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  1. I don't think you should change it. It looks like a roof repair and the same type of repair is evident on the single storey buildings. It's a valuable record of repair/building technique at the turn of the century.
  2. In all fairness, I have to say that Malcolm seems to have a pretty good track record when it comes to doing the donkey work and getting things done.
  3. She probably knew that you were destinied to do great things with old photos of the area later in life. Mothers are good at that sort of thing.
  4. Well, I know you didn't mention them but as I recall there wasn't anywhere else in Bedlington you could buy them - unless you had a penchant for the Co-op's navy blue fleecey variety. So, I felt I was safe in assuming such purchases were made at Moldens by your good self as well. Ninettes, however, doesn't ring any bells with me.
  5. I had a wander around the area using the enumerator's book for the 1911 census, just 5 years after the photo was taken,. Here are pages 13 and 14. (unfortunately, you get pages 7 and 8 as well as the book has been taken apart for scanning). Following the enumerator on his rounds from Hartford Road(Page 13 schedule number 277) you see that he moves west to east along the south of the main street - then called "High Street", recording as he goes: Doctors Yard - private houses and lock-up shops High Street - also lock up shops and private houses. continuing eastwards on High
  6. Was that not at Bedlington Station? ... and, as an afterthought, could that be railway tracks in the bottom left of the photo?
  7. Feastens or Fewstwrs - what's the odd letter or two between friends? However, I, and @lilbill15 definitely bought our knickers in Moldens on the left of the 'arcade'.
  8. Now Lawson and Thompson solicitor. I think Eggy may have named them in the wrong order. Should be Moldens to the left and Feasters to the right.
  9. Here's another observation/suggestion. Trinity Church is actually the building to the far right of the picture towering above the other buildngs. Only the roof and a small section of wall is visible but the wall has an interesting feature. Zoom in and you can see a tile-topped buttress and a part of the lighter, horizontal brick stripe. Both are clearly evident in the recent photo. The building to the left of it and set back further from the road is now the garage.
  10. I'm having difficulty seeing those two buildings as one and the same church. One is stone built, the other is brick built. The brickbuilt church has corner buttresses. The windows have different sizes and placements. The roof angles are different.
  11. Fetters Springs seems like quite the 'in place to be' in the early 1900s. There's quite a lot to read about it online.
  12. Used to be called Morgan's if you look at another photo in this album:
  13. That's what I call a nice bit of claggin(g)! After a fair bit of observation - which involved a fair bit of zooming in and out, comparisons with other photos, counting windows, inspecting chimneys and facade details, delving into the corners of my mind and even a visit to Google Earth I have to say that I'm no further forward as to the where-abouts of the off-licence. There's an interesting door (Borgia's entrance) tucked in between Feasters and Carrs which I hadn't noticed before and there's an interesting mosaic floor in the entrance to Premier (formerly part of Carr's). However, I'm sure i
  14. I think the idea may have been to prevent bringing tears to the eyes of their customers.
  15. The penultimate quiz. Thought we might have a bit of a 'special'next week to round it off but this week it's the usual 12 questions: 1. What would you expect to find in a pluvial region? 2. Where is Rupert Bear’s home town? 3. What is the surname of boxing brothers Leon and Michael? 4. From which country does the wine Johannisberger come? 5. A nectarine is a cross between a peach and which other fruit? 6. In what year did Salman Rushdie go into hiding? 7. There are two Cleopatra’s Needles. One is in Lon
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