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  1. Hello again Moe Yes, down glebe road and would say around the Silverlink car show room spot, and they were the same company as Moore’s Stores that someone has mentioned. Very good for their general groceries broken biscuits etc, but quite expensive to most.
  2. One is never to old to learn Moe, and thank you for putting me right on that, but pray tell me how long where they in there.
  3. Further to Rosco comment, it was Maxi Save that moved in after William Low packed in, and you mention Netto, well Netto moved into the Lidl store that they built on the new Top Club site and when they packed up ,Netto moved in which is Morrison’s store today. Netto were never at the top end, and as of today you can still see the Maxi window advertising on the top windows.
  4. Rosco mentions William Low, but it was originally Laws Supermarkets and built by laws to the Councils specification, and it was the death Nell when William low took it over. Photo taken during the Top Club fire and the aftermath.
  5. Can’t say I know anybody that uses it as it is nothing short of a cess pit, and most people I know consider it dangerous for all sorts of reasons. There is a very safe zebra crossing next to it which I would say 99.99% of people use, so why on earth has it not been filled in years ago!