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  1. Canny lass

    Happy Birthday, CL

    Thank you! It was a bit different this year. 31 years ago I was fooled into a hard morning's work clearing snow, followed by a sauna, followed by a roll in the snow, followed by a brown, foul-smelling and foul-tasting drink served in a small glass. It was revolting - but it didn't half put a glow inside my chest. I was lead to believe that this was normal and customary practice on birthdays celebrated during the winter. Talk about being naive and gullible - It was six years later when I learned they were taking the mickey! By that time, having recovered from the shock of the first experience, I'd started to enjoy the procedure (and even the drink - the sacrifices one makes) and ever since then I've thrown myself voluntarily into the snow with gay abandon every January 13th with the exception of one snow free year when I threw myself into a lake (3 degrees centigrade). Never again! Snow, believe it or not, is warmer! This year we are again without snow so I had to make do with the sauna and the drink (well - it might have been two) following which I spent a quiet and relaxing day doing basically nothing. I've had a hectic month with an extremely ill OH so doing nothing was absolutely wonderful!! OH is making a remarkable recovery so we'll make up for lost time when he's properly on his feet again. Thanks again for your kind birthday wishes.
  2. Canny lass

    Happy New Year - 2019

    Where's Wilf?
  3. Canny lass

    Happy New Year - 2019

    The year is 2019 The date is January 1st This planet is Earth. I offer this information from the kindness of my heart to all those who may be wondering this morning. Happy New Year everyone (and Happy Birthday 3g).
  4. Canny lass

    Problems with webcam?

    Thanks Eggy! Mines not working either.
  5. Canny lass

    Merry Christmas

    I hope my OH hasn't heard about this or I'll be getting it for Christmas! Ever the romantic!
  6. Canny lass

    Merry Christmas

    From the frozen North - a very Merry Christmasto everyone.
  7. Canny lass

    Merry Christmas

    Don't know about the qualiity of the singing in that video but the dialect was music to the ear!
  8. Canny lass

    Infant school 1946 or 7.jpg

    I think that might be the first picture I've seen of Yard Row (background).
  9. Canny lass

    Merry Christmas

    Could be 'The Road Not Taken', Maggie. (Robert Frost)
  10. Canny lass

    Councillor Robinson - November 2018

    I would just take that as a compliment, Malcolm! You're clearly doing the job too well and it's ruffling a few feathers. Keep up the good work!
  11. Canny lass

    Coal Mining

    .... that must have been one of them bonny coloured, chequered bath towels that they sold in the pit canteen.
  12. Canny lass

    1965 Mrs Fox's class clarting named.jpg

    That's amazing! All that's left to say is 'Carry on clarting!' you're doing a great job! Thanks.
  13. Canny lass

    1965 Mrs Fox's class clarting named.jpg

    I've explored many avenues looking for a logical explanation for this title but never in a million years would I have come up with that one !
  14. Canny lass

    Class 5 - c1962

    Christine Rowell it is!
  15. Canny lass

    scan 14-3-15109.jpg

    Would I be right in thinking that's Bower Grange?