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  1. I can't help wondering who are the directors/chiefs/top salary takers of Arch. Also wondering about nest feathering?
  2. Malcom, I don't know much about Council business, but the loans to third parties is large ie £150,000,000 and what is Arch?
  3. I was told it was a scarlet fever hospital.
  4. I used to deliver groceries for Walter Wilson's in mid 60s, and it was self service then.
  5. This highlights the weakness and short sighted-ness of government policy. to say nowt of costing us more versus direct labour. Yet another of Thatchers many legacies that have come to bite us on the bum. As for the directors, I notice that one Phillip Green is involved, and that Carrillion's pension fund is in deficit. Coincidence?
  6. Happy Birthday Canny Lass, have a good-un.
  7. Have a goodun Brian and everyone on the forum.
  8. Hi Merc, John Shelley was older than me, he was in my sisters class. The John? Wilson I knew lived at Bebside, left school from 4nc at age 15. We used to hang about together.
  9. Yes Merc/Steve, it was me that had the A35, sadly due to arthritus I couldn't maintain it as I would like, so I sold it. However I have bought a 1965 Vespa, sound crazy but riding and maintaining that is ok. Did you have a relative called John (I think) that went to Westridge, 1962 on? If so I was in his class.
  10. Hi MercuryG, sounds great, as you may remember from previous posts, I live in that neck of the woods. Well, about 30 minutes from there. Your doggies look well behaved. I love donkeys and goats, got no room for them at our pace though. We pass Tumby, well, the turning to Tumby, when we take a trip out to Skeg or Horncastle. It is a nice part of Lincs, enjoy.
  11. On Sunday last I Braved the Shave for MacMillans. If anyone would kike to donate, PM me and I will PM you back with details of me and how to find my donation section on their web site. Thanks.
  12. Moe 19, I remember going into the 'ford COOP with my Grandma. The smells of the "store" are still in my memory. I also was fascinated by the wire transmission equipment. Could the "thing" on the roof, be a bell tower? For what use I have no idea whatsover.
  13. Absolutely, fantastically done Malcolm. Hold your head up high, you have the right.
  14. Thanks Foxy, No3 in the picture does look a bit him, always smiling he was.
  15. I remember a guy called Tommy Darling (No3?) who ran a shop down at Grange Park back in the '60s, can't for the life of me remember what he dealt in, just that he was a nice guy. He was a friend of my fathers.
  16. HPW, Vic was right about blueprints, it was the way/method of printing them with wet chemicals, hence the reaction that Vic suffered. Don't ask me what the chemicals were, but I think there was ammonia in there somewhere due to the smell. "Drawings" are still to this day occasionally referred to as blueprints, but they are now mainly laser printed. Don't berate yourself, HPW, the job you did was very highly skilled, just in a different way. If you made a mistake someone could get badly hurt or worse! A lot of my family on my mums side were miners, so I am aware and in awe at what you guys did. I look forward to your memories on here, it brings me down to earth, and it makes me laugh at the antics you got up to. Especially that bit about buses and bait bags, that did tickle me. I would like to meet up with you for a natter when I am up Bedders way next. Might be this summer, I will message you if I decide to come up.
  17. Hi HPW, as an engineer/toolmaker I used logs and antilogs to work out trigonometry on a daily basis until calculators were common place.
  18. Above all, it's a Volkswagen! Will Germany still sell us the spares, or become all petulant and throw "Herr Teddy" out of pram. CL, myself I favour the Kia marque. Have a close look at the range, you may be pleasantly surprised.
  19. Now we have kicked Europe into touch, we could NOW become 51st State of U.S.A. Imagine Boris and Trump together. On a more sensible note, I think the current political parties will need to change drastically, in particular, Labour.
  20. Hey Mercg, your cats are not daft.
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