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  1. No, you aren't imagining it!

    Save a smaal place for my Motorola C 520,which is clipped to my belt every day of the year,and has been for thi last [almost!]twenty yeors!! A knaa!..not a computer..but wud luk cute amang the teley-typers....and paper-puncher machines!
  2. Puddler's Raa[Row]

    Weel done Canny Lass!! A think we'll start caaling ye "VERA"!.........[ A dinna waatch telly,but aav seen thi film crews knockin' aroond a few times!!...at Blyth and other places!]
  3. Puddler's Raa[Row]

    Jack Antoniho came aroond Hollymoont Square from the days when the square was still being built..and my family moved into number 13 when aa was aboot three and a haaf yeors auld...that was aroond 1947-8. Us kids that had nowt but the claas on wa backs,used ti cadge lifts on his cart aroond thi square,and he used ti gie us a haaf-dozen wafer biscuits ti keep wi happy!! He was the kindest "old" [ti us!] man we ever knew. As time went by,me Faatha used ti send me oot ti get ice-cream "Sammidges"...the wafer biscuit type..not cornets..for aal wa family...a once-a-week treat! So auld Jack knew his business!!....treat thi kids reet....nae bother gettin' mair business as a result! Oh.....!....and nae historic claims of child abuse wi aad Jack! Great ti see these pics of Jack.
  4. "......waits excitedly......waiting....waiting.....for the rest..."...! ....but nae bugga seems ti knaa it,so howeh, Trekker,tell wi!!!
  5. Petty Vandalism

    Well!!Exactly one month since my rant over acts of vandalism...and it seems to have killed the thread! But it hasn't killed the vandalism.....another seat burned to a large pile of ashes up the Black Path,from the Furnace Bank car park. The seats down by the river went a year or two ago,the one adjacent to the car park was attempted to be burned down a while ago,but is still there ....unsightly....being charred black at each end of the seat,next to the Longridge information board.....the one just up the path,about 50 yards....just a heap of charred pieces amongst the pile of ash and rubbish....[a while ago],and in the last three or four weeks,the next one up the path..just fine ash and the metal holding brackets left![oh!....and, of course,the obligatory Vodka bottle and beer cans.....empty of course......they carry them there full...and are too lazy to carry them home or put them in the bin!] Bins!!!!....the Council no sooner put bins everywhere for public use,and within a week,the one at the Red Row junction,was literally riped off and vanished,leaving the pole and twisted metal brackets. Most every other one I come across,seems to be twisted around as if the intention was to rip them off and been a failure....maybe by kids too weak to carry out their bit of fun.... I took pics with the intention of posting them here and on the County Council site,but haven't been able to do that as yet. When will it end? Rich,you want to hope that you die young and quick,and never have the need to grow old and infirm,with the need also for permanent care.....in a Care Home for the Elderly. Maybe you have a genuine sentiment for seeing Bedlington thrive.....but it sure as hell doesn't sound like it to me!! The very people being cared for,like Matty Hall,who EVERYBODY in Bedlington knew,is in such a home,and it was People like Matty who helped create the Community of Bedlington as we knew it and grew up here. Now tell me....what have you contributed to Bedlington? Rant over for another month! Back ti me aad sel' agyen!!
  6. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    Very reminiscent of the old Miner's Picnic days on the twenty acres,and Attlee Park....in the 1950's n '60's! A great atmosphere!
  7. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    Canna find a zoom tool John!
  8. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    Aah Alan?! He was always a smashing natured lad,quiet as a moose at school,and very likeable..a fellow musician one time..and I saw him a while back ,for the first time since the 1960's,and cracked on immediately,pity he was on Council business so hadn't time for a long one!! If you see him again,John,please pass my regards on! Thanks!
  9. Councillor Wallace - Local Issues!

