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  1. Reminds me of the beadle in Dickens' Oliver Twist!
  2. Thanks Eggy! It was one of Maggie's earlier posts that got me thinking about this. I planned to research it then but, as you know, other things got in the way and there hasn't been either time or opportunity do anything about it. However, we are now back to eight wheels and two drivers so I thought I might start now. Language development is a fantastic mirror of history, så it's worth looking at it from the linguistic aspect. While holly and holy are very similar in spelling and, to an extent, sound today, this has not always been the case so the development of both national language and dialect need to be looked at. It'll probably take a couple of months, depending on how far back I can go. I'll keep you informed. Meanwhile, I'm still looking for an earlier, proven, use of the place name Hollymount if anybody can help.
  3. I'm researching the possibility that Hollymount may be a derivation of Holy Mount - it's an interesting theory. Does anybody know the earliest record of 'Hollymount' as a place name in Bedlington - on a map or document, for instance. 1860 is the earliest I've found to date.
  4. Bedlington's 'yards' are fascinating places! All sorts of life were encapsulated in them! 1860's map is interesting for @Stuart because the 'Smithy' is also noted on the map.
  5. Thanks Eggy, I think the 1950 photo also shows Paul as the same people are in both photos - I'm assuming it's the whole class. In 1950 Paul would be about 6 yo but Kevin was a few years older.
  6. Sorry, Stuart, I didn't manage to get any text with the map - from 1860. You'll find Wilsons Yard on the south side of Front Street West just behind Bedlington Hall.
  7. Nr. 13 Surname is Goonan but, if this is 1950 it could be Kevin's younger brother Paul. How old would these children be when the photo was taken?
  8. Vic, this is the strangest autumn and winter I've experienced! We had our first snow in mid September! That's early even by Scandinavian standards. It didn't stay more than a day however and, with the exception of a 3 inch fall in December, it's been more like spring ever since. Haven't had the shovel out once. My arm muscles are wasting away. I've had to change my favourite whisky glass for one that's less heavy.
  9. In that case I'll let yu off - but just this once!
  10. Ahem ... Neither did mine! You're just trying to baffle me with science, aren't you young man. A birthday comes only once a year - fact. This year has an extra day - fact. Therefore 366 days, my birthday being on the 366th day from the day that neither you or I counted. I've had the steam-driven calculator cranked up so there's no arguing with it!
  11. Thank you kind sirs! Missed my usual roll in the snow this year as there isn't a flake to be seen anywhere round here. Mind you, I didn't miss the shovelling snow which was a cause of great joy. Spent a quiet(ish) day planning a holiday in the sun before hubby starts being weaned off all his medications. Thanks again!
  12. Ahem... 366 days surely. Leap year and all that ...
  13. I'm trying hard to Vic, I'm trying hard!
  14. A farce would be too kind a description even for that!
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