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  1. Fiday Night again! Very easy quiz this week. You should know most of the answers without the help of Google 1. Which German General was known as the Desert Fox? 2. Of which former Soviet republic is Riga the capital? 3. What was Mary Hopkins entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970? 4. Which actor’s real name was William Pratt? 5. What sort of creature is a gerenuk? 6. Which rat trained the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? 7. What did the American golfer Jack Nicklaus always carry in his pocket at tou
  2. Last time I looked it was Thursday so here are the answers to last week's quiz: 1. Shropshire (or Salop) 2. 4’ 4” 3. 17 4. Matthew 5. The Automobile association 6. Australia 7. Hindi 8. Lizard 9. Jealousy 10. Isaac Newton 11. The Hobbit 12. Fair Isle New quiz tomorrow.
  3. Here it is, this week's quiz: 1. In which English county is Much Wenlock? 2. How wide apart are the ‘tramlines’ in tennis? 3. How many syllables are there in a haiku? 4. Who is the patron saint of tax collectors? 5. Which organization has the motto ‘Courtesy and Care’? 6. For which country did David Campese play rugby union? 7. From which language does the word ‘shampoo’ originate? 8. What is a chuckwalla? 9. What did Shakespeare describe as ‘Green-eyed monster’? 10.
  4. Answers to last week's quiz: 1. Karaoke 2. Tom the piper’s son 3. Scilly Isles 4. Richard III 5. Roberto Baggio 6. Vodka, orange juice and Galiano 7. Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens 8. 12 9. Diamond 10. Notts County 11. Butterfly 12. Mrs Tiggy-Winkle/ Washerwoman New quiz tomorrow, same time same place.
  5. Thanks John! We seem to be having a lot of this kind of 'advertising' lately. Can we just report it and have it removed?
  6. ... and can you tell me just what this has to do with Chinese take-aways?
  7. If I might just clarify this, I didn't mean just any garden waste. Only those that may possibly, in the long run, enrich the area. The weeds you pull up are just fine as are the dead flower heads you remove from your garden. No tree parts, as these will also grow high, and nothing that will look like dumped rubbish: branches, heaps of grass-cuttings etc. Bramble cuttings and wild raspberry cuttings have really thrived in my nearest clearing and I've had a moderate success with heathers here and there.
  8. Once the trees get to a height where they can fall onto the cables, should they be blown down in a storm, it's better to remove them. Large areas of Bedlington could be cut off if that were to happen. It's unsightly, I know, but believe me it's necessary. The cleared area will soon be filled with wild flowers planted by birds. You can help them out in their planting work by throwing out seeds collected from wild flowers when they themselves go to seed. Dumping your garden waste there also helps if it's allowed in the area. I've found that Coltsfoot, Cowslips, Milkweed and Rosebay Willow herb d
  9. 👍! All done and dusted and so far no ill effects. This week's quiz: 1. Which Japanese word (English spelling please) translates as ‘Empty Orchestra’? 2. Who could only play one tune – Over The Hills And Far Away? 3. Off which group of islands would you find Bishop Rock lighthouse? 4. Which English monarch had a horse called White Surrey? 5. Who missed the last penalty in the 1994 football World Cup? 6. What are the three ingredients of a Harvey Wallbanger cocktail? 7. Which British architect design
  10. Answers to last week's quiz (a bit earlier than usual because in a few minutes i'll be off to get my first vaccination against Covid 19. About time too!!): 1. Trombone 2. Saint Tropez 3. Cheepers 4. Sir Charles Parsons 5. The groove between your nose and top lip 6. Fingerprint 7. Pineapple 8. Mace 9. Chewing gum 10. Racehorses 11. Three Steps to Heaven 12. The Vatican City New quiz tomorrow. It's already prepared just in case I'm feeling any bad effects of the vaccine.
  11. You're welcome, Heather. It filled a few hours of a grey, rainy day for one confined to barracks waiting for the Covid vaccination to come my way. The Trotter's do seem to be an interesting family and I'm posting the entry from Burkes Family Records, compiled in 1897, where you (and anybody else interested in the family) can see the development from Robert, the father of the three Dr Trotter(s). It's Robert who is the subject of the main entry and as spouse names and children's names are entered there are lots of ways forward for research. Burkes records the geneology o
  12. Hi again, Heather, I had a look at various documents to see if I could find any son named John for Dr James Trotter. He does not appear to have had a son of this name from either of his marriages. Both wives were called Jane which complicated the matter. I believe John is a brother. John Erskine Mar Trotter, to give him his full title, appears as the five year younger brother of James Trotter, then aged 8, in the Scottish census of 1851. He is the youngest in the family. In 1861, when John EM. Is 11 yo, James has started studying medicine but is still living at home with his pa
  13. Time to give the grey matter an outing once again: 1. Of which instrument was the sackbut a forerunner? 2. Which Riviera fishing village was an independent republic from the 15th to the 17th century? 3. What are young grouse or partridge called? 4. Who invented the steam turbine in 1884? 5. What is your philtrum? 6. Arch, whorl and loops are all part of what? 7. Which fruit was discovered by Christopher Columbus in Guadeloupe in 1493? 8. Which spice is made from the outer covering of the nu
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