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  1. Happy times. We spent many an hour with our noses stuck up against Beadle's shop window. They had lots of small toys and trinkets to interest us kid's and we took turns at 'bargsying' items. We also loved the glass advertising signs stuck to many shop windows in those days. They were easily prised off with a pen knife by 'collectors' (er,.... or so I'm told!). 

    Nice to see the West Sleekburn miners banner too. 

  2. 9 hours ago, moe19 said:

    I knew a lad called Stan who had the nickname Stash, he was in to body building and weight lifting, he went to work for the old Newcastle Breweries and used to move hogs-heads and barrels like they were made of cotton wool.

    He ended up in later life living in Morpeth and was well known, people often refered to him as the gentle giant as he was a right canny lad .

    I have not seen him around lately so hope he is still going.       

    I remember Stash too, moe. Posted about him here - 

    Doesn't, or didn't someone with a similar surname live in Hazelmere Avenue, in the first block on the right as you turn in from opposite the Ridge Farm (now Co-op)? 

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