, doon the pit, whe n discussing conveyors, we just used a "Colloquial" term like either a "Rubber" or a "Chyne" (Chain) belt... we knew it wasn't Rubber, and we knew somebody might mean a 61W,rather than a Crawley afc, sometimes it wasn't important, just general conversation... so aye, a flight belt meks sense! The Dalek. (Flyght), pumps were the best thing since sliced bread, for shifting waata quickly, for us lads, but were they a sod ti repair, Vic?
  25. Thanks a lot Alan!.. noo aam wondering whoo aal us buggaas wud manage here.. if ye fluke the coop..!!! Cheers, Al. (lukking forward ti a reply from Wor Vic noo!.. just ti settle my mind on the differences in pit terminology!)
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