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  1. Maggie,nice to hear from you,I have PM'd you just now,only for decency,as the news I bring to you can be discussed on the forum another more suitable time,Jack used to be a regular contributor after I convinced him that this was the best,most sensible and decent discussion forum anywhere online. I have found Facebook to be useful,and have re-connected with friends of old,even my Best Man at my Wedding,who I hadn't seen for a lot of years,and my Choppington High Pit Marra Eddy,who features unknowingly in all my 1960's pit recollections,who I haven't seen since 1985,it's brilliant! Sad
  2. Hi Maggie,whey, aav had both me Jabs, so has wor lass, so we feel a bit more protected, but Cath has been ill since Easter Monday, after having three consecutive major tonic clonic seizures, and a bad fall. Can ye remember Jack at West Lea!? let me know if ye were the Maggie who visited his house when you were up to check on yours, please.. bad news aam afraid. Cheers HPW.
  3. We don't want owt built at Cambois! its a lovely place, we want it kept lovely!... but....
  4. Awesome project,as long as we don't have the equivalent amount of unseen exhausted chemicals as we had for fifty years from the Power Station! Gud to be leading the field in new industries..if it does finally go ahead!
  5. They are leaning against the "Modern"[!!] MC3 Gathering-Arm Joy Loader. This Machine made mincemeat of loading out a 14'x10' arched roadway full shot lasted out of the solid strata. In my Bates' gallery there is a pic of me in an Eimco 625 Mechanical Shovel loader..loading a full shot onto a conveyor belt. I had to continuously drive in,track back,skew,then empty the bucket onto the belt. With the Gathering Arm Loader,you just swept in at the left side,driving in inchy pinchy,and the floor was cleaned up,all you had to do next was track back,skew, drive in at the right side,and the a
  6. Bob McGregor was my good friend and Neighbour for a lot of years at West Terrace at Stakeford..lovely family!
  7. This one brings back a lot of memories of my childhood! If you zoom in,you will notice people all aroond. Thi pic on thi left shows a lot of light-coloured stuff lying on thi ground at the base of the chimney. For those who might not knaa owt aboot felling this chimney,aal explain hoo they did it. The light-coloured stuff in the left pic is piles of old lime mortar,and broken bricks taken from the base of the chimney,as the demolition men carved a huge hole out of the base,and supported the area where bricks were removed with Telegraph Pole-sized wood props,just as we would support the ro
  8. Those were thi days! Owa 100,000 people visited Bedlington for the Picnic Day!
  9. THE CUNDY!!! THAT'S a blast from thi past.James! Ye can just see the Concrete entrance ,lower left of the pic,and yes,when thi lights were oot in the Cundy,and there was a lot of rainwaata collected in the swalley inside there,we used to dare new kids ti gaan through by thasell's! James,wud ya initials be JH,by any chance?,a hae thi feeling a knaa ye ,or knew ye,very well!!
  10. In some seams,thi coal was like diamond,hard as hell! At Bates,there was a lot of Iron Pyrites,["Brass"..Fools Gold..!],and if you hit some of this,it used to take the Tungsten Carbide Tips off the Drill Bits!...Noo THAT is HARD!.
  11. Noo wat's gaanin on,A posted the first one earlier,then when a came back ti see the rest of the set,me post had gone,and a was thinking that a hadn't actually posted it,and it was deleted.SO, a sat for a quarter of an hoor and typed the same comments again,only ti find when a posted THIS one,the first one has appeared!! Nivvor mind,they are great pics!
  12. Shud be a Bracket after "Bank"..!!
  13. Andy would have been a "Putter".Here he is "Putting" [or Taking],a "Fullun" [Full Tub of Coal],outbye to a Landing area,where he would leave it coupled to a set of other Fulluns,usually making up a set of six,whereby another Miner,[called a "Driver"] and Horse would take the set of six tubs right outbye to the shaft bottom,to be taken in the Pit Cages to the surface..["Bank". This was the procedure with Putters and Drivers,before Conveyor Belts were installed,which then carried all the coal from the faces directly to the Loader -end near the Shaft Bottom. This Pony has the wrong size Yem-Sti
  14. James,not nitpicking,but only for correctness ,when I was transferred from Choppington B pit,to Bedlington A Pit,in 1965,the pit was already 140 years old,and that's when dumping the stone waste started. I was three in 1947,when my Parents moved into the newly built Hollymount Square,and I remember my older Brother [Three years older,born on the same date], telling me to look out of our bedroom window,to see the flames roaring up on a really strong wind blowing. The whole of the top of the mountain was ablaze,but that was normal,they just kept fire hoses running hopelessly in vain,to try and c
  15. ...and when the wind got up and she was truly alight...the Sulphrous fumes and smoke were overpowering,it was an accepted part of life..no mass demonstrations to have dumping banned....in the 1960's it cost dearly in Aberfan...
