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  1. Roundabout rant

    Eggy!!!....you sod!!....they used tactics like that document to torture prisoners in days gone by!!! I now think I better stay off the road,after reading a page and a haaf,cos noo aa daein't knaa one bliiddy roondie from anitha!! FIFTY ONE PAGES!!!.....heh heh!!!!!!
  2. Saint Cuthbert And Bedlington Church

    Hi Pilgrim,thanks for that info,a knew aboot the opencast,but nivvor hord owt aboot thi artifacts found there!! A can mind the notice aboot thi old mine shafts in Hartford woods. There's an old mine addit alang the Free wood on the Blyth side "top path",and the rails were still visible amang the tree roots and overgrowth. We kids used to poke lang sticks inti the orange waata wat was lying aal aroond the entrance ti thi drift...pure orange it was....Ferric Oxide?[from the Iron-stone strata]....wud it have been from the old ironworks mining the ironstone maybe....or older? The waata at Choppington High Pit was very high in iron content similar to that in the woods.
  3. Theresa's Ices Opening Date

    Late as usual,but hope it's a success!....wi thi weather we've had lately ,thi till shud be still tinkling like hell! This canna be the same Theresa who tuk Ken's ice cream van owa who used ti cum doon West Terrace Stakeford,a few years ago? All the best to the staff! Great pic Foxy! Potty,welcome to the forum!
  4. Happy Birthday Foxy

    Streetlife....Welcome to the forum!
  5. Happy Birthday Foxy

    Whey a aalwis seem ti be thi last....but nivvor mind!....Happy belated boithdi Foxy.....hope yi hae menny mair.....!! [Mr Marley wud tear me tung oot if he hord me taakin noo!] Danny's favourite was the red square and his sandshoe owa ya buttocks!
  6. Baedling Manor

    Er.......Eggy,aam a bit slow sumtimes wi wit,so when a see a trillion excl. marks after a statement...a assume a musta missed summik! Wat hes Barry Elliot got ti dae wi it?and who is he? The ancient articles aa was reading[as quotes],showed up the meaning far divorced from that which seems ti describe the origin of Bedlington's name! Hence my curiosity! Did anyone ever watch Pugwash wi tha wee'ens in thi aad days? Or the competition on the back of the Corn flakes boxes,a year or two ago,to win tickets ti see the latest..[at thi time!] Star Wars film? I leave you to ponder!
  7. Baedling Manor

    Hi Folks,just been reading a bit of historical literature about the origin of the word Baedling............!! Who decided to name the Manor at Bedlington Market Place.........er.......and why? Any idea Malcolm,or Adam?...or enybody else...? Cheers! P.S. it was a letter to the Editor in the News Post Leader that made me curious.
  8. Tony Returns! (Bedlington's not the Bliar one)

    Hi Tony,very sorry to hear of your sad loss. Good to see you back,and hope whatever you decide to do in the future,is right for you. Good luck!
  9. Saint Cuthbert And Bedlington Church

    REEDY!....The Doctor Pit Drift wadn't see thi light of day after the forst 50 yards! Us kids played aroond the entrance,and ventured doon less than that distance,[when I was aboot 10 years aad!],but as years went by and I would have a bit snoop aroond,and with all my mining experience driving drifts like that one,it was probably on a gradient of 1-in-6....which was aboot the steepest gradient comfortable to get down to the seams quickly with a rubber conveyor belt running up it's length to bring the coal oot. The steepest gradient I ever worked on was a 1-in-1,then a 1-in-2,and also vertical staple-shaft. My point is,by the time the drift ran under the Market -place,it would have been aboot 100 feet down under![roughly!] A canna see why the tunnels shud be regarded as an urban myth ........the Monks were working shallow seams of coal wi nae tools other than wood shuvels and very primitive picks ,artifacts as such were found aroond the Bedlington A pit site years ago,then more recently when Bower Grange was being developed..a JCB was digging the foundations and fell into some aad workings aboot 20 feet doon![aroond 1980-ish],what the old monks had left!
  10. Saint Cuthbert And Bedlington Church

