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  1. Eggy, believe me when I say that I am always very suspicious of anyone who uses "this is" instead of "these are" when "this is" is followed by a conjunctional phrase. Alex, I hope this was interesting and that you learned something new (about the use of this is/these are).
  2. Yes! Anyone CAN know where to find the relevant information but not everyone DOES know where to find the relevant information. I'm sure that you both can and do.
  3. Time to get those grey cells ticking over! 1. What is the supreme goal of Buddhists? 2. Who composed the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? 3. On which farm did Worzel Gummidge live? 4. By what name was the popular wrestler Shirley Crabtree better known? 5. Who hosted the radio quiz show Have a Go? 6. In which Middle Eastern city is the Dome of the Rock? 7. In Greek mythology what did the gods eat? 8. What was Barbara Castle’s home constituency? 9. What is a Laxton Superb?
  4. Answers to last week's quiz: 1. Four 2. France 3. A water beetle 4. Everly Brothers 5. England and France 6. Cherries 7. Standing jumps 8. Antonio de Oliveira Salazar 9. George Orwell 10. Existence 11. Toto 12. Hair New quiz tomorrow.
  5. It's late but it's still Friday so here is this week's quiz: 1. How many sides has a parallelogram? 2. Which country won the 1998 World Cup? 3. What sort of creature is a Whirligig? 4. Which US duo asked us to Walk Right Back in 1961? 5. Which two nations fought at the Battle of Agincourt? 6. From which fruit is the spirit Kirsch made? 7. In which discontinued event did Ray Ewry win his ten Olympic gold medals? 8. Which dictator ruled Portugal from 1932 to 1968? 9. Who wrote th
  6. Answers to last week's quiz: 1. The Cheviot Hills 2. Chicken 3. Lacrosse 4. Pontefract 5. John Galsworthy 6. Lord Nelson 7. Capuchin monkey 8. Lawyer 9. Kenny Dalglish 10. Crust 11. Clock 12. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation New quiz tomorrow.
  7. Regular, organized (and not so organized) events on the frozen lakes here as well. all of which are well attended. Most lakes clear a patch for amateur ice-hockey, driving schools and the police organize lessons for skid control for any driver who feels the need and most popular of all is stock car racing - sometimes dangerously close to the ice-hockey area, in my opinion. Then there's wind surfing, ice-skating (of the long distance type rather than the dancing type) when you can take yourself out to small islands with a picnic. I tend to keep myself near the edge as water below 13c degre
  8. That's very popular here as well though I've never seen any huts or tents. Kit usually consists of nothing more than a small camping stool and a thermos of coffee (at least they say it only contains coffee) together with the rod and bait. Is the fishing done with a small 9-12 inch rod, Vic, like this one? If so what is the English name for it?
  9. Haha! That brought back memories! I loved the Benny Hill shows on TV. I must have a look on Youtube and see if I can find any of them.
  10. About -20 here until last week then up to -10 but more snow. It's been hard work this week. We also have a big problem with drifting living on a hill where the wind swirls the snow around quite a lot. The one flat roof on the premises began to sag so it was one on the roof throwing it down and one shovelling at ground level. My shoulders were beggared after a couple of hours as it was too wet and heavy for the blower. It's definitely getting a new roof this summer - of the pointed variety!
  11. ... but the vegetables were wonderful!
  12. It'll have to be a Saturday morning quiz this week! A crisis with snow on the roof didn't leave much time for anything yesterday. 1. Which range of hills stands on the border between England and Scotland? 2. If you ordered pollo in an Italian restaurant what would you get? 3. Which team game has the positions first defence, in home and second attack? 4. In the castle of which West Yorkshire market town was Richard II murdered? 5. Who wrote The Forsyte Saga? 6. A musket ball fired from the French ship Redoubtable kil
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