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  1. Club Domino

    Me and me Wife went ti see Los Zafiros,[a Mexican trio wi aal the get-up and wide-brimmed bonny hats!] They waaked aroond the audience haadin' tha guitars high up,as them lot dae,when tha daeing clubs etc...... ....wor lass panicked when they headed for wor tyeble,cos the leets follaad thim,and wor lass hates any kind of attention like that,but me being a fan of theirs,and heving tha L.P.'s ....[aye L.P.s-NOT ALBUMS.....!!!],AAA was chuffed ti hell,cos apart from seeing these guys,[or any other groups like them],on thi telly,aa was nivvor gaana get a betta chance ti see hoo they played the riffs and Rasquaado's on their guitars....as a did frae three feet away,that neet! It was brilliant,cos the three of them stood aroond wor tyeble for a canny while,ye'd think a had paid them ti dae it,but a think it was cos they got response from me,being a guitarist,and requesting tracks from their L.P...[Vinyl!!].....aa wud be the ownly porson in the haal who wud knaa wat they were playing,and who was stone cold sober,that neet!![ me being an absoloute tee-totaller!]
  2. Club Domino

    Hi Eggy! Great montage of the Wallaw/E.T.C !! Can anybody mind of Johhny Citrone appearing there at the Domino,in the days not long after it opened? I think I telt me story aboot him on another thread,but I just found an excellent black and white clip of him on Blue Peter ,[on U-Tube], blowing a hot water bottle up,only he only blew it up so far and stopped,for safety.[it WAS a kid's show!] His stage act finale was blowing the hot water bottle up till it bursted with a loud explosion! Nooadays,wi H&S,he wadn't be allowed on a kids show,wi an act like that!!....[not ti mention aal the poses he went through...displaying his physique!![He WAS Mr Great Britain at the time,for body-building]
  3. Am I reading that right?

    Heh heh!....ind hoo aam aa ti taak?!!!!!!
  4. Dance Hall At Bedlington Station

    A bit late, but welcome to the clan, Dawn!! I'm wondering if you are Dawn the "Vampire",who my Wife and Myself see often!
  5. I did my CBT course with Paul,owner of this bike training school in Meadowdale at Bedlington top-end,two and a half years ago,and found him and Helen,[Paul's Wife],to be very friendly and sociable,in their approach to students,like myself,a "Born-again Biker"!...[and an old one at that!] On Saturday,one week ago,I went to re-do my CBT again,having been off the road,[bike-wise],for the last two and a half years due to whiplash injuries sustained in a serious car crash.[ young lass-stolen car-cloned reg.plates]. Jon,the instructor who took me out onto the road,was very patient and friendly,joking and laughing naturally all the time we were out,which put me and his other student at ease,and relaxed. When we got back to the school,Helen kindly chatted with us,asking how we felt now,after a rusty start,saying jokingly,that "Rust rubs off!! She was lovely! Tony,another member of staff,was also very friendly and chatty,with both of us students,so they all made the day easier for us. Anyone intent on going back to biking,or considering starting from scratch,need to look no further than Premier Bike Training!! Well recommended by me,and a few others I know,some who are in the Motorcycle industry! H.P.W.
  6. Well recommended to me by my next door neighbour,who has had a lot of experience with this "garage",on the Barrington [!] Industrial Estate. So I advised my Son to go for his M.O.T. ,which he did,knowing it would probably fail on a couple of items. ....It did,and that was on Saturday gone.The handbrake,and the Catalytic Converter were the items that failed. My Son gave them the go-ahead to do the jobs,without even agreeing a price ! The car was back on the road today,repaired and MOT'D! [Monday!] A member of staff showed me the damaged Cat.Converter,which was falling apart with rust and corrosion. The job was VERY competitely priced,surprisingly low,for the repairs AND the MOT,all in,and My Son and myself were both over the moon with the result! All the staff were friendly,and patient with me,being a bit deaf in one ear and not hearing out the other one!! I would definately recommend them to anyone . HPW. P.S. .....and,of course,the little brown and white Spaniel sitting on my foot for comfort,and giving me a paw,made it a worthwhile visit!![picking my Son's car up for him]
  7. No, you aren't imagining it!

