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  1. I'm sure you did know better, Vic. It's just that our fingers are less nimble with old age and I believe that N and W are next to each other on a Canadian computer keyboard.
  2. Haven't heard of her, Maggie. Why was her taste in music original?
  3. I didn't! Had to google it but not sorry I did. What a battle --- and even a bit of Swedish involvment!
  4. We would be very happy to welcome you on board, Maggie! Of course, it's the taking part that's important (as Mr Hemming was so keen on reminding us!)so if you don't want to post your answers it's OK. Challenge the OH over a glass of wine or get the neighbours in for a bit of a natter. There is more than one way to skin this particular cat. The main thing is to get the grey cells out for an airing once a week. Enjoy it!
  5. This week's quiz: What is the chemical symbol for Tungsten? What was the title of Cliff Richard’s 1968 Eurovision song? The shipworm is not a worm. What is it? During which war was the battle of Rourke’s/Rorke’s Drift? What sort of creature is a klang? Which is longer, a metre or a yard? On TV, what was the shared profession of Martin Platt, Charlie Fairhead and Gladys Emmanuel? Arachnophobia is the fear of what? In Morse Code which letter is represented by a single dot? Willie Carson won his first Derby on which horse? Which sea area is surrounded by Tyne, Forties, German Bight and Humber? In which English county is the market town of St Austell? Answers on Thursday next week, followed by a Hakkoween special on Friday.
  6. Answers to last week's quiz: Tuberculosis Crete Rainfall Ray Wilson Arsenal In a shoe factory Hen The Sovereign Charlotte House of York Good Friday Caribou Well done! Quite a few there that I had to google. New quiz tomorrow and I'm preparing a Halloween special for next week.👻
  7. Eggy, can you ever forgive me! I'm five days late for your birthday! I had planned to post when I posted the answers to last wek's quiz and I've just found the post-it note that should have reminded me. I can only blame old-age, cable-laying duties, lack of organisation in the office and possibly too much whisky. I can only wish you a very, very belated but very, very happy - - birthday and hope it was a good one.
  8. Brrrrrrr Not att all envious! Haven't taken the shovel out of storage yet!
  9. It's something peopledon't do often enough - cleaning feeders. Birds and squirrels alike need a clean feeding place and a clean feeder. Clean both at least once a fortnight and keep the animals healthy. It's the least we can do in return for the pleasure they give us.
  10. Are you telling me that you're not learning anything here and that all my hard work is falling on stoney ground!! You must pay attention and work harder young man!
  11. Time to give the old bumps of knowledge an airing: Which disease does the BCG vaccine protect us from? Which Greek island was the home to the Minoan civilisation? What does a pluviometer measure? Who replaced Phil Collins as lead singer of Genesis? Which football team won the English 1997-98 Premier league and F.A. Cup double? Where would you find breast buffers and bottom buffers at work? (keep it clean!) What is a female trout called? Who in Great Britain can never legally be a minor? Who was the eldest of the Bronte sisters? Which Royal house ruled in England from 1461 to 1485? On which day in April 1998 was the peace agreement signed in Northern Ireland? What do Americans call reindeer? I’ll bet you didn’t know …. Clark Gable is listed on his birth certificate as a girl. Answers on Thursday as usual.
  12. We like it too but I think they are old programmes that are shown here. Here, the chair has just been taken over by Sandi Toksvig. I think she's every bit as good as Stephen Fry but OH thinks Fry was better.
  13. Interesting to compare these two photos. As I said, I've no idea where I got this photo from. I can have had it for 20 years and it's labelled Feancis Pit. It's also how I remember it bur when I see bluebarbie's photo there are a few differences that I can't explain. The twophoos are clearly taken from different sides of the building: bluebarbies photo looking toward Bedlington and mine looking towards Netherton. On mine I can see a building to the left which I think is a part Bell's Ranch. However the pit building is asymmetric. The 'windows'/openings will surely have their explanation in the machinery of the era but I can't understand why two adjacent walls would be buttressed and not the other two. Maybe HPW can throw some light on the subject.
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