    Prospect Cottages Bomarsund....pavement outside No 7 and 8 requires total stripping and relaying with concrete,pothole over a foot deep,and getting deeper as time goes by caused by indiscriminate parking,and subsequent Brands hatch take-of back onto the road usually strangers,and van drivers,stopping to use their mobile phones as they come into the 30 mph zone from Bedlington Station...it's a wider area so drivers use it for convenience with no consideration for pavement users. When raining,the pothole resembles a small pond..with no indication of how deep it is,and only last week,a small child was flung head over heels from his micro scooter and landed headlong into the hole....luckily not seriously hurt,but he could have broken his neck,and I would have had to be chief witness. The whole street is concreted,except for one grass patch,and the patch referred to which is red whinstone chippings,was laid down decades ago.
  10. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    Captured perfectly Foxy! Cudna dun better if a tried wi me aad "Halina 35X" 35mm.....circa 1962-ish! We been ti Rothbury thi day,caad and showery and windy! A think we shudda stayed in Bedltn! A cud hear the last bits of the show from me back garden in Bomarsund! Pleased it was a great success for the organisers...and the artists.....and the crowd!
  11. Sting -When The Last Ship Sails

    Whey yi bugga man! Wheor thi hell hev aa been aal this time? Aa just catch'd up noo on this bliddy gud crack....nae impitince ti nae bugga,nae sarkyniss,just gud aad-fashind crack! A divven't knaa wheor ti start..... Forst off,when me yung sun wis aanly a bairn,Sting's bottle waas in thi charts...an' aa cudn't stand it!! Yeors later,a liked his "Fields o' Goeld". Noo! When wor lass caaled me in and cut me chynes from thi kitchin sink,as a waas just finishin' weshin' thi dishis,ti waatch the last ship sails,a might as weel tell yi's aal that aa waas rivvetted ti thi box,welded ti me seat,and thi time just sailed through in a flash! Best thing aav seen for a lang time,and that much impressed that a saved it on me laptop,an' waatch it owa and owa at least once a week! Noo hoo di a agree wi?!!! Whey,a think it's reet wi aal beg ti differ,cos nea buggaa's qualified ti ti decide hoo anybody else shud speak!.......BUT!....... Wor Jackie Charlton bugged me donkey's,an' a mean alot o' donkey's yeors ago,when he still "Pleyed well",and follaad on by sayin'..."it was a gud goel"!.....THAT waas thi start of my porsinal irritations wi Geordies,Northumbrians,whaativvor! Then me two Sons went doon ti London ti worrk,me aadist has been doon theor 30 yeors,and me yungist one cyem bak yem. Thi both acquired accents,through pitman's Son's browtins-ups,ti hae common-sense and decency,and respect for thi poor buggaa's tryin'ti unnastand thim. Imagine thim in an intavue,taakin' like at yem.....or like wor Daz,negotiating a recording contract wi a French or Portugese Artist,like does a lot iv thi time.....he'd be a dole-hand nae botha! WE are the ONLY folk who change wor dialect for thi benefit of others,so they can understand what we are saying,no other breed of people in the UK does that!! A Cockney speaks Cockney! Welsh people speak English as they do,and very pleasant,with a singing lilt ..which I love to hear...same with the Scottish people. But you try and understand every single word without question,that a broad Glaswegian speaks,and you will be unique!! Ner,it's ownly us daft buggaas who change wor twang,an' it's got nowt ti dae wi trying ti be posh,wi me at least,it's just plain bliddy common-sense and decency!! Sym,when a started working oot thi pits,mekkin' fornitcha,a was worrkin' wi lads from aal aroond thi place,in a factory at Rothbury. Thi forst day,a yung lad ,aboot 18 ya aad,sed ti me,Bill,are yi from Bedltn? Who di ye knaa ?.....[a axed him]......... "Cos ye rrrroll ya rrrr's" ,was his reply,then a noticed thi Blyth lads,thi Pegswood lads,thi Station lads,aal taaked a bit diffrrint.......proppa-like.....but diffrint!! Wi cud gaan on aal neet taakin' aboot this an' get naewhere!,but it's LBJ waakies -time,then bak ti waatch.......... WHEN THE LAST SHIP SAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing a think Sting did wrang,was ti tek it ti America,cos even doon sooth,not a lot of people will get the quick-fire gags aboot thi shipyards,"Welding him ti thi deck.."etc Ye knaa,wen aa taak posh ti mek mesel' unnastud,a ownly gaa as far as ti say things who they soond....such as...."Aav godda "PAIUN"..[Pain],in me "SHOWLDA",[Shoulder],Docta,[Doctor],an' it's "Warse"..[Worse],when "A".. "PLAAYUH"..[PLAY] "ME" [My] "GITAR"....!....[not "PLEY"....OR "PEYN".....nowt wrang wi that,aa just divvent taak like that!!] Noo,a divvent say me "Bottom",or me "A....e"..,a politeley refer to me posterior,as me "Backside"...!....see?...it's aal doon ti wa electicution wen wi war graan up! Howw!!,she's bitin' me leg!! Keep this one gaanin,aav thoroughly enjoyed being educashind by aal thi intallecshualls on here.....a refreshin' change frae pitwark!!
  12. Bedlington Station Park?

