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  1. i moved into burnside in 1952 then moved to blyth in 19 70 the worst thing i have done in my life
  2. good old ganny mather had us youngings doing what she wanted us to do
  3. the lone ranger

    Election Special!

    what has gone wrong?
  4. i used to live in burnside 1952 till 197o it was always clean and tidy also the people were very good to have as neigbours
  5. netherton did have a proper dog racing track . it was in the 1950s .i was one of the trappers .iused to put the dogs into the traps .when it was time to let them out i used to open the trap and off they whent
  6. i was born and bread in bedlington shire . when i reed some of the posts regarding pit matic there are some words i dont know what they meen .
  7. when school finished in the afternoon at guidepost on the way home i would fill the coal into the shed to get some money so i could go to the humford baths . by the way my freinds did as well .they were good days.
  8. hello eggy 1948 i dont know if mike has stopped producing the cree full of coal.. i stopped bying it as i thought it was dying due to not having as many old time miners and other older people that mabe dont write in now.
  9. i used to get the creefull of coal by mike kircup during its hay day it was good reeding when we had a good number of miners to post in .as the days have gone by a lot ove miners have passed away so we havent got many people left to post in comments . luckly i am still here as an x miner happy days .
  10. hello h.p.w i have read all your posts .all the names you have mentshiond about minors at choppington b colliery i knew all of them due to you complimenting about my work saying i was bloody good at my job . i am going to give you a hint to my name .brian b,,ford one day i might get your name .
  11. hello hpw thank you for your compliment about being a good composite worker and a drifter developer .i enjoyed every day of working in the mines . i would do the same again if i had my time to live again .. later on i went to college at ashington to sit for my deputies tickets . you seem to know my name other than the lone ranger . if you post it and you are right i will admit it
  12. hpw i knew all the people you have named in the accident about the coal cutter .i think i would know you if i ever see you as i was working under ground at the same time
  13. i played the game you were on about it was mount the cuddy you followd each other mounting the cuddy untill it collapsed .happy days .
  14. welcome back hpw i worked at choppington high colliery between 1952 and 1966 .i cant remember any shunter being run over by a 21 ton coal waggon .
  15. is it not sick posting about miners being killed in the collierys the time i worked under ground there was 4 killed .it is not a nice thing to talk about
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