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  1. Westridge Late 50s

    One more - 35 Ann Chapelhow. Number 28 is, I think, Janice somebody or other. PS Did your memory also fail to remember that it's usually number 35 that comes between 34 and 36? Seems like we're both reached that time of life!
  2. Westridge Late 50s

    2 Melvin French (?) 3 Joe Miller 8 Paul Mann 10 Harry Wilson (?) 11 Derek Wilkinson 12 Eric Burns 14 Denise Groves 17 Lorna Hudson 18 Brian Goodall 19 Margaret Coppin 20 Anna Thaine 21 Neave Tweddell 22 Ann Bower 23 John Darling 26 Sandra ??? 27 Elizabeth (Betty) Hall 29 Dorothy Dickinson 30 Patricia (Pat) French 31 Susan Arnold 33 Margaret Morton 34 Miss Wilkinson (Maths) 36 Lorraine Armstrong 39 Eileen Brown 40 Lesley Bainbridge
  3. Westridge Late 50s

    Eggy, this is JR (Junior Remove) 1959-60. Put some numbers on it and I'll give you most of the names.
  4. Petty Vandalism

    If this is 'purpose built' (and built to modern standards), I doubt if the residents will hear anything at all. The idea behind having residential homes close to amenities isn't so strange. It makes it easier to keep the residents an active part of the community they live in. If it's just 50 yards to a shop, cafe or post office then many will get there under their own steam. If they need a carer with them there's more likely to be time for a 15 minute outing to buy, let's say an ice-cream, than there would be for an hour's outing from the outskirts of town. It's not such a daft idea, when you think about it.
  5. Happy Birthday Foxy

    No, Danny's not to blame. I think he was reserved for those who needed a good whallop with the cricket bat now and then. We had Miss Wilkinson. Actually, we meant vintage in the nicest possible way - more like a good wine, mature with full and rounded body.
  6. Happy Birthday Foxy

    I think 'vintage' is the word your looking for Maggie.
  7. Just an idea... Heritage Walking Tours

    Thanks Andy! That's the one I was thinking about. I've just noticed (page 2), shouldn't that read 'Lairds House' instead of 'The Laird's House'?
  8. Just an idea... Heritage Walking Tours

    Great idea to get people active, kids in particular. I know Bedlington had, and maybe still has, a town map with points of interest marked out. Malcolm posted it somewhere here when I asked about the heritage trail. However, when I enquired about where to find it I was told it was available at the council offices. In other words, Monday to Friday 9-5 (just the time when most people are looking for leisure activities). I thought it should be available in shops and pubs.
  9. Just an idea... Heritage Walking Tours

    Have a look at this Malcolm. http://www.lightsinalingsas.se/en/lights-alingsas-story This started off on a very small scale and now attracts visitors from all over Scandinavia. Alingsås is no bigger than Bedlington and built in a similar style with one, long main street. The first year there were only a few items but now there are many. Maybe there's a university department in Newcastle who would be willing, and glad of the opportunity, to participate. Not a bad idea to get the town involved with sponsorship either. I always think of Bedlington when I'm there. Board and lodgings on offer if anybody wants to experience it first hand!
  10. Happy Birthday Foxy

    Very best wishes on your birthday, Foxy. You deserve a good day.
  11. Just an idea... Heritage Walking Tours

    Maybe it's time to dust off the cobwebs and have another bash at it? It doesn't need to be on a large scale at first.
  12. Just an idea... Heritage Walking Tours

    A couple of the walks we did, but not all, also said a donation could be made. These walks started and finished at the local Tourist Information Office. perhaps they were involved in the organisation? Donations were made in a collection box in the TIO. All guides were quick to inform the group that they did not accept gratuities.
  13. Just an idea... Heritage Walking Tours

    I've no answer to that, Eggy. Perhaps a matter of cooperation between Council and history society. I didn't think to ask about the organisation of it. I could, however, suggest that the council approaches the history society. Perhaps a small remuneration could be offered to the society? I do know that none of the guides I met received any form of remuneration. They did it for their love of their town and its history. Quite a few were sprightly pensioners who enjoyed getting out and about and meeting people. I wasn't thinking only of tourism when I suggested this. It could be a nice afternoon out for local people wanting to know a bit more about Bedlington.
  14. I’ve recently spent a couple of weeks wandering about in the Cotswolds and was delighted in several towns and villages to find FREE walking tours available. Guided by a member of the local history society, groups of 2 to 20 people are shown points of historical interest and the history of the town is briefly related. The walks were 1-2 hours. The experience was both interesting and enjoyable. In some larger towns the tour took place up to 4 times a day, while in smaller towns it was only once a day. It was free because it encouraged visitors to the town and in small towns (timed as it was directly before or after lunch) it brought income to pubs, tea-rooms and restaurants. These towns and villages were places no larger than Bedlington and in many cases, though interesting in their history, had not as much to offer as Bedlington. Could it be something for Bedlington? I’m not suggesting every day, but perhaps a couple of times during the summer? Or even an autumn or winter walk, perhaps with pleasant lighting in places.
  15. Petty Vandalism

    As a keen gardener, of the floral variety, I know just how much work goes into creating a floral decoration of that size and my heart goes out to the creator/s. Such a lot of hard work destroyed in exchange for the two minutes of pleasure gained by the person/s who wrecked it. Shame on you whoever/whatever you are!!