    Save a smaal place for my Motorola C 520,which is clipped to my belt every day of the year,and has been for thi last [almost!]twenty yeors!! A knaa!..not a computer..but wud luk cute amang the teley-typers....and paper-puncher machines!
  8. Puddler's Raa[Row]

    Weel done Canny Lass!! A think we'll start caaling ye "VERA"!.........[ A dinna waatch telly,but aav seen thi film crews knockin' aroond a few times!!...at Blyth and other places!]
  9. Puddler's Raa[Row]

    Jack Antoniho came aroond Hollymoont Square from the days when the square was still being built..and my family moved into number 13 when aa was aboot three and a haaf yeors auld...that was aroond 1947-8. Us kids that had nowt but the claas on wa backs,used ti cadge lifts on his cart aroond thi square,and he used ti gie us a haaf-dozen wafer biscuits ti keep wi happy!! He was the kindest "old" [ti us!] man we ever knew. As time went by,me Faatha used ti send me oot ti get ice-cream "Sammidges"...the wafer biscuit type..not cornets..for aal wa family...a once-a-week treat! So auld Jack knew his business!!....treat thi kids reet....nae bother gettin' mair business as a result! Oh.....!....and nae historic claims of child abuse wi aad Jack! Great ti see these pics of Jack.
  10. "......waits excitedly......waiting....waiting.....for the rest..."...! ....but nae bugga seems ti knaa it,so howeh, Trekker,tell wi!!!
  11. Petty Vandalism

    Well!!Exactly one month since my rant over acts of vandalism...and it seems to have killed the thread! But it hasn't killed the vandalism.....another seat burned to a large pile of ashes up the Black Path,from the Furnace Bank car park. The seats down by the river went a year or two ago,the one adjacent to the car park was attempted to be burned down a while ago,but is still there ....unsightly....being charred black at each end of the seat,next to the Longridge information board.....the one just up the path,about 50 yards....just a heap of charred pieces amongst the pile of ash and rubbish....[a while ago],and in the last three or four weeks,the next one up the path..just fine ash and the metal holding brackets left![oh!....and, of course,the obligatory Vodka bottle and beer cans.....empty of course......they carry them there full...and are too lazy to carry them home or put them in the bin!] Bins!!!!....the Council no sooner put bins everywhere for public use,and within a week,the one at the Red Row junction,was literally riped off and vanished,leaving the pole and twisted metal brackets. Most every other one I come across,seems to be twisted around as if the intention was to rip them off and been a failure....maybe by kids too weak to carry out their bit of fun.... I took pics with the intention of posting them here and on the County Council site,but haven't been able to do that as yet. When will it end? Rich,you want to hope that you die young and quick,and never have the need to grow old and infirm,with the need also for permanent care.....in a Care Home for the Elderly. Maybe you have a genuine sentiment for seeing Bedlington thrive.....but it sure as hell doesn't sound like it to me!! The very people being cared for,like Matty Hall,who EVERYBODY in Bedlington knew,is in such a home,and it was People like Matty who helped create the Community of Bedlington as we knew it and grew up here. Now tell me....what have you contributed to Bedlington? Rant over for another month! Back ti me aad sel' agyen!!
  12. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    Very reminiscent of the old Miner's Picnic days on the twenty acres,and Attlee Park....in the 1950's n '60's! A great atmosphere!
  13. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    Canna find a zoom tool John!
  14. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    Aah Alan?! He was always a smashing natured lad,quiet as a moose at school,and very likeable..a fellow musician one time..and I saw him a while back ,for the first time since the 1960's,and cracked on immediately,pity he was on Council business so hadn't time for a long one!! If you see him again,John,please pass my regards on! Thanks!
  15. Councillor Wallace - Local Issues!

    Prospect Cottages Bomarsund....pavement outside No 7 and 8 requires total stripping and relaying with concrete,pothole over a foot deep,and getting deeper as time goes by caused by indiscriminate parking,and subsequent Brands hatch take-of back onto the road usually strangers,and van drivers,stopping to use their mobile phones as they come into the 30 mph zone from Bedlington Station...it's a wider area so drivers use it for convenience with no consideration for pavement users. When raining,the pothole resembles a small pond..with no indication of how deep it is,and only last week,a small child was flung head over heels from his micro scooter and landed headlong into the hole....luckily not seriously hurt,but he could have broken his neck,and I would have had to be chief witness. The whole street is concreted,except for one grass patch,and the patch referred to which is red whinstone chippings,was laid down decades ago.