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  1. Nr. 1 is ELSIE Grant. Nr. 2 is JIMMY Simmons Nr. 6 is JOHN Bell Nr. 12 is RUBY Stewart Nr. 15 is AURTHUR Brodie
  2. Well, that's another 'mystery' cleared up. I have vague memories of the bandstand possibly as late as 62-63. I think I remember some sort of walk arranged by the YMCA that went to the freewoods. Pete might know.
  3. Might have been demolished before your time, Bandsman. I remember it from the fifties.
  4. Definitely the free woods at the bottom of the Furnace Bank. The 'seven sisters' to the left of the band stand give it away.
  5. I must be getting my Johnsons mixed up. Was Raffie not Ken & Eric's father? would Raffie have been Raymond Johnson's father?
  6. I would also put Raffies death as being in the early 60s. I believe Eric and Ken were coming up to their teen years at the time.They certainly weren't toddlers as they would have been in the early fifties.
  7. I can't remember ever seeing that. It was always Nurse Crow from Choppington, later Bedlington, who I saw. Did Petra work on the district?
  8. Good detective work! Thanks.
  9. ... "cyek" there's another lovely example of that same sound changing characteristic which is so typical of the North East dialect.. The long 'ai' sound in cake and cavel becomes a short 'e' sound, as in egg. Then we stick a 'y' sound ( y as in yacht rather than y as in fairy). Lovely! Maybe the word went to Australia and then on to New Zealand before returning as dialect to England. That happened to the English word 'cake' which started out as Scandinavian 'kaka' and returned back to Scandinavia as 'keks'. Recycling at it's best! I did a search but can't find any trace of it as 'Queens English'. It only seems to have been a dialect word in Britain and only since the 18th century. Brian Cross, can you help? Have you heard the word 'cavel', or anything similar, anywhere down under?
  10. Spot on HPW and in much more detail than I could have described it. Cyevlin was still actual at Netherton during the fifties. One little amendment, (in case anybody wants to look it up), the word is 'cavel' - with an e, not 'cavil' with an i but I dare say there was a fair bit of cavil going on as well. It's a dialect word and follows the typical sound changing characteristics of the North East dialect. Compare cavel/cyevil with table/tyebil or cable/cyebil. It came to Britain from New Zealand in the 1800's. I've no idea how or why. What a wonderful resource we have here with the likes of HPW and Vic to answer mining qestions!
  11. That might even get me back to the cinema.
  12. ... and congratulations to the intellgent people of Bedlington. Democracy gives us the right to vote but when all's said and done, it's intelligence that lets us use that vote wisely! Well done Malcolm! Looking forward to seeing more improvements in Bedlington.
  13. You heard what Foxy said! If you haven't already done it, NOW is the time to use your vote! Sitting on your backside moaning afterwards won't achieve anything. Malcolm puts many hours of his time every week into his work all he's asking for is a few minutes of your time!
  14. Good luck, Malcolm and the rest of you - USE YOUR VOTE!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Just testing to see if you're awake! You're right, of course. I saw "Station Street", "Cooperative" and the 'pointy' bit of the building and thought I knew where I was. I must get stronger specs and remember to take my medicine every morning.