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  1. Can any of our resident coal-mining experts help me - again! 1. What is a 'scuffler'? I've no idea if it still exists in mining today. This is an 18 year old miner found in the 1939 register. 2. What is a 'rolley way man'? Also 1939.
  2. Thanks for that info Alex! All these years I've been calling him Jack 'Antonio' - just as my parents and, I suspect, the rest of Netherton did way back in the fifties. I see now that we were all wrong as it should have been Jack 'Antonino'. Lovely to see that the firm is still going after all these years.
  3. Happy (belated) birthday from me too, Andy.
  4. Quite right, Rigger. That's definitely not Raymond Johnson, though there was a lad with that name in Netherton Colliery. However, he was a couple of years older than the children in this picture.
  5. Sorry, I've no idea about No 34. Not sure about No 5 either - looks more like her sister. About how old are these children?
  6. Thanks Pete! I'd noticed that the picture changed every time I tried. I just put it down to the drink at the W/E!
  7. No problem with the dropdown menu but I just get the icon when clicking on the menu. I tried your suggestion, Pete, and opened the image in a new tab but all it produced was a still picture.
  8. Happy to have been of some help.
  9. Rigger, it might be helpful to cross check the information/adress you obtained from the Record of Enlistment with the info/adress given by the persons themselves in their military records. From what you say, I'd hazard a quess that East Row may well be First Street - if it is Netherton and if the year of enlistment is later than the date of construction of the 'modern' housing which included First Street. Prior to the 'modern' houses of First-, Second-, Plessey- and Third Street (built 1905-1909) all houses in the colliery area were Rows. The Francis Pit had Francis Row and South Row. By 1860 these had been renamed New Row and Cross Row. The Howard Pit had Clifton-, Yard- and Howard Row. It's not unlikely that people continued to call the modern housing 'Row' and it's not unreasonable to assume that First Street, given its name, was built in 1905
  10. I've a few in my family who were given a 'surname' as a middle name. That name was usually the maiden name of a woman who had earlier married into the family - a great grandmother or a great-great grandmother for instance. Might be worth having a look at.
  11. Rigger, I've researched Netherton for years and never come across an East Row. However, my research has been concentrated on the collieries and what's now known as Nedderton Village. The area of Netherton, particularly in relation to the census' stretches way beyond the colliery rows and has its boundaries as far afield as Hartford and Stannington. Symptoms has a point when he says the enumerator may have written the name incorrectly. I've found Stone Row written as South Row. Another problem is that street names changed over the years but some residents continued using the old name for many years, even on official documents. Another problem I've encountered is the apalling handwriting of some enumerators. 'First Row' looks very much like East Row on som parts of the census. Can you give me a bit more information. You mention that the entries are "among the Netherton streets and rows". What are these other streets and rows that are mentioned? Perhaps those street names might give me a clue. A link to the actual document would be even more useful.
  12. In the 1901 census it'was simply called 'East End'
  13. Martin, I hope this is not too late. I knew there was anther page to the brochure I posted but i just couldn't find it. Now I have and here it is. Enjoy your visit to Bedlington. Bedlington CA Leaflet p.1.pdf
  14. You MUST do the Heritage Trail! Print out this PDF and take it with you. They are available from the Council Offices, I think, but that's not always open. Bedlington CA Leaflet p.2.pdf The Ogles were a big family, somewhat aristocratic, who had large amounts of land in and around Bedlington. From the middle ages they had tower houses in both Bedlington and Choppington. Unfortunately they are long gone. Kirkley Hall, another home is still in existence but now an agricultural college. There is a village, Ogle, which bears their name just outside of Morpeth.
  15. Too late for that I'm afraid but cheer up .....
  16. More or less! But, it's taking a bit longer for the 17 males with whom I watched the match! Seeing grown men cry is a terrible thing. i.O.U 1/-
  17. You were starting just as I left, Symptoms. I left very suddenly, due to a family crisis, mid way through the spring term of 62. I was sent to Mrs Hemming,s office (next door to the headmaster's) to have the necessary paperwork completed. I always thought that she looked like quite a 'hard' person but she was wonderfully helpful that day. I've no memories of her teaching. Miss Greaves was the piano-playing music teacher during my time. Mr Roley, followed by Mr Granger, was my geography teacher but I recall Mr Hemming stepping in to fill the gap on odd occasions. Ialso remember his map of Britain even if I can't quite remember the number sequence. "7,7,1,5,2,3, gets me to the Lizard point then i reverse it. However, I know it finished with "a flash of lightning" northwards on the west coast of Scotland.
  18. Right! Your on! That prognosis is the opposite of the Swedish prognosis which says 0-0 draw with Sweden winning on penalties. Naturally, I'll have to cheer for Sweden but secretly I'll be cheering for England.
  19. Hello HPW! I had a seagull in my garden yesterday. A rare sight! It got me thinking about your Percy. How's he doing?
  20. Thomas Glassey seems to have worked very hard for the good of Bedlington. It would be nice to see him added to our timeline, possibly in connection with 'fresh water to Bedlington' or the formation of the Miner's Assosciation two big steps forward in our history. Malcolm, could you ask John Krzyzanowski if we can use his text on the timeline?
  21. I've no idea why my last post has been repeated. Well done England! In an unbridled act of patriotism I am now FORCING down another glass of bubbly.
  22. Ask me again tomorrow when 'we' are sober!
  23. Ask me again tomorrow when 'we' are sober!
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