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  1. Canny lass

    Class 5 - c1962

    I have to admit that 42 looks like Gladys Stewart but I wondered what she was doing in this group as she would be a couple of years younger than those I recognise. Could this be several classes or some other combination of pupils (as there are three teacherst here)?
  2. Canny lass

    Class 5 - c1962

    16 Lorraine Armstrong 18 Jacqueline Armstrong 24 Barbara (Stephenson?) 25 Ann Smith 26 Janice (Surname given as Hindhaugh on an earlier class photo) 27 Lesley Bainbridge 31 ? Patricia French 32 Eileen Brown 36 Yvonne Williamson 37 Sylvia Hindhaugh/Hindmarsh 43 Lorna Hudson
  3. Canny lass

    Councillor Wallace - November Update

    Great news! Not so great news!
  4. Canny lass

    Westridge Late 50s

    "Update from No 12 Derek Johnstone - he thinks No 13 Peter Sadler & No 24 Derek Taylor". I can confirm that.
  5. Canny lass

    Wetherspoons - when did it open?

    ... or take more water with it, maybe.
  6. Canny lass

    Wetherspoons - when did it open?

    November 16 2010, according to The Journal: http://www.thejournal.co.uk/news/local-news/jobs-boost-bedlington-wetherspoons-prepares-4444986
  7. Canny lass

    North East War Memorials Project

    Thanks, Rigger! This is a long överdue and very welcome addition to the material available for research today. I'll be using this quite a lot!
  8. Canny lass


    Thanks for all the info, Bandsman1966. What a sad end for the band. I loved that band as a kid and me and my brother often played at being'bandsmen' marching (in our fashion) ehind them when they were practicing outside the institute,
  9. Canny lass

    Coal Mining

    You can never go on too long HPW! Every word is valuable to me. I all helps paint a picture of the life and times of my ancestors. It's not always a pretty picture but it's vivid and full of detail. As you say, pitwork isn't an easy thing to describe to someone like me, who's never been, let alone worked down a coal mine. It isn't easy for us either when the 'experts' write about it using a terminology which only miners can understand. I really appreciate the time and effort yourself, Vic and Pete take to write about coalmining and the way you explain the terminology as it crops up in the text. Now, here's something from my field of work that you miners might find interesting: You mention "Gates" - tailgates, dummygates, mothergates and panelgates and you say that these 'gates' are "roadways". I, in my naivety, when these 'gates' have previously been mentioned have thought that it was a gate of the open and close kind. Now I know otherwise!But did you know that you've been speaking a bit of Swedish (Old Norse, to be precise) every time you speak of gates down the pit. Gate - meaning roadway - comes from the Scandinavian word gata - a word, still in use today, meaning 'street'. It can be found above ground as well in some street names like: Oldgate, Oldgate within, Newgate etc. So, I think you have earned the title 'HPW Honorary Swede'.
  10. Canny lass


    I didn't know aout this 'merger'. Does anybody have details of when it occurred and why?
  11. Canny lass

    PETITION: Send Blair and Soros packing!

    We may not always see eye to eye politically, 3g, but on this occasion I'm 100% in agreement. A second referendum would make a complete a-hole of democracy. Signed!
  12. Canny lass

    Coal Mining

    Moi? Never!
  13. Canny lass

    Coal Mining

    My last post (11.47am) is marked "hidden" and doesn't appear in the time line. Can anybody tell me why?
  14. Canny lass

    Animal, vegetable or mineral?

    Thank you! I would never have guessed fungus! I'm very pleased to know that they are beneficial rather than dangerous as I was having visions of having to replace all the soil in the spring.
  15. Canny lass

    Coal Mining

    Thanks Eggy & VIc. I use these sites also ut they have one big prolem for me: It often requires a considerable degree of mining knowledge in order to understand the content. Take the second definition of "haulage boy" given by Eggy. In the first sentence you have "jotties", "panel gates" and "ganging" - all meaningless to me , so that definition is wasted on me. It's much better to ask here on Bedders where we have people with a great deal of mining experience and who are able to answer in simple everyday language that can be understood by the likes of me. There's the added bonus that if I don't understand then I can ask for clarification. It's not a bad idea to have these things explained in 'clear speak' somewhere on the Internet. There must be more than me who have believed that everybody underground is simply a 'miner' when, in truth, there are a myriad of occupations with varying specialist competence below ground. It's a whole new world for me.