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  1. I must leave this discussion here.The democratic process in this household - I booked and he payed - has decided that, after an awful year we need sun, sea and gallons of wine (not necessarily in that order). See you in a couple of weeks. Behave yourselves while I'm gone!
  2. Councillor Robinson - September 2017.

    The time you take to keep us informed is really appreciated, as are all the hours you put in getting the job done.
  3. ... and some folks may see it as positive that anything at all is happening in Bedlington in general and at the market place in particular. I'm not a lover of either Aldi or Lidl and would have much preferred a Sainsbury's or a Waitrose. However, you can't please everybody. and yes, I also see it as voicing an opinion as did i am sure Councillor Wallace when he started this thread. There is more to the market place development than just a supermarket but that's just MY opinion.
  4. It all sounds good to me!
  5. Isabel, may I offer my deepest condolences. I can't begin to imagine what you are going through but I feel your pain and I understand your anger. It's a sad fact that there are, and unfortunately always will be, idiots on our roads. I am doubtful just how much 'road calming' measures can help in the fight against idiocy among drivers. I've seen motorclists using the 'humps' as make-shift ramps, approaching them at high speed to lift the bike as high as possible before crashing down onto the road. It's not any better with alternating half road-width barriers. These I've seen used as 'slalom' tracks by both bikes and cars all at speeds much higher than the restrictions allow. Perhaps it should it be more difficult to get a driving licence or indeed a car or bike? Perhaps we should have repeated driving tests throughout our life? I don't know what the answer is to the problem but I hope the young man who took away your daughter gets his just rewards. That will not bring back your daughter. That will not take away the great pain which you and your son are feeling but if idiots are capable of learning then hopefully they will learn something from this. Once again, my deepest condolences.
  6. No, you aren't imagining it!

    "No, you aren't imagining it!" Oh yes I am! I must make an effort to get out more!
  7. Dance Hall At Bedlington Station

    It was certainly a full packed programme! There's not many dances I recognise. What on earth is a "one step"? "The Toddle" sounds a bit odd as well. I wonder if it was anything like 'The Hustle'. Probably not!
  8. Dance Hall At Bedlington Station

    Welcome to the forum Dawn. What a lovely souvenir of times gone by! "A Full and Fancy Confetti Carnival". I wonder what that was? I'm amazed to see that it didn't finish until 3am! I wonder why the gents admission was more expensive than the ladies? The venue was the "Locke Hall". I think that was above the Coop on Front Street East in Bedlington.
  9. Puddler's Raa[Row]

    Thanks Eggy. I must have got it wrong. Those pictures are definitely the Jack Antonio I remember. His cart was very colourful.
  10. Puddler's Raa[Row]

    I think the man in the white coat with the horse and cart could be Jack Antonio (not sure about the spelling), ice-cream seller. He came to Netherton as well in the early fifties. He seemed ancient to me, at 4-5 years old, then.
  11. Puddler's Raa[Row]

    1922 (Eggy’s map): The former site of the old wagonway has now been developed, to include Jubilee- and Melrose Terrace. The ‘new’ Puddlers Row, fronting onto Puddler’s Road, runs east-west south of the Bank Top Hotel (opened 1903). Directly to the north of the hotel and south of Jubilee Terrace, where the former old wagon way turns off towards the old staith, is a smaller row, here named Back Row. This is very possibly the former Pudler’s Row shown in 1865. Two new developments appear on the left of the main road and to the north of the Bank Top Hotel. Front Row appears, adjacent to the Bank Top Hotel, and at its northern end, next to Jubilee Terrace, is the Mansion House (named on 1961 map). 1938: Back Row disappears from the map. Puddler’s Road has been renamed Stead Lane so the ‘new’ Puddlers Row, running east west, now faces Stead Lane. 1947: The old wagonway has now become a footpath leading to the old staith and Front Row is clearly seen between the Bank Top Hotel and Jubilee Terrace. 1961: Here, we can see that the row to the south of Mansion House, previously named Front Row, now has two names. The northern part, nearest the station, is now called Glassey Terrace while the southern part, nearest the bank Top Hotel, is now called Howard Terrace. I think somebody mentioned this previously. The line of the old wagon way is still clearly visible, forming the north east boundary of the Melrose housing. It seems the original Puddler’s Row was situated behind Melrose Avenue. It also seems to have been there in 1922 and possibly still in use.
  12. Puddler's Raa[Row]

    This Puddler’s Row has had me perplexed for a while. I’ve also had relatives living here but that was long before it popped up on the 1922 map. It’s taken a while to dig around in the old maps but I’ve now found an earlier Puddler’s Row in Bedlington Station, roughly where Melrose Avenue is today. Here is the history as far back as I’ve been able to trace it so far. 1859: Puddler’s Row appears as a row of houses, running north south and to the west of the old wagon way sidings. It is situated to the north of the Bank Top area and to the right hand side of the main road. The Bank Top area is undeveloped at this time. 1865: Showing a larger area. Note that on the map above it’s Pudler’s row and on the map below it’s Puddler’s Row but it is the same Row. The Bank Top area is still undeveloped. 1871: Puddler’s Row appears on the 1871 census for the “Village of Bank Top” which consisted of . ( north to south running towards the bank top): “Bank Top cottages (1-4) Wood Row (numbers 1-15) Puddlers Arms WoodRow (numbers 16-53) Puddlers Row (1-21) Browns Cottage” and clearly moving across to the Furnace Bank area: “Iron Works Bedlington Hall Staith Quay Mill Bank” So, it appears that the recently discussed Staith Quay also belonged to the ‘Village of Bank Top”. 1898: The former Puddler’s Row is still shown but without a name. The old wagon way is still visible. A new Puddler’s Row appears running east west and facing Puddler’s Road. The area of Jubilee- and Melrose Terrace is undeveloped. Continued in next post.
  13. So it's nothing to do with the 'Good Ship Lollipop' and trips to the candy shop then? I've never heard it either. You and I must have moved in the wrong circle of friends, HPW. Either that, or we've had a very sheltered life!