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    Many years ago when I lived down South the wife and I and some friends, made a vist to an old Rock/Pop area called Eel Pie Island , and on the way back we called into our friends local for a quick pint, the landlord told us to hang around after 3 pm closing time and let all the punters go, this we did and about 30 mins later there was a knock on the back door, it was opened and in walked all the original four members of the Who, including Keith Moon. We were not allowed to take photos or ask for autographs, they were suprisingly subdued, but very plesant.
  2. Have ever met anybody really famous?, I'll kick of with this, during the mid 80's whilst working for the Newcastle Breweries, I was entertaining trade customers in the Newcastle United, Blue Star bar, I got into a conversation with a guy, who was wearing a cloth cap and a Newcastle Brown Ale t-shirt, he insisted on buying me a drink, as he was at the bar a work colleage informed me that I was talking to Brian Johnson from AC/DC, he was great, very down to earth, and good fun. I also sat next to the great, late Chas Chandler, for a whole season at St James's park.
  3. I've used Forresters many times , they are excellent, reliable, and reasonably priced, they represent why we should support our local industries
  4. The entrance to St Benet's is an terrible accident waiting to happen, both teachers and pupil families vehicles, exit from the school when there is a clear sign inside the school entrance clearly stating "NO EXIT" . Sadly, nothing will change, unless the school wakes up and realises that..... I dread to think.
  5. Have always known this wonderful shop as Don Lynns, don't know why, they sell such wonderful goodies, ham and pease pudding a particular favourite. Hardy
  6. Not wrecked but they've already had a go, I exercise my daughters dog on a particular pathway, and apart from the fly tipping, empty beer cans, old bonfires, off road motor bike riding, dog s..t and the new equipment, to me nothing has changed, the sports equipment, aren't secure, the holding nuts are fully exposed, and could be dismantled in seconds. I was there on the day the equipment was being installed, the supplying company were Lincolnshire based, I also met a couple of Northumberland county council "officials" they told me that NCC were spending up to £52k on the local pathways, WHAT!
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