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  1. 1 Stephen coutts 2 Anthony spratt 6 Jonathan Underhill 7 duane lightley 8 paddy 14 Michael ward 15 ed Stevenson 17 Diane 21 Judith Graham 23 Julie muter 32 Jayne tuby 33 Pauline hindmarsh 41 Adrian Bain 42 Gary darling 43 Darren turner 46 can't remember his name but he joined the RAF 48 gerbil 49 Paul young
  2. he ganns on a bit, but i've papped in that ootside netty and he is right it was bloody cauld in the winter
  3. that will be right with Slavery Lavery. off topic he likes silk boxer shorts, in the 80s he used to buy them from Selfridges in London. How do I know this? I took his phone orders!
  4. I think this relates to the time the devil come to bedlington, looking for a fish
  5. would I be right in thinking you used to live almost opposite the scout hut and played a cream/white fender strat
  6. Dont know about making jeans Chip aka Mr Douglas was named for pinching a chip off my dinner at the middle school (just seen this hence the late reply)
  7. My mam Rose Lightley work there from the early 70s until it closed. I recognise so many of the names mentioned in this thread. I will tell her about this thread and maybe the veterans of the glove factory can get back on touch with each other
  8. I went to West Sleekburn Middle School77-81 and I think a lot of the teachers were ex Bedlington Secondary Modern/Grammer. Certainly Mr Laverick, who was my science teacher and Mr Johnson the woodwork teacher (who had taught my Mam) I think Mr Appleby & Mrs Greener also came from the Bedlington schooland
  9. Hi, first post so be gentle!!!! My Mam Rose Lightley (nee Ridley) went to the secondary modern in the early 50's. We have been looking for websites about the school but have found nothing. Can anyone please help with links or any info on the history of the school. Cheers
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