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  1. Hi My name is Naomi and I just wanted to let everyone know about a new community choir going on in Bedlington. We rehearse 10-11.30am on Saturday mornings and Thursday nights 7.30-8.30pm at the Coffin Chapel, Vulcan Place and cover a variety of styles i.e. musical theatre, gospel, film music, pop, etc. We are FREE and open to any age over 8 (still welcome at 80 if you want!). We are being funded by Bedlington Christian Fellowship's charity, The Matthew Project, who up until now, have been aiding the problem of food poverty in Bedlington and surrounding areas and now want to provide an activity to people who couldn't necessarily afford to be part of a group otherwise (and as a choir, we can then in return give back to the community!) If anybody is interested, please get in touch with me via naomi.c.warburton@hotmail.co.uk as we love new faces. We even have mums that come with children so can be a great family activity. Naomi
  2. Thanks to all who donated and bought raffle tickets from Bedlington. Our charity night raised a fabulous £1225!!! That all goes to Tiny Lives at the RVI. Our next event is going to be a race night and quiz at the Wharton arms if anyone is interested?
  3. me either and if you need volunteers at any point, please let me know. I can rant and rave and sing like an angel haha, or I make good tea!
  4. That article is so true. The sad thing is, Bedlington has lovely character that other towns in Northumberland lack (such as Ashington, Blyth and Cramlington). It's good to see new business' springing up like Root bean, fishy feet, etc as well as the old classics such as Tallantyre, Dennis Todd music and Moods (where the gentleman who served me yesterday was bloody lovely, and not a generic tesco uniform clad zombie. We just need that extra boost, but the government have ignored us for the likes of Whitley Bay, Ashington and some pointless human sculpture made out of land near cramlington. To be fair, I don't even know how they can, with good conscience, build that sculpture while there are policemen and nurses being laid off. I'd rather have good health care and a decent police force than have my taxes pay for the second angel of the north!!
  5. Anyone wanting tickets for the raffle that will take place at the Ellie Forrest memorial night, please get in touch at Naomi.c.Warburton@hotmail.co.uk Here is the prize list: Football signed by 1966 world cup winner Jackie Charlton!! A gorgeous !*!@# set complete with !*!@# handbag, courtesy of Boots in Blyth A photo Session in Bedlington worth £110 A gift set from Lush Products A family ticket to Centre for Life A Meal for 2 at Charltons in Blyth A Sports massage courtesy of Connect Physical A signed book from Tony Horne from Metro Radio A Family pass to the Alnwick gardens and castle x 2 A Spinning Diamond ring set from Herrons the Jewellers, worth £60 £20 Wilkinsons voucher A tattoo voucher Paris Hilton gift set Free Spray Tan Free Spray tan and Eyelash extension A bottle of Dolce and Gabbana 'the one' for male and female A Tassimo Coffee Machine Plus other good prizes Tickets are £2 a strip and all proceeds are going to Tiny Lives @ the RVI in memory of Ellie Lee Forrest, drawn sat 16th July
  6. I'd like to invite all the members of this forum to a special memorial night on July 16th at Charlton's at Cambois. I am from Bedlington, my fiancé from Blyth and our little girl Ellie died at 40 hours old in the RVI, from a rare genetic condition called Autosomal Recessive Polycystic kidney disease. Since then, Lee and I have set a target of £10,000 for Tiny lives at the RVI who provide a number of things that the NHS can't including research into neonatal care, equipment, items for memory boxes for families like us, batteries and ink and a digital camera to take pictures, free tea/coffee etc. The night is fancy dress although you don't have to, and there are kids competitions, raffles, karaoke competitions, etc. We have a number of brilliant prizes donated by local business, inc. a signed Jackie Charlton football, alnwick gardens and castle voucher, jewellery from Herrons, tattoo voucher from Geordie Scott, meal for two at Charltons, etc etc. Tickets are £3 for adults and £1.50 for children. Please email naomi.c.warburton@hotmail.co.uk if you'd like to attend, we would love to see you all there!
  7. I don't think I know one person who hasn't complained about the state of the NHS, but in Bedlington, we are lucky to be surrounded by such good health care. My daughter was born February 5th 2011, 6lb 10oz at 35 weeks. She was also born with a rare recessive genetic disorder, Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney disease, meaning her kidneys stopped functioning in utero, therefore making her unable to produce amniotic fluid and as a result, her lungs could not develop. Ellie died at 40 hours old, and the sense of community from Bedlington and Blyth has been phenomenal in helping us to reach our £10,000 target for the RVI. We currently sit at £2,500. Tiny lives at the RVI provide facilities the NHS can't, including research into Neonatal care, extra equipment, free batteries for cameras and unlimited use of their camera and printing facilities, free tea and coffee, items for the babies, etc. They gave us so much and so now I am making an appeal to you to help us help them. We will be hosting the first Ellie Forrest Memorial Night at Charlton's in Cambois, July 16th at 7pm. It is child friendly, and fancy dress, though people don't have to dress up if they don't want to! We will be having a kids hour, raffles, karaoke competition, prizes for best costume and some of the prizes donated from local places are fantastic including: A football signed by Jackie Charlton A meal for 2 at Charltons A !*!@# gift set from Boots A jewellery set worth £60 from Herron's the Jewellers A Photography session worth £110 from Gordon McKinnon of Bedlington A tattoo voucher from Geordie Scott A ticket for a family of 4 for the Alnwick Gardens and Castle And much more! Tickets are £3 for adults and £1.50 for kids, please email naomi.c.warburton@hotmail.co.uk and we really hope to see you there!
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