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  1. Don't remember the Alma. Can remember me mam walking is up to the Co-op at the Top End when the National Health nurse came and doled out cod liver oil and orange syrup. Had to line up with the other kids and get a spoonful. Naturally they gave us the cod liver oil last.
  2. Aye, Raisbecks. Leavin' Netherton Village School one day ah shit mesel an' decided ah better wahk yem. Haffway ti West Lea the bus stopped an' the Raisbecks driver tried ti get is on the bus. It took a few minutes like ti convince him ah was happy wahkin'. Ah think ah did iverybody on the bus a favah.
  3. The Santa Paradox can only be explained by the existence of a multiverse in which 91.9 million universes exist, each with its own Santa and only one address for each Santa to visit. In which case 38 hours would be plenty of time for Santa to visit only one address. And because the multiverse is infinite 91.9 million universes would be an insignificant fraction. Stephen Hawking agrees with me.
  4. Best Christmas I ever had as a kid was when my parents got is a bike. It was a green Christmas so I took it out and rode it around the oval at West Lea. At the bottom of the oval was another kid. Naturally I had to show off. "Look what ah got for Christmas," I said. "No you didn't," he said. Merry Christmas to all.
  5. Wee can mind the free paper cracker that used to come wi comics like Lion, Tiger and the Beano? Two pieces o' cardboard with a folded sheet of paper atween them ye could jerk wi ya hand te mek a loud crack.
  6. Wee can mind the lops?
  7. Hoo many ivery day expressions have vanished from wa lingo? Like tosh? Var vorsatile, like. Ye could use it for a porson and shoot te somebody: "Hey tosh." Or "a load of tosh" could mean a load of rubbish. And clot. A polite way of telling somebody he was either daft or had just done something daft. "What a clot." And what aboot "A load of ahd tripe". When was the last teym any o' wi hord that?
  8. I don't consider this a site for self-promotion so I'll only do this once. For those who might be curious about my writing career you can check it all out at pauljmann.com
  9. Well done, Canny Lass. We lived through so much history now gone forever.
  10. Wee can mind the rag and bone man that used to come roond the hooses wi's horse drawn cart? The wimmin would give him some rags and get claes pegs back. And there were knife sharpeners and onion johnnies on bikes. The onion johnnies were supposed to come from France an' ah remember thinkin' that was an awful lang way to come wi' a few strings of onions hangin' from ya handlebars.
  11. Or flowers. Can anybody mind them ahd grave decorations that were stone floowas under a glass dome? I can mind them in 'the semmy', one of the ahd parts of the cemetery at West Lea. Are they collector's items now?
  12. Our youngest daughter has been working at a pub in Richmond. We Skype with her regularly and she told me she had a customer who was a bit grumpy and would only be served by her. Bloke in his mid to late 50's she reckoned. Because she sounds like a yank he asked her how she could work in the U.K., and she told him her dad was a Brit. Where from the bloke says? He's a Geordie, she said. From Bedlington. She said he got tears in his eyes. He was from Bedlington, he said. She told him I wrote a book called The Leek Club all about the leek shows in the 1950's and he got quite emotional. He hadn't h
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