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  1. Belated birthday wishes Foxy,hope ye hae many mair ,bonny lad!!
  2. Hi Dorothy,welcome to the forum! My elderly friend's Husband ran a sawmill , with her help,down at Guidepost,in the old days....she is now 92 years old,and still goes to the Christian Fellowship at the Coffin Chapel,in Bedlington town centre. She also helps to run the coffee morning and "drop-in",at the Coffin Chapel,every Thursday morning,and the craft class in the same afternoon,where she is also actively involved in putting up shoe boxes for the needy third world children,which just runs throughout the year..non-stop voluntery work! She is my Wife's friend really,but all of my Wife's friends are my friends also,and "Old Edna",is always telling us stories about the old days at the sawmill...how it was hard work. I will ring her as soon as I can,and ask her if she can enlighten me about your family history..she might just help ..she is extremely fit and active,with a memory like a hen! She can be found in the Coffin Chapel,every Thursday,and if you dropped in for a coffee and chat,in the morning,you will be pleasantly surprised at what a friendly,helpful bunch of people,they are,who volunteer to run the service for the people,and visitors,to our lovely town! From what Edna has told me,over the years,I always thought that her Family's sawmill was at the bottom of Sheepwash bank,adjacent to the Anglers Arms pub..somewhere in that vicinity. When you look at the size of the plantation on the old maps,it appears to me that a few people would have set up business in the timber trade,seeing as all the "new" collieries were being developed,most prominentally in that area being the Choppington "A"..[low pit],and Choppington "B" ..[the "High Pit"],where I worked as a young lad...and the pits depended on the timber for coalface and roadway supports underground. Million was the name of my old friend's family,and one of that family is on the visitor's information notice board,which stands at the former entrance to what was Choppington "B" colliery,now known as "Choppington Woods".[up Morpeth road past Alex Scott's garage,aboot a quarter of a mile on the left side of the road.] There are old historical pictures of Choppington collieries,and John Million is pictured along with his "Marra's"..[mates],underground,at the coalface,taken somewhere around the late 950's,I guess,cos I was a young heavy transport lad,aged 16 yrs,in 1960,and I clearly remember all the fellas in the pic,as looking exactly like they are,on the pic,when I worked there..at that time... John Million was the Brother of Tom Million,whe ran the sawmill ,so if the mill had been started by their Parents,and possibly THEIR parents..then we would be looking back to the mid-1800's. Can't promise owt,but aal dae wat a can ,Dorothy,and a hope ye can find oot a lot aboot your Family's roots!! Cheers,Bill.
  3. Hi Alan, a did PM Michelle, but haven 't had a reply.. aam wondering if she is "lost" a bit! Aal try again laterAlan, gotta see ti things here..! Cheers Marra! Bill.
  4. Shud read "Amazing"..a couldn't edit it after posting!
  5. Heh heh!..they used ti say hard work nivvor killed any bugga....it's done a canny job up ti noo atween us two....! Did ye not notice me profile amendment,Alan,we lost LBJ on February 19th..the Vet advised we had to put her to sleep,she had Lymphoma Cancer in all her Lymph Glands throughout her body...it only showed under her throat as a big lump in the last three days. She also had Kidney failure as a result,as well as the Arthritis. We were all devasted in this hoose...I still get full yet,if a luk at her photo,or even hear certain songs what a used ti sing when we were oot for late neet walks.[..a canna sing like Tom Jones,but aa enjoy mesel singing anywheh..] The house feels empty still,and we keep expecting her to come into the rooms where we are at any one time. Aa aalwis said..ye dinna get any grief from pets,Dogs especially,it's people yi get thi grief from.. A aalwis caaled LBJ "Me Little Darling" when a spoke ti her..and a used ti sing that song [from thi 1950's..by the Diamonds],every night we went oot..it became a habit,and a used ti sing reet oot lood,so anybody hearing me wud think a shudda been tekkn away! Thanks for keeping an eye oot,Michelle Grant..[Newbie] PM'd me and said she replied to my PM,but lost the text..a said if Alan could possibly sort it,ye wud! A dinna knaa where she tried tried contacting me on...whether it was E-mail,or wor PM service.[it turns oot we are related!..thanks to this forum we have made contact through my seeing a kid in the Gallery school pics..amzing hoo fate brings people tigitha!] Thanks for your help and patience as usual Alan. Cheers,Bill. ps..just doon from the Bus stop![Bob Mole lived here before we bought it from him and his Wife Frances,they moved BACK to Seghill..be funny if ye happened ti knaa them!...]
