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  1. Lovely lady, We were very privileged to be able to call her our friend. She will be greatly missed. Margaret & Tony Green
  2. Muters pop factory was at Bedlington stn. Elliots pop factory was behind Thompson's stores.
  3. the cricket club trophy for the pubs and clubs was called Bedlington Cricket Club Novices, a mate of mine showed me his medal from it.
  4. Could you tell me who this one person is coz i'm sure all the others would be surprised to find out they don't actually exist!!
  5. 95 per cent . of the people of Bedlington who i have spoken to want no more housing. and more Retail.
  6. I have live on no problem.
  7. Should you hear an unusual noise when passing Bedlington churchyard. don't be unduly alarmed; it's only Michaee.l Longridge .turning in his grave. Died October 1858.
  8. Tescos car park was the Bedlington Mechanics. football field.
  9. We dont want any more houses built. we need shops in Bedlington.
  10. I lived in that area for forty years and Tommy Adamson's . shop was at the end of Browns Buildings.
  11. tonyg


    as long as the road to the Red Lion is open tonight.
  12. the old police station . was opened in 1881.
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