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  1. Tonyp Salmon Place was just off the Market Place in Bedlington and often called 'The Neuk' or Muggars' Nook' , although Salmon Place was the row of 2 rooms houses and cottages at the bottom of Muggars' Neuk (Muggar is another name for a Hawker) facing back up towards the Market Place. The first written evidence of Salmon Place I can find is an advert in the 'Morpeth Herald' 28 February 1880 for a seed list from John Brown of Woodbine Cottage Salmon Place (my 3G uncle) Salmon Place was recommend for Clearance in 1938 although I found an application in 1944 by Mr. Fred Reed for possession to occupy 1-4 Salmon Place. I found the entry for your Grandmother Margaret starting school on 20 August 1912, father Francis. There is also an entry for Francis 1909 father Francis a miner.
  2. Good luck for the Heritage Fair. I can appreciate the problems with H&S legislation but anything to help promote a sense of Community is worthwhile. Where I live now we have a carnival, music festival and regular events throughout the year involving all the community young and old and reminds me of my childhood in Bedlington. I am back in the UK next week and hope to come and see my old mate Barry Mead give one of his fascinating talks. Wilson
  3. I thought the Millfield just reopened in February, is Sebastians the restaurant above? Rosella Place was still there when I left in 1973 maybe someone else will remember when it was demolised. Wilson
  4. Thank you Keith, Connexions was the name I was thinking of but can't remember Sebastians how long ago was that? I have a feeling the Howard was renamed The Neuk in the 70s when Bower's houses were still there. That area of the Market Place was orignally called Muggers Neuk (Nook) in the 19th Century. Rosella Place was behind Bacci's and I think it was pulled down in the late 70's. Still remember the ice cream from Bacci's we were so lucky to grow up with real Italian ice cream. Wilson
  5. Can anyone tell me when the King's Arms became The Grapes; The Howard changed to The Neuk then The Market Tavern and when The Dun Cow changed to The Millfied and back to the Dun Cow the first time or could be several times! I have a feeling there was another name in there too. Thanks Wilson
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