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  1. Canny lass

    Watch the Football!

    Too late for that I'm afraid but cheer up .....
  2. Canny lass

    Watch the Football!

    More or less! But, it's taking a bit longer for the 17 males with whom I watched the match! Seeing grown men cry is a terrible thing. i.O.U 1/-
  3. Canny lass


    You were starting just as I left, Symptoms. I left very suddenly, due to a family crisis, mid way through the spring term of 62. I was sent to Mrs Hemming,s office (next door to the headmaster's) to have the necessary paperwork completed. I always thought that she looked like quite a 'hard' person but she was wonderfully helpful that day. I've no memories of her teaching. Miss Greaves was the piano-playing music teacher during my time. Mr Roley, followed by Mr Granger, was my geography teacher but I recall Mr Hemming stepping in to fill the gap on odd occasions. Ialso remember his map of Britain even if I can't quite remember the number sequence. "7,7,1,5,2,3, gets me to the Lizard point then i reverse it. However, I know it finished with "a flash of lightning" northwards on the west coast of Scotland.
  4. Canny lass

    Playground for a school in the area.

  5. Canny lass

    Watch the Football!

    Right! Your on! That prognosis is the opposite of the Swedish prognosis which says 0-0 draw with Sweden winning on penalties. Naturally, I'll have to cheer for Sweden but secretly I'll be cheering for England.
  6. Canny lass

    Todd's Barbers

    Hello HPW! I had a seagull in my garden yesterday. A rare sight! It got me thinking about your Percy. How's he doing?
  7. Canny lass

    Thomas Glassey

    Thomas Glassey seems to have worked very hard for the good of Bedlington. It would be nice to see him added to our timeline, possibly in connection with 'fresh water to Bedlington' or the formation of the Miner's Assosciation two big steps forward in our history. Malcolm, could you ask John Krzyzanowski if we can use his text on the timeline?
  8. Canny lass

    Watch the Football!

    I've no idea why my last post has been repeated. Well done England! In an unbridled act of patriotism I am now FORCING down another glass of bubbly.
  9. Canny lass

    Watch the Football!

    Ask me again tomorrow when 'we' are sober!
  10. Canny lass

    Watch the Football!

    Ask me again tomorrow when 'we' are sober!
  11. Canny lass

    Watch the Football!

    I LOVE that goalkeeper's strip!! No idea why he's lying down but what the he11. He's earned a rest. Now how was that bet again? 6d? 100/240 = 0.416 0.416 x 6 = 2.49p I'm feeling generous! Round that down to 2p.
  12. Canny lass

    Watch the Football!

    Half time and there's only two things I have to say: - Who the H3ll picked that strip for the Swedish goalkeeper! He looks like a bad day in the Findus frozen pea factory! - That must be good, substantial, British kniker elastic in the Swiss team's shorts! Champagne on ice and waiting.
  13. Canny lass


    Hi Bella! I left Westridge in 1962 and the headmaster was Mr George Gemming. His wife worked at the school as well, as some sort of secretary/clerical assistant. She wasn't, as far as I know, a teacher and I never heard her play the piano at morning assembly. That task was reserved for the music teacher. However, Symptoms may have been at the school after me and new routines may have been introduced. I believe Mrs Hemming's name was Elizabeth.
  14. Canny lass

    Watch the Football!

    Now you're just trying to baffle me with science, Eggy! Are these telephone numbers to the players?
  15. Canny lass

    Watch the Football!

    True, but there' a huge protest movement against the speed at which 'plastic' and 'online' payments are taking over. Many people, elderly in particular, are becoming economically isolated due to poor computer skills and the lack of Internet availability - especially in the northern regions where those telephone services which exist leave a great deal to be desired. It's not uncommon to have to drive several miles to use your mobile phone. It's also very time consuming to pay without hard cash. Yesterday I stood in a queue of 16 people to buy some fresh strawberries from an outdoor stall. They were already packed and weighed so it was only a question of picking up the box and paying. I waited 10 minutes in 28 degrees with a load of fresh produce in my trolley and during that time only two people were served. The reason? Paying by direct bank transfer with a mobile phone. Fearing that my Sunday roast was being cooked in the trolley, I gave up and headed for another supermarket where I could buy them indoors using cash. But back to football! I think we are in with a chance here - well, a better chance than previous years. Switzerland next and it's 16 years since they last met each other (according to the old man). And most of the tough guys are already out of the competition. I'll put a tanner on it if you like.