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  1. Good question! I've no idea but I imagine there are a few individuals hoping that they are Bobby and that they'll wake up to find this has all been a bad dream!
  2. Keep posting, Malcolm. This could be better entertainment than Dallas!
  3. Thanks Malcolm! haven't had time to view it yet but should get round to it in the next couple of days.
  4. I now have a full name, a possible year of death and even an adress to help with my research. That should enable me to move on. Bedlingtonians are wonderful, helpful people. Thank you all!
  5. What an experience for anybody to go through! I'm not surprised you remember all the details, HPW, Something like that must be extremely difficult to forget for all involved - everyone of them traumatized in one way or another. My heart goes out to Dusty but equally it goes out to the overman and to those who carried out the rescue. Thanks for sharing. Sadly, I believe that Dusty is Stephen's relative.
  6. Thanks Eggy! I can't think of anything else. A date of death could lead me into other archives but I can start on the years around 1990 and see what the obituary columns give. We always had a piano at home but nobody used it except Mac, especially on New years Eve. I think half of Netherton joined in the sing-a-long.
  7. Damming indeed, Malcolm! It beggars belief that an internal auditing system, which they claim to have, couldn’t spot what was going on for five whole years! There seem to have been enough ’warning flags’ over those years to deck out the whole of Bedlington’s Front street for the Jubilee celebrations! For me, internal auditing, with which which I’m well aquainted through my former profession, serves not only to evaluate internal controls, accountability processes and accurate reporting but also to ensure that regulations, not to mention laws, are complied with. So how the H***l could things go this far for NCC?
  8. I'll get on to it this evening, Malcolm. It can't be worse that what's on telly!
  9. Not sure of the spelling for this surname but I'm trying to find out what happened to Mac McGregor. I don't know his first name as he always went by the name Mac. I think he would have been born 1930ish and he used to play the piano around the Bedlington pubs and clubs in the 50s and possibly into the 60s. At that time he was unmarried. Always smartly dressed and in particular when on stage - maroon smoking jacket, black trousers and sometimes a bow tie. I think he was a miner and may have lived in the Hartlands area. Any information welcome: married, children,adress, deceased etc. Everything of interest.
  10. I made it to the recess. Well done Malcolm that's a real labour of love.
  11. Hi again, @Stephen Clark I've now had a chance to go through the Evening Chronicle and the Journal but even there I didn't find any reports of mining accidents for the date or name you gave. I think HPW's detailed account of the accident involving "Dusty Miller" may well be the nearest we get.
  12. It's confusing! I've never visited St Peters, but it's on my list for when I'm in the area. I only recognised it from photos I'd seen when researching part of the family - and that was about 9-10 years ago. Obviously, the information I noted then is wrong, as the adress is given as Wansbeck Terrace. Even the the map I posted is wrong as it points out the Forester's Arms in the church location and the St Peters further along the road towards Stakeford. sad to hear it's now a private house. However, it's not so much the church as its graveyard I'm interested in. I see from the aerial view what seems to be a newer graveyard to the south of the church (New, I believe, because ithe graves are laid out in straight rows to make grass cuttingby machine easier). It would most likely be the oldest part of the graveyard, possibly nearest the church, I'd want to look at because my relative died in 1881 and the church was consecrated in 1867. Does anyone know if the older graves still exist around the former church? I can see a half dozen possible gravestones in the aerial view but they could also be garden ornaments. I have to say that I find the idea of a house in a graveyard rather strange.
  13. Could you have the wrong church, Eggy? I think I recognise the doorway's stone work. It's quite unusual. I believe the photo is taken at St Peters Church on Wansbeck Terrace which continues on from the turn at the end of Brock Lane. I have had relatives buried there but I don’y know if the graves are still there. St Peters stone-built where as the chapel was brick-built.
  14. Hi Anne, that would seem to be the Journal as it's written by a Journal reporter. Fatal accidents were more easily reported on than non-fatal accidents as information was freely available to reporters through the coroner's courts, as in your dad's case. I haven't had a look at either the Journal or the Evening Chronicle for Stephen's relative yet but I'm hoping to get a bit of time next week.
  15. I've now searched the local newspapers as they usually have good reports of mining accidents in the area. I haven't been able to find anything in either the Blyth News or the Morpeth Herald. This suggests to me that it may have been a minor accident with only one person involved. Something similar happened to my father at Netherton pit when he was the only man injured in a small roof fall. That never made the newspapers either. I'll keep searching.
  16. Good idea, Eggy! Consult the 'oracle'!
  17. Welcome to the forum, Stephen. Would you be able to give us the name of your great uncle? If you don't want to post it on site you can send a direct message.
  18. I can agree that membership was predominantly male - throughout the country as a whole, not just in Bedlington, and for just those reasons you give. I may have misunderstood your statement "and it was only for men" as I thought you were referring to the movement's general regulations. Perhaps women became more involved with the social side of the movement. I have vague recollections of my mother attending beetle drives at the 'mech' during my early childhood and I believe it was something she started doing way back in the 30s when the family lived in the Arcade. Your gran sounds like my type of woman and having a penchant for all things Victorian, especially those related to the working classes, I'd love to read about her. I don't suppose life was too different in any parts of the north east so there is a certain relevance to her story. Get it posted!
  19. Hopefully in all the right places, Vic!
  20. 1939 Register. Are you following the topic "Moore Family"? I think you may be able to help Karen who is looking for one of Alice's sons from her previous marriage.
  21. Bike! Shanks's pony more likely.
  22. There was also a fine of a few pounds for those who didn't register and that would probably cost more than the busfare.
  23. Registrars also continued to do 'rounds' of villages just as they had done since the 1836 act when registration became their responsibility.
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