    A bit late of coming back to this topic aboot St Cuthberts Church! A was at a Christening on Sunday gone,[ 4th June 2017],and at the beginning of the service,the female with the Dog Collar on,[NOT the vicar...cos she referred to the Vicar occasionally],was very pleasant,and began by welcoming us all to this very fine OLD Church,WHICH INCIDENTALLY!...... was 1,96..? yrs old on that day!![She told us all..] That makes it older than what any of us have been led to believe ,by a few hundred years! She did say.."or thereabouts....cos we can't place an exact date on it..." after saying it was on Sunday. It made me think that very old secret documents lie in the church vaults,which are only available to the "Priests"...is that the correct term for a Protestant church employee?....if the lovely lady wasn't the Vicar,what was her title in the church domain then? She seemed to know a lot about the history of the church,cos I had a good crack with her,sitting in a pew,after everybody had gone.!
  11. Memories Of The Domino

    Just catched up wi this topic........better late than never! My Wife and Me went speshully ti see Holly wi the Toby Twirl group.......GROUP!!!! ..[we didn't caal them BANDS!!...bands played trumpets!!] After they set up and did the soond check,Holly was lukking aroond wi he's hand shading he's eyes ti see if any of he's marra's had cum ti see him. He got he's eye on me and came stryght up ti wor tyeble and sat doon aside wor lass,wi he's drink,till the stage-caal came. As he got up ti gaan,he hoyed a haaf-croon on the tyeble and said Bill will ye get is a Bacardi n Coke for wa haaf-time please.?...[a didn't knaa wat that waas cos a was a tee-totaller...still am!] [naa...aam sure it was TWO haaf-croons....cos a can mind thinking....ye bugga....he must be rich noo!] Whey he came owa and had a gud crack aboot the aad days...[in the early-mid sixties..when we were aal starting oot wi nae gear hardly!],at haaf-time,then he said one last s'lang afore he went ti gaan inti thi van at the end of tha set. He started the set wi "Up-up and away with my beautiful balloon" track....and the group's soond and of course Holly's voice was amazing![ mind,when he was a young-un,he did Mick Jagger ti a T !!..he aalwis waas a gud vocalist..a real pro.] Harry Bryzinsky played in a few groups in the early -mid sixties,and was an amazing guitarist!...even though his fast playing wasn't my style in them days.....mainly cos a cudn't play thi bugga like him!! Aav nivvor seen Holly since that neet at the Dom. in 1968,but wud luv ti hook up wi him again one day,even though he wadn't knaa me noo![ me knickname's nivvor changed since it was forced upon me in 1959-ish...and pretty easy ti remember,...like!!]..... Los Zafiros played there,[aav still got the forst vinyl album they recorded before their tour],and they waaked aroond the audience,as Spanish/Mexican groups did,singing and playing guitars aroond ya tyeble ...porsinall-like,[singin' ti thi Wife....not ME!] ARRGHH! A canna mind thi nyem o' thi strong man who won "Opportunity knocks" [Hughie Green's show]and came ti thi Dom! He myed he's nyem bla'an' het waata bottles up till they borsted!....waas it Mike...summik or otha? He lifted a Blacksmith's Anvil wi he's teeth...and when a local lad and h'e marras were heckling him...[drunk!],he invited the ring-leader up on stage ti try and lift the anvil just wi he's arms..[cos the lad accused him of having stage props,and any bugga cud lift a wood anvil!!] Whey thi clivvor lad got up on stage....and fund oot it WAS a steel anvil..and he cudn't lift thi bugga two inches off the floor....which highly amused ivry bugga.....mebbe some folk thowt that HE was a "Prop",as part of the show.....believe me...that lad used ti kick wor lasses chair from under her in class at the Catholic School,and later ran the Nyeuk!![in Bedlington Market -place!!!] Aye Tom!! A bet ye canna mind o' that lark!! The Ivy League played as weel... Happy days they were!!
  12. Netherton Colliery Pitmen