  16. In the confines of a coalface,sometimes you couldn't start with a 6-0' drill straight off,so you had to start with a 3-0' drill,then change to the 6-0' one when you had drilled right in with the shorter one.That's why he has one lying beside him.
  17. Noo THAT!..was one hell of a job,doon the pit,the Bulls'sHead..["BULL'SHEED"],Driller was a canny weight,so with a Nine foot drill in,and drilling into solid stone...ye needed arms like Garth,[a pit saying!],that's hoo Dinper has arms like this in the pic!![He is drilling into the Coal Seam on this Pic.]A "fast" [Stuck!] drill has caused many a broken arm or shoulder,when reverse torque spun the machine out of your hands and twisted your arms etc!
  18. Andy is "Putting" or taking the tub outbye to a landing,where several full tubs would be coupled up,usually a set of six,where a "Driver" with a bigger horse would pull the set outbye from the landing to the shaft bottom,to be sent to Bank in the cages.Andy is going downhill when the pic was taken,as he has a wooden "Dreg" in the rear wheels to help slow the tub from over running the horse,even though the Limbers,["Limma's"] used to control the tub ,also the "Backstrap" on the Horse's Gears,around his rear end and fastened to his Bellyband...that pushed up against the Horse's rear flanks,and w
  19. One of my Neighbours at Hollymount Square,in the early 1950's was a fella called "Aad Singer Dixon" ,and he was one of the Horsekeeper's from the year Dot,they used to say..and this guy looks like him to my mind..I was only three years old when we moved there,but I grew up with the Dixons,until I got Married in 1967,but Singer had sadly Passed away by then. I remember his Grandson Brian visiting every other night,with his Parents,and through the windows at night we used to hear Old Singer shouting ,as he waved his family off for the night ..."Gudneet,see ye thi morn!"..I can hear his voice no
  20. Note their pants!!.."Fustons"...indestructible thick warm material,most Miners wore Fustons,it was like ...what else wud ye wear doon a black hole?...not ya Wedding Suit! See the Steel corrugated Straps,[or "Planks"] holding the roof up? They were 6' long and canny heavy! Aboot three or four years ago,me and LBJ [me wee Lab x Dog],were waaking back from owa the Bomar fields ahent wor hoose,and a got me eye on summick familiar,sticking oot the thick bushes,next ti the Farmer's fence.A howked on and pulled it oot,it was one of these steel straps,bent at right angles,wi the weight of the roof und
  21. Aye,James,the metal canister held 5 lbs of Explosive Cartridges,what we ,[the miners] referred to as "Sticks o' Pooda"..[Powder]. That was the Legal limit that a miner was allowed to carry,under the "Mines and Quarries Act 1954"..of course,like any other Industry,rules were made to be broken! Down the Three-Quarter seam,at Bates,in the early 1970's,I used to be hurrying inbye to fire the Solid Drivage Maingate or Tailgate,or Back Drift,[1-in-4 gradient!],carrying a 50 lb Box of Polar Ajax,[33% Nitro-Glycerine..],under one arm,another 50lb Box on the other shoulder,and TWO - 10LB Packs ,one ea
  22. Hi Alan, thanks for sending this excellent, very rare, piece of historical Mining Memorabilia! I learned how to use the Vicious Sylvester from my first weeks down Seaton Burn Colliery, at the training gallery, underground, in 1959.It was designated specifically, as a pulling device, and lifting anthing with it was strictly forbidden.. well!.. theoretically! Although it was against the law to use it for lifting machinery, etc, what else could you use, if there was nothing else but the Sylvester! So! It was used for lifting, and over the years many lads lost fingers and thumbs at the very least
  23. Definitly Andy Sanderson, Alan, he went onto Deputy work after aa came back into thi NUM.. and he was wor Deputy when we were winning oot new coalfaces. It wasn't his job, but after he fired wa coal doon, he used ti hoy he's jacket off, pick a big fillers shuul up and start filling wa coal off onti thi conveyor belt. He was a hell of a coalfiller! When thi pit closed, he used to run his Wife's Wool Stall in Blyth old Market, in thi days when thi Market was choc ablock!! Wor lass really liked Andy, cos he was that quiet and sociable, but she used ti say Billy, wa in a hurry, divvent taak ti n
  24. Hi Alan,thanks for the notification,Bob Boyd is absoloutely spot on! When I was a Deputy/Face/Seam overman [ on relief ] ,at Bates Pit,I worked with all of these lads except Nicky,and John.Jack Cane was the only old school Deputy of longstanding,he was a Deputy at Bedlington Aad Pit,many years before ever gaan ti Bates! All the others on the pic went onto Deputy /Overman work after I was a Deputy there.Alan Taylor ,Old George Harrison,[sadly Deceased R.I.P. Geordie],and Myself,were the pioneers of driving the new 3/4 Drift down to reach the 3/4 R Seam.We opened up the two main roadways
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