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  1. You can Just make out the name T Fox on the side of the boat a relation was on the Cambois lifeboat
  2. From the album: Local Football

    Names on back Herron Wellard Barnfather Foster Spratt Charlton Nicholson Jackson Trewick Walton Winn
  3. Names on rear Mr Dowson Parkin Crankside Ryder Mr Fowel B Foster Henderson Charlton Oliver Bainbridge Spratt Wade Jones
  4. Names on back of original ??? Mr Fox Mr Bell J Bainbridge D Spratt A Churnside J Hogarth G Wade A Ryder B Foster B Henderson M Muter B Charlton E Wilson L Johnstone
  5. Burton Foster front row 1st one on the left do you know any others and what team they are playing for ??
  6. The names I have now are from top left W Gebbie J Henderson R Short J Scott W Richmond J Brown Front Row T or J Fox B Foster R Brown J McCaffery B Taylor Still dont know what the team was
  7. HI That is my dad Burton Foster front row second from left what is you Uncles Name so I can update the picture and do you know who the team was they were playing for
  8. From the album: Scotts of Netherton

    My lovely Auntie Margaret
  9. From the album: Scotts of Netherton

    My father Garnet Burton Foster sat on his great grndmother knee Margaret Scott nee Wood Then behind her on left is his grandmother Sophia Scott nee Fox and standing next to her is his mother Catherine Scott
  10. From the album: Scotts of Netherton

    Standing at the back left Ralph Scott next to him Uncle Bill (surname not known at this time) Front row Bill Shiel Robert Scott Boy is a cousin to my grandmother Catherine Scott and on the end a family Friend known as Uncle Jack (surname not known at this time)
  11. From the album: Scotts of Netherton

    Great Grand Father Rober and his brother William
  12. From the album: Scotts of Netherton

    My two Uncles To (standing) and Rob seated how they used to tease my mum on holiday visits. Rob was a Pigeon man and Tom was into canarys he could despite his hands like shovells make such wonderful flowers out of tissue paper
  13. From the album: Scotts of Netherton

    My lovely Uncle Tom and Auntie Margaret how lucky I am to be related to such lovely people still missed now but remembered with such love nad affection
  14. From the album: Scotts of Netherton

    Great Grandmother Sophia Scott nee Fox
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