    Whey ye knaa wat!,the beach baal's been spinning for an hoor,and the photo's have only been haaf in haaf,till a clicked me post on,and the bugga's posted,and also displayed hitherto unseen updated names,confirming one lad as Bob short,who a knew very well but just cudn't place his nyem!! That just leaves number 18 noo,for me at least!!John Hale,[Yice],has shot up a lot in his teens from when he was at the Whitley![number 10],so not 100% sure it is him,cos aa thowt he might have been Davey Lees,he's the spit of him in my memory! But on the face of it,John played alang wi the others in Matty Hall's team,and Davey didn't to my knowledge,so on the balance of probability.... Just ignore me argyin' wi mesel,cos Yice was nivvor taller than Ritchie,naebody was,when aa was at school wi' him,and this is early '60's...!! Def. Owen Monaghan. Eggy,would Lillian Wilkinson be Alan's Daughter,and if so wondering if Stephen is her Brother,cos my Son passed my laptop and picked oot Alan as the spit of a mate o' his at the Middle and High schools,my Son is 43 yrs old noo,so Stephen is the same age. Wud be great ti get in touch wi Alan again after aal these years!
  13. Bedlington Station Park?

    Heh heh! Eggy! You just inspired my memory with a flash of gud detective wark!! Definitaly not Bedlington Dr pit Park!! If it was,there would have been terraced houses behind,not semi-detached as you suspect is Queen's Road! My normal sessions here are ,as you knaa ,aboot anywhere after midneet,and tired oot! Noo,wi a reasonably fresh state of mind and memory[!],I just twigged aboot that after seeing only the top 3/4" of the last post you made,cos the photo [revised],is just refusing to load up fully! Also definately Alan Wilkinson,my lifelong classmate,[ and friend oot of school],and def. big Brian Richmond,[Richie],who was the best goalie we had ever seen at the Whitley,and ivrybody used to say,even the owlder lads! Canna def. say aboot Ken Johnson,another schoolmate,but just aboot 90% sure!! Noo wat's bugging me is the lad wi the quiff and the suit,2nd from the left,back row!!,aa knaa he's face but canna place him at aal!,also the lad wi the dark thatch,2nd right,middle row,could,[not sure!],be Dickie Mitcheson,who played for the Whitley Memorial school in Matty Hall's team,alang wi Ritchie,and Wilkie.[Alan]. Some,like Ritchie,and Wilkie,nivvor change wi age,while it's sumtimes hard to be sure aboot others! Pleased ti see this pic!!
  14. The Gardeners Arms.

    Bedies,if you go down the street and stand at Bell's Place,which is the cut into Hollymount Square,opposite the Black Bull pub,then walk back up about 50 or 60 yards,you will notice how the street sort of goes in a bit,then juts back out,forming a little neuk.On the wall there is a blue plaque on the last building in the neuk,telling you that this is where the Gardener's Arms pub was....etc.[can you picture where I mean?] We,as kids,were always led to believe that old Ned Metcalfe bred the first ever Bedlington Terrier,but I really don't know the validity of that story! I always wondered why he ALWAYS! had riding breeches,riding boots,and ALWAYS carried a riding whip,whenever he walked down the street!,cos there were no horses in any of the local fields....only horned cows in the picnic field,in the days before the Miner's Picnic was ever held there! He might have been a real canny fella,but to a ten year old we'en,he posed a very real threat!!....[walrus mustach,flat cap owa he's eyes,a permanent scowl..!!,aye...real scary!]
  15. Two charged following spate of burglaries in Blyth

    Good to see the Police taking positive action against these criminals,and I think that this stupid "under-age" law desperately needs changing. If a thirteen year old "kid",knows how to break into someone else's property,and is out through the night doing it,he should be named and have the same slap on the hand as "adults" who commit the same crimes. I pity for the Police,when after a lot of work done to convict these criminals,the offenders just get light sentences,or no sentence at all.