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  1. Having a bit of difficulty getting my head around the details in that photo! I recognise a relative, already named, but his age and the date on the photo don't quite match up. Also having difficulties with the building. Had the infant school at NETHERTON closed and had the pupils transferred to NEDDERTON? Netherton was an infant school but Nedderton was a Junior school.in my time. I'll have to do a bit of digging.

    It could well be the rear of the building which faces the road in Nedderton village but I think the window panes were upright, same as the front of the building. Of course, they could have fitted new windows. Can't imagine where they fitted in 72 pupils!!

  2. On 16/11/2018 at 11:48, Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) said:

    @Canny lass - differences in Riggers list to your list = 

    CL                                                 Rigger

    16. Lorraine Armstrong       Margaret Coppin

                                                            Lorraine Armstrong - No 34

    24 Barbara (Stephenson?)  Barbara Smith ?

    31 Patricia French ?                Kathleen Brown

    I agree with Rigger but with reservations for Pat French/Kathleen Brown. 

    I also agree that #25 is Ann TYLER, not Ann Smith. I can also confirm that #20 is indeed Pat May and #33 is Joyce Butcher. It's amazing what a bit of memory jogging can do! Thanks Rigger.

    With Pat French vs. Kathleen Brown I'm not sure. These two looked quite similar and I'd completely forgotten Kathleen. I'm leaning more towards Kathleen now but not 100% sure.

    There's another girl in this class who's name hasn't cropped up yet: Dorothy Dickinson. Could she be #19 or #35

    Thanks Lorraine! #16 is indeed Margaret Coppin, though I wouldn't have recognised her from this photo - or you yourself.

  3. I have to admit that 42 looks like Gladys Stewart but I wondered what she was doing in this group as she would be a couple of years younger than those I recognise. Could this be several classes or some other combination of pupils (as there are three teacherst here)? 

  4. 16 Lorraine Armstrong

    18 Jacqueline Armstrong

    24 Barbara (Stephenson?)

    25 Ann  Smith

    26 Janice (Surname given as Hindhaugh on an earlier class photo)

    27 Lesley Bainbridge

    31 ? Patricia French

    32 Eileen Brown

    36 Yvonne Williamson

    37 Sylvia Hindhaugh/Hindmarsh

    43 Lorna Hudson

  5. On 20/09/2018 at 21:52, Rigger said:


    I see No. 40 is shown as Raymond Johnston?? I only knew of one Raymond Johnstone ( my younger brother  in Bedlington.  The photo is not of my brother who attended the Council School West end.

    Great photos

    Quite right, Rigger. That's definitely not Raymond Johnson, though there was a lad with that name in Netherton Colliery. However, he was a couple of years older than the children in this picture. 

  6. On 09/05/2018 at 20:35, Eggy1948 said:

    Netherton Colliery Infants School c1954 - photo from Facrebook group Bedlington Remembered member Bob Baxter. Looks like the whole school. Know any of this lot @Canny lass?

    8 Confirm Joe Potts

    11 Don’t think this is Norman Carr

    16 Anne Amos

    17 Ann Moore

    20 Margaret Morton

    21 Christine Ainsley

    24 Confirm Edith Mullen

    30 Denise Goves

    31 Ann Bower

    32 Margaret Coppin

    33 Lorna Naisby/Nesbitt ?

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