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  1. I wasn't in charge of publicity, sorry. I believe as well as here at the pub, there were posters in the Bedlington library, and of course Paul the author did publicise it here on the forum.
  2. Aye you're right Foxy it's water under the bridge, but I still hope you can make it, along with as many of the forum as possible, as I'd love to meet you all. That offer of a pint still stands as well Foxy :-)
  3. We at the Black Bull welcome the local language used in the book, in all respects, okay Foxy? We would also welcome as many as possible of the forum here tomorrow night, just a shame the secret cake club can't conjure up a few bites to be enjoyed whilst the reading is going on.
  4. Brought tears to my eyes Brian, or was it just a dust devil. As always, We shall remember them.
  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/8902770/Swearing-at-police-is-not-a-crime-judge-rules.html As the Market Club is a private members establishment you have every right to do as you wish on your premises, and you are to be commended for doing so. I have never once stated that private members establishment's members were of the swearing ilk. I only ever mentioned the word pubs not clubs. If you can find any reference to me mentioning club members I'll apologise to you. Similarly I've never condemned any of my customers in any post that I've made here with regard to swearing. D
  6. All over 18s welcome. We are raising funds for the Blyth all weather lifeboat, who's charity box is here on the bar and used as a small swear box. The format will follow a typical day at the races and it is Newcastle racecourse's ladies day that day as well. There will be a disco and races. We are asking the ladies to dress posh, and we'll get some great prizes lined up for you. These will include smellies, chocoaltes and champagne, and anything else worthwhile we can conjure up before then. There will be no charge to enter the posh frock competition. Any gentlemen wishing to turn up in mornin
  7. Is it today we remember the Turkish knight who slew a dragon and is entombed in Israel? If it is then Happy St Georges day.
  8. I'll repeat again that I hate bad language, however I will qualify the remark for your benefit Foxy and say that I only really take offence when it is used to destroy other peoples quiet enjoyment of their visit. That will let draw your own conclusions about my establishment without you visiting. Foxy, if you know of an establishment here in Bedlington that does not permit any form of bad language whether loud or quiet then do share this with the rest of the board and people of the world wide web to stop any further 'bad publicity'. Indeed if you know of any establishment within 20 square mile
  9. Well the plenty I was referring to, are those who did not need to swear. However it is clear that there are more than enough who do not swear, using the towns establishments.
  10. Many thanks, I'm about from 4pm but my wife is about from noon. Thanks again for dropping some in.
  11. The poster looks great but my printer is terrible. If someone is prepared to pop down to me with a poster or two I'd be delighted to display them for you Malcolm.
  12. As far as I can recall I never tarred all with the same brush. I said 'most' and I stand by that. There are plenty who do not as well. Remember 'most' can be as little as 51% or as large as 99% (integers). I can also say that I'm not a prude either but have noticed the increased use of this language since I left school. It follows that in my warped mind therefore that something must be causing it, and I blamed a lack of supervision of the English language in young peoples education. I'm happy to be proved wrong. I would also add that I have only met a couple of people in my short time here in
  13. I'm beginning to feel that the number of people using foul and abusive language is receiving tacit support here. Still that will teach me to attempt to be part of a closed community.
  14. Hmmm, thought provoking stuff. Agreed that unshaven doesn't necessarily mean bad language will be used,(I never accused them of being rude), just as white trainers and grey sweatpants does not make someone a chav. Amazing however how often I would double my money in bets with you if you decided to take the challenge.( I could even appear unshaven to give you a head start). If you think it is bad language is not acceptable then tell the proprietor, bar manager/ess or barperson concerned. If they choose to ignore your complaint, take the business elsewhere. If you want to live with it and educa
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