    Hi Kevin! I'm not much help on this one except to say when I met my Wife in 1962,and started going to her house as part of the family,her Uncle John Oliver,who was bedridden after a stroke,the year before I met her,used to have a visitor by the name of Lambie Bellerby. He used to cut John's hair when it was needed,and he was a smashing fella,really nice natured and quiet. I don't know owt else aboot him,but I also got to know Billy Bellerby,through him being a friend of my Wife's family. Billy worked at the boot factory at the Station...Pioneer? or Rocket? He was also the loveliest lad waaking! Hope ye get some more answers on here! Cheers Kev!
  13. Tommy Easton

    Aaaahh! That's Tommy all right....smiling as always,and the gentlest fella as ever walked this planet. A never knew he had had Alzheimers,sad to hear of his passing away. Thanks Eggy for the sad news. R.I.P. Tommy Easton.
  14. Netherton Colliery Pitmen

    Heh heh!Too true! At Bates in 1971-ish,there was an Overman,[herinafter caaled "thi Owaman"],who was a champion leek grower,and I think,President[?],of the Blyth Rosecarpe society[?],and a well known Judge on both circuits. He was a canny fella,sociable,but he's job was to get work done.....and that he did! Ivry body that passed him got a job of some sort...! Alec Waite was he's name. One day,he came down from 8's district,in the Beaumont seam,and told me he had seen a ghost. He corrected he'sel,and said"Whey it might not a been a ghost,but a definately saa an apparition." Three massive wooden airlock doors,under a LOT of Air pressure,had opened and closed one at a time,and he had seen a "Greyish Mist" come through the last door. Noo these doors were so big and heavy,ye had ti put ya foot against the waal and pull like hell on the handle ti ease the the air pressure,afore ye cud open them ti let a set of three and a half ton mine cars through.[aboot 8' wide x 6' high.] Within two days,me younger Sister came yem from her work at the Ronson Factory,on Cramlington Ind,Est,and sed.."Howw Youngin,wat's this aboot a Ghost at Bates?,it's aal aroond the factories"!! The story made the Evening Chronicle front page! Later on,in fore-shift,one of me Marra's was doon thi pit and the lads got on aboot thi story. Me Marra,[a proper wit!],torned aroond and sed ti thi lads...."Whey haddaway ti hell,if Alec Waite had seen a ghost he wudda givven the f.....er a job"!! The lads aal howled at thi time,in thi pit evironment! For months afterwards,Alec was sick ti deeth of the greetings he got from ivvry body he saa on he's travels doon thi pit..."Halloww Alec,seen any ghosts lately?"!! Pitmen were a hard lot when it came to personal feelings,ye developed skin like bell-metal!
  15. Netherton Colliery Pitmen

    Before a gaan ti pile sum ZZZZZ's up,a thowt a better clarify a previous comment aboot the Canteen Lasses on Area bonus,me comment wasn't meant ti soond derogatory,cos them lasses did a gud hard job,at a pit like Bates,wi 2000 men! Naa,me comment was meant ti include AAL surface staff who were contracted on the area bonus scheme,which was the average of the bonus's of every individual pit in the area,and included Wages clerks,Time office staff,and aal them[thoosands of them!!]...at the Area Headquarters at Teems Valley Gateshead. People in the offices,nae disrespect,cos we wud be badly on withoot them,but it made us sore,ti knaa they were getting £40 a shift,sumtimes when we were gettin hurt in accidents,roof falls of stone,soaking wet,coming oot the pit wi arms hanging doon like a gorilla,tired oot,after filling two "Shots" of coal,humping heavy girders,etc,soakng wet,dust,fumes........for sumtimes 90 pence a shift!!![rant over!!!....purely for educashun porpises...like!!!]