  6. Sad to see another part of our town pass on,but Joan and her staff should have medals for their service to Bedlington for all the decades that they have been top - notch!!,and Joan deserves a happy retirement! They,together with Matty Robinsons,built Bedlington between them.if you wanted a pink Elephant,they would try to get you one!! I built my Wife a little bedside cabinet,and covered it with the "New" fashionable Quilted effect white "Fablon"[?],vinyl type of material!!!...in 1968-ish,my first project after we got married..with very little money! As the years went by,I practically re-built my house from Keenleysides materials...! Joan and young Morris were always there to help me sort out exactly what I needed,along with free advice...! I wish Joan,and the Staff,all the very best and will be calling in to say thanks! To Russell,I will give you a big nod on the road if we pass...keep riding safe!! Cheers to all! Bill Allison.
  7. The Bower family lived in the terrace behind Bacci's...truly aroond in the Nyeuk...they had the two lorries,and ran the coal delivery business for years.Raffi had the red lorry,and Jimmy had the green one. Jimmy lived opposite my family in Hollymount Square when it was first built. The shop frontage to the left,below the bay window,was Jimmy Nicholson's electrical and tv repair shop.This pic was taken a while after the Dr Pit had been closed,the Ford Granada should give an approximate date of around 1968-ish,I would think,give or take a year or so..
  8. ..A bit late catching up on this one,but you are right Webtrekkker..it was Moscardini's. Their Son,Aldo,[I think that was his name],had the biggest funeral Bedlington had ever seen,after he was killed in his sports car..sadly..just a young James Dean type..not many sports cars in Bedlington in those days..!
  9. ...When every shop,and the 23 working men's clubs and pubs,did a roaring trade..every day!
  10. ...Almost like "Heartbeat Country"....in those days!..hardly any traffic,life was plain and simple..and look how clean the street is!!

    Hand drilling

    As an afterthought,I must add that these are "proper" rails,and not the "Plates " that I described above!
  12. Thanks Alan,as always!..haven't been on lately,having a rough time here wi health problems between me and me Wife!...gett'n aad isn't much fun!
  13. When My Wife and Me got wor first hoose,in 1970,at West Terrace,in Stakeford,our next door neighbour was Ed Fearon's Parents.A lovely old couple! He is instantly recogniseable in this pic..never changed!
  14. Hi folks! ..Long afore my time...20 years if its 1924,and I don't know any one of those in the pic,but my eyes went straight to,and keep going to, No 19,the little lassie looks like the spitting image of one of my schoolmates who sadly passed on a few years ago. Norman Furness was his name..I wonder if she was a Furness?...if my class pic at the Village infant school in 1950 was overlaid,and Norman was lined up adjacent,maybe it would be more apparent,maybe a thoosand mile oot!
  15. Hi Alan,lovely to see this [previously unseen by me] pic,which has my lovely Niece,No 14,Elizabeth Bell..["Liz" to all who know her.]..on it.She was,and still is,the most gorgeous personality you could ever wish ti experience if you met her..really lovely...wor Liz! Also great ti see is Gary Usher,who went on to be one of wor "Cross-Marra's",[on thi oncoming shift after wor shift ended],at Bates Pit,in the Three-Quarter seam..not lang afore pit closure in 1986. Gary and his two Marra's,who were freshly-trained for facework,[rookies!]...asked me if we wud pick them up as Cross-Marra's on a new Coalface,that we were gonna win oot. I put it ti thi rest of my Marra's,who were a bit dubious,cos it was really rough conditions,wet,bad roof stone,...not like the training gallery where they just come from,but I convinced them ti give the youngins a go at it,so we aal agreed. Gary and he's Marra's made a few cock-ups,at the start,bringing criticism,from the other shifts,and aa had a hard time persuading them ti let the youngin's get stuck in. After a week or two,they were amang the hardest working,conscientious,miners at the pit. Gud at the job,it was only a pity thatcher ordered the ropes ti be cut...spoilt the lives of a gud team of youngins,and a hope Gary sees this and smiles...thinkin' back!! Billy McGregor's Parents moved inti the Hoose me Mother-in-Law and her Family lived in,when age and ill-health took it's toll,and my Ma-in-law moved into a sheltered bungalow. I lived in for the first two years of marriage,before getting our own place. Billy went on to tour the Country with his Elvis Presley tribute band,for many years.
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